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While Cloud was running for his life, BLM employees were awash with double-time pay

by R.T. Fitch

Mustangate; Yet another chapter

It appears that the more you study the BLM’s bumbled round-up of Cloud’s herd in the Pryor Mountains the more it just doesn’t look, taste or smell right.  Every action, each flawed decision leaves an after taste of possible corruption, collusion and derision in the mouth of American tax payers.

It was bad enough that the round up, conveniently, occurred while our elected representatives were in recess but the fact that the bulk of it took place across and over the Labor Day weekend adds even greater lack of transparency to the ill-conceived operation.

Several minor talking points would be that large portions of Federal Recreation areas were closed off before, during and after one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year (not to forget that hunting season started only days earlier)

Secondly, it was almost impossible to contact major news agencies, animal welfare advocates and law makers over the federal holiday and finally…drum roll please:

Jim Sparks and crew pocketed doubletime and overtime while harrassing Cloud's herd

Jim Sparks and crew pocketed double-time and over-time pay while harrassing Cloud's herd

The BLM agents were paid double-time on Labor Day and over-time on Sunday, the day before, and YOU the American public got to pick up the bill on this boondoggle.

Yup, while Cloud and his family were running for their lives, down the mountain, BLM agents were dipping their hands even deeper into your pockets and laughing all the time.   See how profitable hunting down innocent mustangs can be?  There is big bucks for the BLM in stripping our native wild horses from our public lands and it’s just not the big boys, with special interests, who make out but the field agents get a slice of the pie too and you get to pay for it all.  That really leaves one with a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?

Just as we said, the closer you look the more it stinks so wake up America; you are getting ripped off in more ways than one.  The BLM needs to be held accountable on many levels from the mismanagement of funds to the disposition and location of  imprisoned horses; but this little morsel is just too much for us to swallow.

Call your elected representatives, today, and demand a moratorium on all round ups until the BLM’s processes and procedures can be adequately audited, reviewed and assessed.

Mustangate” is alive and well and lives in a BLM office near you!

Resource: Federal Holidays – Work Schedules and Pay

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  1. There needs to be a financial audit on the BLM! This is our tax paying dollars…..people need to realize it is like debiting from their paycheck every month and paying these characters for a ineffective and down right criminal & inhumane management of the wild horses and burros. If this money was used towards sanctuaries and hiring equine specialist to manage the wild horse program, that would be well worth our money.


  2. Also, given that the BLM can use any report on the condition of the range – even those AFTER cattle/sheep are on it – as an excuse to remove the HORSES, and given that cattle are much more damaging to the environment than horses – with sheep being even worse – how about an Environmental Impact Study before and after the horses are removed and even more cattle/sheep take their place? Did removing the horses help, or is the range in worse shape after they’re gone?


  3. I am taking the article along with me tomorrow when I see Senator Feingold. I have typed up all other facts for him to read easily. I think I will only get 1 or 2 minutes to speak.

    R.T., I am glad you have the wherewithall to withstand all the BLM (and all those involved with the BLM) nonsense you must report on. I get sick with each new article of facts. Ignorant man plans & plots for greed and gain. God just waits for the most perfect time to bring down the proud and haughty.


  4. Increduously we ask, but what is the reason for this? It couldnt be that a government agency is this malicious and ill willed towards horses for no reason, could it?
    Sickeningly yes it could. But not for no reason. Money makes the world go round, or perhaps greed is a more appropriate word in this case.

    Wild horses are not profitable while they are living out their lives in piece on the hills of vast public lands!
    The way to turn them into profit is fourfold: 1. Use taxpayer dollars to round them up. 2. Adopt them out (aka profit) 3. Sell them to the slaughter houses (even more profit)4.Replace them with cattle (most profit)
    Believe it America, this is the extent of the corruption of the BLM, of the department of the Interior, of our government.

    They are still getting away with claiming they are doing what is best for the wild horses by driving them to extinction!! Let’s not be this gullible.
    Call, Call, Call, write, write, write.

    Thank you,


  5. The BLM is supposed to be “protecting” our wild horses, not destroying them! They are committing a crime, by not following the law.

    The BLM has been and continues to lie to the American public. We do not want our horses rounded up and what they have just done with Cloud’s Herd is an atrocity.

    Why are we allowing this to continue? Why aren’t the national media stations reporting on this? Most people don’t even know and that’s how the BLM has been getting away with it.

    They even hired an indicted animal abuser to do this roundup!! Many horses were sore and lame, from Catoor’s method of rounding up, i.e., helicopter. Our government, with our money, paid a convicted criminal to commit another crime.

    What is wrong with this picture?


    • I could not bring proof that the Veterinarian in his report was lieing. EXCEPT for the part about the horses walking calmly or trotting except for the last part of the “catch” I know my domesticated, trusting horses would be flying in terror if a helicopter took after them!!!


      • Of course they were “flying” and “terrified”. That’s apparent from the videos. They also wound up lame! I’ve heard Cloud is still lame, but the BLM has denied that any horses were lame. Even though we have the pictures and video. One foal could hardly walk. I guess that isn’t “lame” according to the BLM’s dictionary.

        The BLM has been lying to use consistently and I want to know who is really pulling this puppet’s strings.

        They are breaking the law and they can’t continually break the law without a lot of high ranked backing.

        I have a feeling this picture will get dirtier and dirtier the deeper we dig.


  6. This whole thing stinks higher than a land fill. Someone has to be profiting from this whole stupid mess. Could it be that someone is getting kick backs from interested parties?


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