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Wyoming Rep. Bumbles Defense in Wake of Ethics Complaint

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Uses Adolescent Histrionics in Defense

Last week, Wyoming resident Patricia Fazio, Ph.D. filed a formal complaint with Wyoming state officials requesting an investigation of alleged violations of ethics laws and securities fraud by Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis.

Rep. Sue Wallis ~ Photo by Pam Nicholes

The complaint alleges Rep. Wallis is improperly and even fraudulently abusing her position as a Wyoming legislator. The complaint further alleges that Rep. Wallis not only neglected to recuse herself or disclose her personal financial interest in votes, but that she has actually “sponsored” bills that would materially benefit her or her family.

In a potentially bogus effort to bolster her sagging public image Wallis has posted on her blog alleged letters of support from numerous unidentifiable individuals.  Harking to adolescent methods of public self adulation Wallis lists numerous emails with only first names given but all with the same central line and theme of undying support for the woman who is known around the world as “Slaughterhouse” Sue.  Upon reading this listing one would think that these “emails” were, if not authored, edited and/or fluffed by Wallis, herself, in another flimsy and questionable effort to save her tarnished and bloodied image.

Wallis, likewise, speaks to an unidentified animal rights group that filed a complaint.  To our knowledge only Dr. Fazio filed a complaint and that action has been applauded by many long standing and well known humane advocacy organizations.  It now appears that by her own statements Rep. Sue Wallis currently has multiple formal complaints filed against herself.  Wallis’ letter is inserted below:

A few days ago I was alerted to the fact that an animal rights organization had filed an ethics complaint and called for an investigation of my efforts on behalf of the horse industry in my role as a Wyoming state legislator.  Since releasing my response I have received literally hundreds of messages of support from good hearted people who appreciate the work we are doing. Tonight we are sharing some of that good mail on the Summit of the Horse Blog.

While completely unfounded and a blatant attempt at intimidation designed to prevent us from doing what we know is right for horses and for horse people…the alleged charges are nonetheless serious, and have to be answered. This outrageous and uncalled for attack was sent not only to the Wyoming Attorney General and the House of Representatives, but to every news outlet in Wyoming and spread widely on the Internet. The Legislature will deal with the matter appropriately, and I stand ready to comply with any and all requests from leadership to put this matter to rest.

Because of this organized effort by radical animal rights groups I have been forced to spend time responding and correcting the record, time which could have been put to much better use in organizing and convening the horse industry at the upcoming Summit of the Horse where we will deal with the dire problems in the horse world in a respectful and rational manner all aimed at the well being of horses and horse people.

Below are just a few of the messages that I have received.”

Sue Wallis, Vice President
United Horsemen

Click HERE to read listing

Clouded in a swirl of controversy Wallis’ “Summit” is beginning to evaporate only a week ahead of its alleged commencement.  Due to the covert message that the “Summit” is sending many well known speakers have asked to have their names pulled from the publicity while  federal officials are being petitioned to not attend.  In her statement Wallis is prepping the reader on the potential failure of her meat industry slaughter festival and that the cause may be the result of lost time spent on defending herself from the long list of allegations versus tending to the planning of her doomed BloodFest.  As so often is the case with arguments issued from the office of Sue Wallis there is a finger pointed at someone or something else versus looking in the mirror for the answers to failed policies, practices and missed opportunities.

The case for wearing “Blinders” might work for race horses but it is a pathetic excuse coming from an elected government official who refuses to see the big picture and won’t listen to the voices of the American people.

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  1. SS is just getting herself into deeper poop all the time. She is nothing but a hypocrite since she is not actually trying to help horses but only herself. Those going to her “summit” are not horse lovers, and Abbey’s attendance shows there is a hidden agenda IMO.


  2. Sure Wallis is radical, she see profits for her own benefit by what she is trying to do . as for her having to answer animal rights groups who are on to her, it must be quite a challange for her mentality to do so. so glad to see this exposed. the BLM is out of control and summarily erradicating the wild horses of America . Salazar MUST GO.


  3. I had read that Bob Abbey might speak @ the Summit, but would be saying that our wild horses/mustangs are not on the table for slaughter, just not an option!
    I certainly hope he would make this clear!! Also, has he given a positive attendance reply, or a might be attending?

    I really cannot stomach her at all, and especially when she states that her bloody plans are right for the horses and horse people! Paleeze.

    What kind of “Good Hearted People” would support her agenda? And how is slaughter good for the horses? She speaks of the “horse industry”, that alone makes me nervous. I am so happy to hear she is short on time to prepare for her slaughter party in Vegas. Love that she is being investigated! Its not breaking my heart that this party is pooping out already! Hello Karma! Goodbye Sue.


  4. Could someone explain to me how ONE person could be an animal rights group?

    Or is Wallis saying that she now has a second complaint against her from an animal rights group?


    • Dr. Fazio must provide a huge threat to Sue–the fact that Dr. Fazio is an expert in her field may appear to be larger since she is an expert in the field of equines and environment. She’s from Cody WY and collaborates with Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick on wild horses.


  5. RT…just a note because the enemy does read your blog (and they probably wouldn’t even know the meaning of the word), but I believe the word is “recuse”.. Looks like a typo, but we want to make sure SS nd DD know what word to look up in their dictionary (if the even own one) ;).


  6. Is it possible that because Temple is a member of the faculty at Colorado State University, she is, in some way, obligated to speak at various functions? How much power does the Department of the Inferior wield at the university level?
    How much power does an individual faculty member have in a large university?


    • I don’t know about the DOI in this case, but the USDA funds lots of university research projects, including some at CSU.


    • I heard an interview with Temple on a local talk radio station. She has a new book,and like the release of movies and other phenomena, authors and actors often step up their public appearances around the release date. No doubt the HBO bioptic and the growing interest in autism have made her a bit more of a celebrity, in addition to being an extraordinarily accomplished person and scientist. She loves cows, of all animals, and is nonetheless, supportive and realistic of the beef industry. Do we know her position on horse slaughter?


      • I personally have never heard Grandin express any opinion about horse slaughter or what it might take to make slaughter humane for equids.


      • Be careful about praising Temple. She is pro-horse slaughter and has talked about it. She opposed the federal bill because she talks about horses being sent to Canada. When pointed out that the federal bill would stop exactly that she shifted her excuses. So instead of joining the efforts to ban domestic and foreign trade from the US she made another excuse. Temple is a paid industry mouthpiece and has “approved” many facilities that have gone on to horrible cruelties, including Cavel, the former horse slaughter plant in Illinois. She is more of a novelty act than a real scientist. However, clearly she is just trying to change her reputation in order to make more money in the mainstream media.


  7. Slaughterhouse Sue is just about the most radical so-called being, would put human, but do not feel she is!! It’s hard to believe that the beautiful state of Wyoming has actually elected her again!!! She is sooooo evil, it’s unbelievable. Sure wish I could be at the Summit (like a spider on the wall), would really be something. She & all that are working together behind our backs needs to either be killed or just die, would love to see the entire Summit, buildings, etc. either be blown up or entire area have an earthquake!!!! She is lowlife scum, could drain the pond & still not find her, thats how low she is!!!


  8. My hope is that this Scummit fails miserably and doesn’t even make enough to pay for the venue. Would love to see who is going to be the lucky winner of that truck, that is if it is ever paid for and awarded.


    • I think that is the most likey case scenerio..I would be looking to see who wins the ‘dodge truck” that is in its second go around as a continuing lottery effort, and failed to be awarded the first time around.. i would certainely check on the validity of the person who wins it-probably related to the “Dynamic Duo”..Some of those people on that sponser list-will be too old to drive by the time it is awarded


  9. Have to lol at those emails she got.Surprised how many breeders just don’t understand there are much less horse shows and horse sports of all types. Their market is dead, without shows and competitions. Others gripe at the 1k a month training costs, or the 200 dollar rescue horses stealing their sales.

    One person complained “The Feds” selling sale authority mustangs (for slaughter?) is what harmed his horse sales prices..chilling and telling. another person wants to set-up a big business when blm tries to put wild horses in the midwest?..more things to take note of, perhaps thats why Abby is going? humm.

    I think I reconized Ray Fields? style of writing, in the email signed ‘Ray’, from back in his 3strikes rantings. 😉

    quite a batch of email supporters she has…not one ‘main player’ or top tier horsemen or woman among the horse-eaters. Sue can have them..maybe she can give them free tickets and let them bunk in her hotel room 🙂


  10. As an anti-slaughter equine rescue with a busy FaceBook page, I wandered over to the “Summit” FB page. Since we have over 3500 “friends”, it’s a great way to see if any of your pals like the summit page too. I wrote the folks on both pages that I had to dump them for their support. The reactions I got were just incredible. About 60% of the people had NO idea the summit was pro-slaughter and who was holding it. 35% didn’t reply or dumped the summit but the 5% reamed me. I was called every name in the book, my favorite was “closed minded”. I asked them if they knew where their big chunk of hard earned cash was going – and they said it was no problem, they believed it was not going to be just about slaughter. In fact, one “rescue” claimed they purchased a booth so they could “sway” those attending away from slaughter. Some said they were going so they could “keep their enemies closer”. I was the half/wit… Brainwashed folks for sure.

    I can’t imagine what our donors would think if they knew their ‘conference” donations were being spent to support horse slaughter. I will boycott and protest them all. I even wrote a letter of protest to the venue.


      • Born in Alaska before it was a state, I rescued my first horse in 1967 and I am indeed Hungarian – 2nd generation on my Father’s side. He had no sons, so I carry his name. Dad married into a family of German fireman who have been in Detroit since the 1800’s. One of my great, great grandmother’s was a Wyandot Indian who was not recognized by the German family, so I am a nice blend of backgrounds. I try my best to help the First People get their issues out. The saga of the Mustangs is very important to me, most especially the tribes letting their horses go. Thank you all for all you are doing.


  11. The secret of remaining viable and successful when markets change is to recognize the change and adjust. There is no way, I mean no way, that the American people are going to want to eat horse meat. There is no way to sell horse-burgers or horse by-products—particularly not America’s wild horses—the public will not have it. Perhaps members of the incoming Congress will have a different view about whether the Salazar plan for wild horse management is fiscally responsible. Maybe these new members of Congress will question sending a high ranking federal official, a government contractor, an advisory board member, and whoever else on the government’s payroll to a dubious conference sponsored by people with dubious motives and questionable backgrounds hiding behind misleadingly named bogus organizations.

    I have lived in North Carolina twice in my adult life. The first time in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Tobacco was king and North Carolina was the heart of the furniture making industry. Textiles were also a major product. Despite the fact that there was a strong causative association with various forms of cancer, it took a while for government regulations and societal attitudes to change the markets for tobacco, but tobacco warehouses have been coverted to shopping and restaurant areas, loft living, and all kinds of other purposes in Winston Salem and Durham as have some of the textile mills in my city. The small, square homes where workers in the cotton mills used to live still mark the area in this city, but the mill is closed. Very little fabric is still produced here. After we moved out of state, we came back to NC to buy furniture where we could get for quality furniture for half the cost of what you would pay in the our new home state. Now, though there are still furniture companies here, most of the furniture formerly made here in North Carolina, is, in fact actually made in China with few exceptions. The economy here is depressed, but it has been for the last ten years or so, but people are adjusting and using the resources that exist in this area to take the state in different directions.

    I support farmers and ranchers, particularly smaller family farmers who supply food and support to local markets. However, the truth is that times change and people have to change with the times. I know quite a few people who raise cattle by leasing land, but almost everyone has another job of some sort because they can not afford to live on what they make raising cattle alone or else they study the market and try to find a specialized niche to fill. I suggest Sue cancel her Summit, and pick up a copy of WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE instead. In fact, with any luck, a few other people who are planning to attend this summit may also find this book timely reading. Just saying…


  12. What I have a huge problem is the DECEPTION part! Number one No “Horsemen” advocates “butchering their horse”, then “For the HORSE” can someone explain to me what’s in it for the “horse” being brutally slaughtered? I feel a more befitting name would be; “United Livestock Industry for Horse Slaughter”. Then at least the cards were on the table fair and square……but then again who would want to support something like that?! The real issue is; FRAUD, and FALSE ADVERTISING, and violation of the Non Profit regulations!


  13. SS is a disgusting idiot that needs to get what she is proposing for our beloved wild horses. I would love to see her loaded in a trailer with all her cohorts and driven across the border to Canada and see how she would be after that shot is fired. And, of course, all the others would follow. This woman is a disgraceful example for humanity. She is nuts and I can’t understand how the residents of Wyoming could be so blind to this fake, self serving idiot. The residents better wake up soon or they will be headed for hell in a bucket with her for their company. I know in my gut that God will ultimately see these people get what’s coming to them and our wild horses and burros will be neighing in celebration of their demise. God bless our wild horses and may they live into the next centuries for our future generations to enjoy, love, and treasure.


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