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When it comes to America’s Horses, Honesty is Not always the Best Policy

In 2006 Congress decreed that the USDA would no longer have the funding to send inspectors into the three remaining, foreign-owned, horse slaughter plants in the United States. No inspection, no sales and the states of Texas and Illinois were quick to follow with legislation to prohibit the slaughter of American horses for human consumption with the backing of over 70% of the U.S. public. In May of this year, Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia, with full disclosure, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives received the votes to add the de-funding amendment only to have it secretly and covertly removed, behind closed doors, by a small committee of U.S. Congressman.

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Equine Advocates Be Heard

Here is a great site to be heard. It requires registration but it is important that you comment and vote. Please keep in mind on your comments that the audience for this site is Congress so keep it short, factual and professional. You can register as an organization or as an individual. I noticed that quite a few of you have commented on our slaughter legislation since yesterday. Great comments vs the same tired illogical statements from the dark side.

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Delusional Wyoming Politician Shows Backside Over Horse Slaughter Failure

Equine advocates around the world cheered the bumbled failure of Rep. Cynthia Lummis’ (WY) attempt to tack on an underhanded, last-minute, pro-horse slaughter amendment to the 2012 agriculture appropriations bill on June 15th, 2011. Knowledgeable citizens knew that little would be heard from Lummis after her public melt down and embarrassing withdrawal of the amendment in light of other scandalous, political news oozing out of our Nation’s capitol. (Like a politico named Weiner getting caught showing his wiener and then publicly admitting that he was/is a wiener.) But what was not known was how long it would take Lummis’ backdoor informant and supplier of incorrect data and misinformation to rear her ugly head and rant about her bloody failure and inept attempt to cram horse meat down the public’s unwilling throat; Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis did not disappoint.

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Horse Slaughter to Remain Illegal in House Bill

Update June 16, 2011: By a vote of 215-200, the U.S. House of Representatives approved H.R. 2112, the 2012 agriculture appropriations bill.

Rep. Jim Moran’s amendment made in committee remained intact in the final version.

Under Rep. Moran’s amendment, inspections required for horses bound for slaughter for human consumption will remain de-funded as they have been since 2006. This means if the House version becomes law, commercial horse slaughter for human consumption will remain illegal.

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Text of Lummis Congressional Horse Slaughter Amendment Failure

In case you missed the session on Lummis’ amendment, below is the Congressional Record Text. Some of it wasn’t displayed in the record but only in captions so I grabbed what I could – that’s the reason for the difference in format toward the bottom.

This link will get you to the videos, captions and official record. The videos are tricky – I had to hit “next clip” several times to get to the next clip.


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Wyoming Rep. Bumbles Defense in Wake of Ethics Complaint

Last week, Wyoming resident Patricia Fazio, Ph.D. filed a formal complaint with Wyoming state officials requesting an investigation of alleged violations of ethics laws and securities fraud by Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis.

Rep. Sue Wallis ~ Photo by Pam Nicholes

The complaint alleges Rep. Wallis is improperly and even fraudulently abusing her position as a Wyoming legislator. The complaint further alleges that Rep. Wallis not only neglected to recues herself or disclose her personal financial interest in votes, but that she has actually “sponsored” bills that would materially benefit her or her family.

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