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Horse Slaughter to Remain Illegal in House Bill

Article by Laura Allen from, and as it appears on, Animal Law Coalition

Moran Amendment Remains Intact

Update June 16, 2011: By a vote of 215-200, the U.S. House of Representatives approved H.R. 2112, the 2012 agriculture appropriations bill.

Rep. Jim Moran‘s amendment made in committee remained intact in the final version.

Under Rep. Moran’s amendment, inspections required for horses bound for slaughter for human consumption will remain de-funded as they have been since 2006. This means if the House version becomes law, commercial horse slaughter for human consumption will remain illegal.

For more on this bill, read Animal Law Coalition’s reports below. 

Update June 15, 2011: Today, U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) offered an amendment to the House appropriations bill to strike the prohibition on fee-for-service in the provision defunding inspections of horses bound for slaughter for human consumption.

This would have allowed horse slaughterhouses to pay the USDA for part of the inspections of horses required by the Federal Meat Inspection Act for horses to be slaughtered for human consumption.

Lummis claimed a fee-for-service program would not cost taxpayers anything. But the slaughter industry would actually only pay a small portion of the USDA inspection. The taxpayer would pay for most of the cost. This would also pull critical inspectors away from our own food safety oversight. Fee-for-service is basically another taxpayer subsidy for corporations.

Had the amendment passed and if upheld by the courts, it is possible commercial horse slaughter for human consumption would have been legal again in the U.S.

Lummis later withdrew the amendment. Rep. Jim Moran’s amendment defunding the inspections remains intact in the bill. This means if the appropriations bill passes with the Moran amendment and is signed into law, then commercial horse slaughter for human consumption will remain illegal in the U.S. as it has been since 2007.

For More Information on this Bill Click (HERE)

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  1. Thank the good Lord!!!!! When I leave this post, I’m going to see how my Rep voted..When
    someone says a vote is not important, don’t believe it for one minute. This won by 15 votes,
    not a real landslide, but our horses are safe for now..We must keep up the vigilance..sent
    an email to ABC News regarding the horses. I told them this is a real story about greed
    and injustice. I said one day was enough for the Weiner deal. This involves millions of tax
    dollars in time when budgets are being slashed to the bone..Thank you to all the Warriors
    that helped to make this possible…See how it starts with one person and just snow balls.
    RT you should be very proud of yourself because you gave us the amunition and got many
    of us outraged, as if we were not already… One hurdle down…Does anyone know if there
    is a video of the discussion on the floor? I really wanted to see the show down!


    • Yes, the vote was painfully close, but remember that there were several good (according to me based on decency ;)) amendments and line items that got dumped in exchange for subsidizing corporations and Brazilian cotton farmers (and that is just a couple examples).

      It is very possible that the bad guys voted against the bill because they didn’t get their share and that good guys voted against because of some of the other gross issues; .WIC for one and I believe an amendment was passed via voice vote that took away the discrimination settlement money from minority farmers, particularly African-American Farmers against USDA.


  2. does this budget have to go to the Senate now? is it possible that a senator can try to amend Moran’s defunding amendment? Enquiring mind needs to know quick please, so if we have to DO something, we can GET STARTED……


    • Yes it is possible, but there is a reconciliation process that would probably stop any other attempt as the amendment has been withdrawn in the House.

      And actually our equines are still not safe as slaughter still exists….it just won’t be as easy as when the hellholes where open here.


  3. so so so happy but i am amazed and sad at how close the vote is . . . who are these representatives and what states?

    all in all very relieved!


  4. They have no idea from a medical point of view how bad horse meat is. These animals were not raised to be eaten there for have toxic wormers in them…the race horses have so many drugs you might as well give your 2 year old a pack of cigarettes.

    Horses have been on the ranch since the 14th century or before. We are still here. They haven’t destroyed the ranch yet. It is money talking. Ask a doctor the fat in horse meat will put you through a by pass within a year…It contains so much fat that is one reason we have not ever eaten it plus they are not live stock not raised for humans to eat. Yet Europe doesn’t care…Someday they will. When they find out horse meat might of been the reason for their cancer. Health wise not good. Serious trouble with the drugs in the meat. Also Canada are raising there own horses with no drugs so one day they are going to say to America we don’t want your drugged up horses. I am glad our horses for Domestic use must be wormed…and bots people can get so the hole business is dangerous to a person’s health.


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