Video: Wild Horses Killed on First Day of BLM Brutal Assault

Graphic, Brutal Video of Inhumane Stampedes Conducted by BLM Contractors, Sun-J

Video shot by American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

100 comments on “Video: Wild Horses Killed on First Day of BLM Brutal Assault

  1. Thanks to AWHPC… on the frontlines. It’s time for some good to come out of these messages being documented and shared regarding this unjustified cruelty/extermination plot. Absolutely insane. Thanks WHFF for all you do to share information for the horses. :) Not giving up hope!

  2. I could not even watch , just the thought of the BLM s murdering invasive horrors can make my blood run cold !!!!! I have a cast iron STOMACH BUT THE BLM s Horrors are by far worse then any Horror Movie I have ever seen !!!! and anything the mind would even be capable of thinking… It will send by stomach south in a heart beat !!!! These Disgusting excuses for people got to go !!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but I would Bitch Slap the whole unholy bunch !!!!

    • They hate the horses. I still remember reading the transcript of that pilot for Catoor when he ran that mustang over a cliff (she died). That raised the hatred in me.

  3. This has completely upset me. Not easy to watch, but I want to know the truth – truth is power. Why is mankind so hell bent on destroying the world around them?! As a horse advocate and animal lover, this hurts me at my very core, but you don’t have to be an animal lover to recognize this is so very, very WRONG!! I cannot even collect my thoughts right now as they are many… maybe later when I can re-collect yself, I will have something more eloquent to say, but for now, all I can come up with is that this needs to STOP!

      • This was not something I needed to see. I’ve suffered a severe knee injury and I’ll tell you it does take a little time for the pain to begin to register with your brain. I can only hope they were able to put him down before the excruciating torment began. BTW I want to know the mans name with the whip??…I want him at the very least fired.

  4. How can you do this to the Most Beautiful Animal to ever grace our Presence????? The Mustangs attributes have always been not only Mystical thing of wonderment , how can one species be so Perfect in almost every way, He has the nobleness of the Ages, proudness that one can only stand in awe of , strength of 10 Men, yet the gentleness of of a feather, yet he looks to us for us to care , and guidance ????? whose trust is electric and not just given it is earned, his family values are amazing, and his quest for Freedom defies the Imagination , it is so wanted he will he will display things and qualities we can only wish we all had !!!! Nature has given him all these things to survive and Flourish this is how important they are , she will give them and continue to give them because they are destined to be here !!!! and ONE Agency who has no idea of any of this is hell bent on their destruction??????????

  5. OMG that is just horrible, I have never hated anyone like I do the BLM & their cronies. They disgust me that they show no emotion or anything when this happens. Just another day in the park for them. They should all be chased with a helicopter, then separated from their families, then kicked in the face, beat with whips & fed moldy hay! grrrrrrrrrrrr, sorry. Then fricken geld them, they don’t need to reproduce.

    • I agree with you 100%. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this video just happened to show up during the next presidential debate, with notation “Thanks to President Obama for this brief message.”

      • If you think Romney will be any better, and not far worse, you weren’t paying attention to Romney’s comment on the debate last night….he said to Obama that in essence Obama is not the reason theres more oil drilling in the US because its being done on privately owned land, however, he went on to say that if he gets elected, he will authorize drilling on PUBLIC land……wild horses and burros are being eradicated because of PRIVATE BUSINESSES taking over our PUBLIC land and we taxpayers are being forced over and over already to pay subsidies to the open range cattle ranching industry (and I have current video I took 5 days ago of new fencelines that we taxpayers are paying for of fencing OFF OUR PUBLIC land so the cattle that will be turned out on November 1st can’t go on the highway and be hit as they were last year- and which I have photos of dead cows by the side of the highway–….problem is, now we, the taxpaying public, can’t use the PUBLIC land because we can’t get onto it very easily now, and not at all on horseback because of locked gates and cattle guards we can’t ride our horses acros. THEN theres also the fenceline where there are normally no cattle on that west side of Hwy 95A and is where the wild horses roam; come November 1st, I’d bet anyone that there will now be cattle out there on the west side, and the assault on our wild horses by the cattlemen will ramp up worse than ever now that they got their way and the range was fenced off with we taxpayers paying AGAIN!), mining, developers, gas, oil, etc……

        I believe that private industry/businesses should have to use PRIVATE land for THEIR businesses, but Romney believes that PRIVATE businesses should be able to use PUBLIC land and pay a pittance (the cattle ranchers only pay $1.35 AUM to graze their cattle on public land, but cattle ranchers with no open range to use pay upwards of $14.00 AUM to graze their cattle on private land—-what an imbalance that is!) with we taxpayers paying billions of dollars in subsidies for PRIVATE BUSINESSES to use OUR PUBLIC land and eliminate the wild horses and burros, and also “sanitize” (KILL) all the other wild life that inhabits our public land…..I live out here surrounded by public/BLM range land, so I pay very careful attention to what candidates say…..Obama is not making me happy with his choice of Salazar for Secretary of the Interior because Salazar is a cattleman through and through, however, I think we have a better chance of forcing the issue of stopping the captures and managing our wild horses and burros primarily on public land with Obama than we do starting over with Romney who will just run rough-shod over all of us like he did the moderator in the debates last night. JMNSHO from living here and seeing whats happening with our public and state land and our wild horses, and the private business factions who control it all and do whatever the hell they want.

    • I am with you 100% and working on spreading the video. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if this just happen to run during one of the presidential debates with the caption “Thanks to President Obama for this message.”

      • Consider opening a Twitter Account. The media and many politicians are using Twitter because it is a fast, efficient method of sharing news. In fact, it is one of the reasons the same story appears in the same format in multipe publications.

        You are limited to 144 characters, so you don’t have to worry about the conventions of regular letter or editorial writing. You can contact anyone who has a Twitter Account (unless they block you) and reach far more people in a fraction of the time. Of course, we cannot make anyone open our links nor can we make them take action. But this is the medium the media is using.

        It helps someone like me who can write 10 paragraphs more easily than I can write one sentence. If someone wants to leak a story to see how it is going to play before a formal announcement is made, they use Twitter, so even if an organization were not going to make a formal announcement about a decision, sometimes their hand is forced because the news has already broken on Twitter.

  6. makes me cry. Is there no justice or law to stop this inhumane abuse? Where are the protectors?
    Where are the government agents that need to be watching over these animals? Who has the final word? Does Obama know anything about this? Can Obama stop this? Why does BLM have the right to do this an get away with it? Why are the lawyers not stopping this? So many questions. What good are laws and government if all there is are violations and abuses by the ones who are supposed to manage and protect the wild horses?
    Confused and disturbed by the government’s lack of power? terrible uncalled for ignorant policies and uncaring management? what else can go wrong for these animals????

  7. Very difficult for me. my heart breaks for these beautiful creatures. What can we do? I keep calling and writing. Not 1 person has responded to me. Where are the media?? Where are the Native Americans? Where is the Humane Society? How do we get this more public?? Soooo saddened by the utter waste; let alone the cruelties! I am so sickened by the BLM and by Man.

  8. Same unnecessary serious animal abuse over and over, year after year, HMA after HMA, contractor after contractor, horse after horse, burro after burro … all for the evil greedy ones who have no hearts and souls. The wild ones have pure hearts and souls and those of you who have met them know this to be true. I am so sorry…

    • Truly tragic, especially the frequency of such injuries. Here is a possible solution: As this is all about $$$$ for the contractors, one way to reduce the egregious abuse is to have mandatory & significant fines for each documented abuse like this one. The fine would have to exceed the payoff (per horse) by a factor of at least 2-5X. In other words if the contractor injures one horse, they forfeit their pay for 2-3 horses. If they kill a horse, they forfeit pay for 4-5 etc. At the moment, I believe they’re paid foreach horse, -dead or alive. That gives them NO financial incentive to be humane. Forget humanity, you have to hit them in the only place it hurts -in their wallet.

  9. Need a new person to fly the helicopter..But the foal fell due to the fact that one of the older horses hit it when turning. It dose not make it right what they have done by running the horses in circles.
    Plus with the major of stallions jumping fences I would think that they would make a more safer catch pen,
    They are going to keep doing it and I feel that we should really come up with some solutions for better capture.
    I never understand what they are going to do with all these horses. There are still so many without homes and it cost the government more to keep them then to let them roam free, IMO.

  10. It won’t end until they are all gone. The rescues will go broke. The kullers will get em all in the long run..Look at it!!! Remember the buffalo massacre for their hides..the skinned bodies all over the place.
    Obama hasn’t even seen the letters or petitions as his ass is on the campaign trail. Romney isn’t interested because they are not interested in them

    • All they are looking at is the polls. All they say is what they’ve prepared to say according to their speech writers. While the fat cat is away, the rats will play in the White House!!! If Obama graces this area with his presence I will be there with a very loud clear voice and actually drop this bomb on him. And THEY will not shut me up.

  11. Hers the Thing in a nutshell also , THIS IS ALL being done without any sane Basis !!!!! This has no merit or reason !!!!!!!!!!!!! if a heart can bleed , mine is bleeding right now ………..I am so filled with shear Shame of these Evil Monsters !!!!!!

    • Why should you be ashamed? You’re not approving it. You can feel heartbreak all you want to but that should be enough to make you stronger to speak up when these asshole candidates come to your area..

  12. Remember people WE ARE PAYING FOR THIS WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS!! We are paying for the inhumane round ups and killings OF OUR HORSES! We must be strong, we must stand against these killers and put an end to this. These horses are PROTECTED under the wild horse and burro act of 1971. This is illeagle and we are footing the bill and the murders!

  13. How come all I ever see is videos, pictures of people shaking hands and in meetings year after year but these beautiful wild horses are still dieing or being killed? Why has not someone placed animal abuse charges on the BLM and the sub-contractor, Sun-J? So many unanswered questions and so many wild horses dieing….

  14. I think these wranglers are the BIGGEST part of the problem in this case. Putting a whip in a studs pen–a wild stallion you just caught? Wrong at every level. This wrangler needs to be fired. Then the people standing so close to the pens–again with horses they just caught–this is recipe for a HUGE disaster. Again those involved need to be fired.

    Sadly Sun J has a history of really brutal round up methods and BLM sits on the rumps and doesn’t try to stop or change things.

    I think they need a gun with a silencer on it to shoot those horses so grievously injured instead of loading them and taking them elsewhere to do their dirty deed. It’s the right to do.

    But the most awesome right thing IS STOP THESE CRUEL INHUMANE ROUND UPS NOW! Get a set of humane standards written down. Dean Bolstad said one would be available mid summer and so far nada. Seems like he too is trying to blow smoke up the Judge’s backside. Hopefully that will comeback to bite him on the front side…

  15. I sent this to that Great BLM in the Sky yesterday and have been tellin them this what seems like forever but nothing changes. They do not care what we think but we cannot give up on trying for OUR horses.

    The BLM mismanagement of OUR wild horses they were directed to protect and preserve by Congress and the American people has successfully decimated OUR herds in favor of leasing to commercial livestock growers and mining interests. The whole BLM equine operation smacks of corruption and deliberate malfeasance from the very top all the way down to field agents. In addition, the methods used are indicative of gross ignorance or disregard of the nature of these animals and cause needless trauma, injury and death to living beings that have no means of defending themselves from BLM and contractor depredations. They must be stopped now pending independent assessments by people that actually know and care about what they are doing.
    As a citizen and taxpayer, I very strongly oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) proposal to round up and remove over 1,600 wild horses from the Owyhee Complex (HMAs).

  16. Has anyone alerted and sent this video to the ASPCA, the Humane Society, and yes, even PETA…..if any one of US private citizens did this to a horse, or horses, we’d be arrested for criminal animal abuse, torture, etc…….we need to post these videos far and wide and DEMAND that these contractors who get paid MILLIONS for capturing, abusing and torturing horses, and ALSO the BLM who hire these monsters, are proscecuted for these activities, otherwise, it gives EVERYONE (meaning the other animal abusers and murderers) reasons and precedents of why they shouldn’t be arrested and fined if these contractors and the BLM are NOT……….

  17. Did send this video to the Humane Society address – Will look around & see
    if I can find any others to forward it to.
    Hopefully, every little bit might help

  18. Something needs to be done ASAP. I don’t understand why our Government is allowing these roundups to happen. These horses are not going to get homes and need to be let go to be wild and free. This is crazy!

    • A MUST read!
      And you all have a few more hours to send in your comments to BLM regarding this exact issue and even if you don’t know what else to say … send them Bob Bauer’s letter (or excerpts – but give him credit and include the link) and tell them that what he says is what you believe.

      BLM Wells Field Office
      Attention: Wells Field Office Manager
      3900 E. Idaho St., Elko, NV 89801

      Re: Three HMA Water-Bait Trapping EA.
      (suggest you email your comment to BOTH email addresses and BEFORE 5 pm PST)

      • I have read the National Academy of Science Report Summary and, indeed, have a copy of what I have been able to find of it that states that the model that the BLM is flawed and it summarizes what those flaws are. However, Robert’s explanation provides so much more information; it would certainly seem that these roundups are a violation of the BLM’s own regulations. I suggest we also send a letter to the Congressional Committees in both the House and the Senate that deal with finance, science, and Interior/Natural Resource appropriations committees.

        In addition, many of our representatives and senators will be back home in their districts campaigning between now and November 6. The time is ripe. We are fully armed with the truth. I will suggest that we call our representative’s office as well as our senators’ offices to make an appointment to see what can be done to bring these roundups to a screetching halt.

        While many of us have know how very true his statements are, he has presented them clearly and supported them factually. In short, this document pretty much explains how the BLM is fleecing the American tax payer and wreaking havoc on our environment at the same time.

        Furthermore, I was reviewing the documents that Michael Blake published about a year and a half ago explaining the process that could be used to remove someone from office. We might not have to be residents of the official’s state to get this into play. The salvation of our wild horses and burro herds may depend on our willingness to take action far from the range and in the full light of day for our own protection.

  19. Parents everywhere – don’t let your daughters (or sons) near any SunJ associates. They so obviously “enjoy” animal abuse, being step one.

    • The SunJ “people” are no more, nor less brutal than any of the ranchers, cattlemen, livestock dealers, and even some so-called “horse trainers” I meet and see everyday here in Northern Nevada…..they are simply habituated to the ugliness of what they see and do, and thus immune from feelings in regard to the suffering of animals…..and quite frankly, you are right in that if they could get away with killing advocates, people who get in their way, people who cross and/or annoy them, etc, they’d do it in a heartbeat with no regrets or guilt…….

  20. DISGRACEFUL! I will never undeerstand why the human race feels that they have to destroy all that is beautiful. That stallion was a beautiful animal.

  21. Our Horses and Mustangs do not have a lesser evil in November , if we do not Unite together before November I believe our Mustangs are between a rock and a hard place !!! There is only a small window…………

  22. Pens should be round… it makes a difference. I think this was preventable. For all the contractors are paid and for all the people they totally traumatize seeing their horses with fatal injuries you would think they could have gone to a designer and had made a state of the art moveable pen system that would prevent the majority of injuries and death. But stopping this is what we must do.

  23. Why did the wrangler put a whip in the pen? The horses werealready in the pen. What did he want the horses to do further?

    Here in Wisconsin, apparently the helicoper pilots are learning from the BLM. I had my horses in the pasture. I am in the kitchen drinking my morning coffee and I hear a helicopter hovering and staying on my property. I can’t imagine why! My first thought was a car accident and this was flight for life. I can tell you my horses thought that this was a flight for life. I looked out my window toward the pasture and the helicoper was chasing my six horses!!! The horses ran toward their shelter. I ran outside with my nightgown on (my neighbor calls this my foalcare outfit) toward my horses with the helicopter twenty feet hovering and chasing my horses. My boss mare tries to lead them to the shelter but bangs her head on the side of her shelter (missing the entry door into their shelter) and she loses her balance and falls.The other horses were trying to miss her as they are so close to each other and two other horses nearly hit each other in their scramble for safety. I am now running and nearly directly under the helicopter which is now hovering over my horses shelter and the horses that are still outside are scared. The horses start gathering and push themselves against the outside wall. I look up and as I am trying to get a number off the helicoper, the person occupying the seat next to the pilot sees me and motions to the pilot. That is how low the helicopter was.. I could see their faces and right into the helicopter. The helicopter then took off like a bat out of hell. My horses are o.k. but it scared my horses, it could have been a disaster and it scared the crap out of me. The horses were covered in dirt and very unsettled. So, unsettled and excited that I was afraid to go into their pasture with them after the helicopter took off.

    I fed them some hay and a few apples from the apple tree and they settled down. It took nearly an hour after the danger passed. I stayed outside the gate until they settled and then went in, inspected and petted each one. The horses gathered around me like they were trying to tell me something. I saw it all and tried to convey this to them.

    I can not even imagine the fear our wild horses feel when they are chased for miles and miles, following their stallion as he deperately tries to bring his band to safety. The horses then find themselves in a trap, separated from each other and their safety. A pseudo cowboy who is obviously an idiot without any horse sense takes a whip, hot sticks, flags with bags and starts beating the horses.

    I don’t understand these pseudo cowboys! They certainly don’t understand horses as they have already herded them in.. Where do they want the horses to go? What is the purpose of this? Why not let the horses collect themselves for a moment?

    I am wondering if maybe the cattlemen or pseudo cowboys gathering our wildhorses would be willing to learn the language of horses? Perhaps, if they understood horses a little, they would not have to murder and maim the horses after they stampede them for miles. A thought! The way they act toward our wild horses you might just think they just herded a bunch of bulls.

    Yes, a round pen would help. Can we approach the BLM with a few inservices on horse gathers. It would be a start!

    Does Obama let his daughter’s see what he doing to our wild horses and did Obama daughter’s see this video? They are certainly old enough now and it certainly would help them with reality and learning to be “grounded”. They shouldn’t be shielded by the ugliness of this administration.

    • Barbara-
      I am sickened by what you and your horses endured by the helicopter and I bet that pilot is still pounding his chest when he tells his buddies about his day of “rounding up horses” … or does he play this game every day … when people are at work and not aware? I hope you reported it immediately to local law and animal protection and the FAA … even if they don’t do anything … demand a written report be done (or write then a formal registered letter) and then you keep a copy also. You might also put an ad in the paper or feed stores or online to warn others to watch out for these idiots … include any description you got of the helicopter. That was not their first animal abuse … those kinds of people have been abusing the innocent their whole lives. The same is true of the Sun J employees … they are cut from the same piece of sh__ that the helicopter pilots in your yard are. As for the “psuedo cowboys” as you call them, they already think they talk to horses with the only thing that horses (or any animal … or wife … of child) would understand … PHYSICAL FORCE AND ABUSE. Everything and everyone I have ever met or heard about that works for or is associated with BLM has this “illness”.

    • I have said repeatedly that survival instincts are genetically passed on from one generation to the next. Horses have thousands of years of DNA pulsing threw their bodies that tell them that that thing coming at them from the sky is going to EAT THEM! I’ve seen a very large house cat react the same way when a hawk began to circle overhead. To the cat is was the hawk to the horses it was the pterodactyl (p is silent). That flying dinosaur. Today’s horses have never seen a pterodactyl but they still know if it comes from the sky they are going to die if they don’t get the hell out of Dodge!

      I’ve read where they think these stampedes cause PTSD in the wild horses and for those who have suffered through more than one it is truly devastating.

      As for you Debra I’d have been running out there with a shotgun and started shooting. You don’t traumatize animals for fun as these idiots apparently were trying to do.

      God bless your horses!

  24. I think we should just refer to the BLM as the big BM. The bureau of management. Management of what – I don’ know, so the Big BM fits them

  25. I’m sooooo sick at all of these roundups!! Pretty soon we’ll be looking at pictures because thats all we’ll have left…like the dinosaurs! They make my blood boil….it disgusts me the evil these men are doing. I think we ALL should get horses, & guns, & take em all out. We have the numbers on our side. Just kill em all & let God sort it out…..the miserable bastards!!!!!!!!!

      • Dear Barbara , the BLM is incapable of rounding up a rubber ball !!!!! If ya dont know NOTHING about Protecting and Preserving The Wild Mustangs , BLM step aside we have people who do…………………..

  26. I could not watch the video but I know the cruelty of these kind of people..Something must be done! Somebody please figure out how we can stop this murdering of Americas Mustangs and keep them free on the land that was given to them!!

  27. this is so bad…so heartbreaking…beautiful, wild horses met Evil personified…the blm
    who goes on and on and on, unscathed by lawsuits, letters, protest, outrage, and aided
    by the apathy of the vast American public.

  28. I have heard only Talkin for 22 yrs , I am also guilty , virtually gets nothing accomplished for the Mustangs, We have signed thousands of Petitions , we have tried to impeach the BLM BOB ABBY Ken Salazar never to be seen or heard of again………The Mustang suffering is Monumental, now how long do we not come up with a answer???? Till they ARE ALL GONE?????? The BLM has a Achilles heel and we need to find it !!!!!! I am so sick and tired of this Murdering nonsense costing every American billions of tax dollars and most of all the suffering of the mustangs……………. What we know so far is nothing stops them ,Im sorry i cannot will not accept this……………….. I have said this a billion times we need to FIND the answer for the Mustangs , we need to stop the BLM, either we Unite and put a stop to the BLM or we start taking Photos !! Because that is all we will have !!!!!!!! of the Mustangs !!!!!! Thousands of experienced brilliant Minds right here!!!! and nothing ????????Wednesdays round up was as cruel as as ever , nothing has changed !!!!! I dont know about the rest of us , but I feel their pain every horse that is downed by the Criminal actions of the BLM ……………………….

  29. More rotten brutality by BLM and its contracted eliminators of wild horses from the wild. All getting rich on the suffering and death of these wonderful presences. This is entirely contrary to the true intent of the WFHBA of 1971 and is a despicable sin that runs contrary to all that is right in the world!

  30. This is the worst I’ve seen lately. And she has it on video. That guy deliberately scared him and he bolted. Does anyone know how he was euthanized later? Was he regs there’d with his broken keg or shot from a distance. Either way I’m so angry and sad! Can a court shut them down at this point? Please someone that has some cloud needs to address this and all the other gather related deaths and stop the BLM.

    • Perhaps we as citizens and taxpayers could file a class action civil suit against him for injuring and KILLING OUR wild horse, or maybe with enough of us filing complaints with that counties where the capture is taking place district attorney, and also go over their head if that DA won’t do anything and file complaints for animal abuse and killing a FEDERALLY PROTECTED animal with the attorney general, maybe the mountains of paperwork would make the BLM and the local and state level law enforcement and attorney’s realize that WE as taxpayers being FORCED to PAY for that guys services are beyond sick and tired of the wanton disregard for the health and safety of the wild horses (and if any one of us did that shit, you better believe we’d be brought up on charges lickity-split!) and it better STOP or more mountains of paperwork via fax, email and hard copy complaints will be forth coming in a never ending train until it does STOP…..make the freaks get off their asses and stop being so LAZY and “good ol boy” and DO THEIR JOBS……

  31. Debra, did you get anywhere reporting these yahoos with a helicopter?
    Seems as though something like this could be reported to the FAA????
    But at least to the local law enforcement. What dipshits (to quote Grandmagregg)
    Great description & it fits so many anymore.

  32. I can’t watch the video! Reading about it is totally upsetting. This always boils down to one thing. BLM’s disrespect for life, and putting greed above caring, compassion and the right to life for those beautiful, wild horses.

  33. Well, I wrote to HSUS last week and linked the video and story about the Antelope BLM contractor animal abuse and asked for HSUS to help. Today I got an email response that was completely impersonal “Hi, have a nice day” type of standard promotional letter and not one mention that anyone even read my concern … of course they did say I could donate. Not surprised just disgusted. Did anyone else get a response?

    • Dear Grandmagregg, sent an email directly to Wayne Pacelle , as of now NO RESPONSE!!!!!! That is how he deals with any Horse related questions !!!!!

      • I imagine if we followed the HSUS money trail it would tell us why they don’t / won’t acknowledge the BLM and associates animal abuse. I have heard that they were in control of PZP – so that would be one answer. I wonder if anyone has done research or an audit on them. It’s pretty bad when even our supposed animal abuse prevention organizations come under suspicion.
        It’s all about the $$$ – what happened to valuing what is “right”?

  34. I couldn’t even watch it. I made my husband watch and from the comments on the link I decided my soul just couldn’t take anymore and just decided to share it. I’ve seen enough for a lifetime. It’s just something about horses thats different when they are abused, neglected, living on a god forsaken feedlot in some border town in Texas and what have you, that comes across as so much more than just a poor animal but absolute betrayal on our part as human beings. And I wonder if the people that take part in any of this sort of thing know that there is a special place in hell waiting for them.

    FAA Law can work for Advocates
    One law is FAA PART 91—GENERAL OPERATING AND FLIGHT RULES § 91.13 – Careless or reckless operation.4 The law is quite clear, yet ignored. This Journalist says “ignored” because there exists video taped evidence, in abundance, on the Internet, which is not edited what so ever. This is a felony, and as outlined in FAA Part 91–#91.13, as well as within many state and federal jurisdictions on Vehicular Assault upon people or animals.

  36. Here’s my thoughts, these guys need to cowboy up n chase horses with horses not choppers! And have solid panels for corrals, either be ethical about this crap or don’t do it at all! I have a friend from austrailia and he breaks mustangs, does a mustang challenge check it out he is kind and patient. Tj Clibborn he is awesome.

  37. I had a long conversation with Heidi, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) horse “expert” about this and other WH&B capture deaths … she finally told me that it is the states that make the decisions on animal abuse and that since there is “NO LAW AGAINST HITTING A HORSE OR BURROS WITH A HELICOPTER” it is perfectly legal and that they could not and would not do anything about what happens during the BLM/FS captures. Not surprised – just sickened – and I wish the rest of America knew the truth about the HSUS.

    • Like I’ve said before Heidi Hopkins was the BLM agent in charge of an HMA where wild horses qwere found without water. Also she was in charge of giving mares PZP in a herd that the BLM rounded up after she was hired by HSUS. Think the herd was in CO but not sure.

      • Well, she has a big salary job with HSUS now. Disgusting. I wish all the good-hearted people that give large amounts of money to HSUS knew the real truth about them. And (sarcastic) just remember that if you ever want to abuse an animal “legally” you can hit them with a helicopter per Heidi.

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