Horse Slaughter

The Wild Horse Christmas Dream

by Vicki Tobin with just a little bit of input by author R.T. Fitch

On the 24th wild horse advocates were anxiously awaiting news on the injunction against the massive and inhumane Calico herd round up on the 28th.  The bulk of the pro-horse community was optimistic and held high hopes for the judge to rule in the horse’s favor.  In preparation for this event, Vicki Tobin was working on a very positive re-write of “Twas the Night before Christmas”.

Meanwhile, back in LaLa Land yours truly had just completed my version of the Wild Horse 12 days of Christmas and was moving on to do a dark version of “Twas the Night before Christmas”, until YouTube film producer and owner of Howling Ridge Films & Fertilizer, John Holland informed me that Vicki was working on the same project as me.  So common sense dictated that we work together and that we did, sitting at our computers, separated by 25,000 miles and the Equator we collaborated and were finally happy with a positive and upbeat little poem.  I was about to sign off and go to bed, in my time zone, when a message came across my computer screen from Vicki, “The horses have Lost”.  The judge had denied the injunction but did find that the BLM is violating Federal law in other areas, like keeping our wild horses as caged prisoners for life.

So with that news, Vicki and I shelved our project as we felt that if we published it, there might be a feeling of the ole “Salt in the Wound” syndrome.

Vicki shared the poem with a few friends anyway and the reaction was a positive one so now we share this tongue-in-cheek piece with you.

Please, write President Obama this weekend as Sheryl Crow and Willie Nelson have and ask for him to grant the Calico herd a reprieve until the winter is over and accurate numbers have been assessed.

We must stop these round ups.

Twas the night before Christmas on our public land
Not a Mustang was stirring, knowing what was at hand.
They huddled in fear hoping someone would care,
In hopes that the advocates soon would be there

The foals hid in cover while Mom stood her ground
While stallions and bachelors, made sure Abbey wasn’t around.
With Salazar lurking and Glenn so close by
The bands must stay quiet and not blink an eye

When out on the range there arose such a clatter
The Mustangs all knew, what was the matter.
They ran to take cover, on wings they did fly
For surely they knew, that many would die.

The visions of million$ caused Cattoor a big grin
While Gorey and Lesperance high-fived a big win
More horses removed by ignoring the law
Hold on to your hats and stand back in awe

The chopper did glisten on new fallen snow
Sealing the fate of the horses below.
When all of a sudden, the bands all stood still
And watched as the chopper came over the hill

They stood in amazement, can it really be true
The advocates appeared right out of the blue
The horses retreated, not believing their eyes
For surely this is another, BLM guise

Then leading the charge, lively and quick
Were Downer and Holland and Fitch with a stick
More rapid than lightening, Cindy followed in tow
With Long close behind, not sure which way to go

Now Ginger and Shelley and Laura times two,
Oh Valerie and Barbara and Julie it’s you.
Now Vicki and Jerry and right there is Ann
Now Terry and Makendra with cameras in hand

Down the hill they descended toward the horses with care
And watched as the chopper, fled into the air
The advocates came with injunction in hand
The decree shouted out, on our public lands

Enough is enough the judge did declare
the horses were saved by the breadth of a hair.
Our work here’s not done, the advocates cried
the choppers still flying, other herds could be spied

It’s back to D.C. with a permanent plan
to ensure all the horses could live on their land.
So love was delivered to the horses with pride
but the warriors must leave so that no more would die.

They climbed up the hill and turned back to the band
who all now had gathered on what was their land.
We carry you with us, Craig Downer did say
as we go to the White House to show them your way.

The horses all bowed with a sign of approval
as they all now knew that there was no removal.
They neighed and they nickered to the spirit above
Thanks for sending the people who gave us their love.

From Terry, myself, the cast of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart“, Vicki Tobin and the folks from EWA, Jerry Finch and HfH and many others, may you all have a safe and meaningfull Christmas

But don’t forget to write the President!

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  1. For all the offerings from talented and sincere people this Christmas, and the advocates who were on line today and last night, I am grateful for the inspiration and truth you share. The wild horses have created a new and strong community that will stay with them always. My love to you all
    this holiday season and always. Mar


  2. am so upset to hear they could think still about round-ups & adoptions & slaughter etc .
    i would have thought – let more wild horses & burros stay forever in their lands & give more land habitat , then let divine miracles occur. i do not accpet the money-finance- tax etc argument at all . is it not possible to find more suitable personnel in those positions managing the poor horses ?
    this is a really cruel , insane , barbaric , intentionally bad act .


  3. Hopefullly, we can say this for a future roundup, much sooner than next Christmas -Vicki and R.T. Thank you for all your talents and strengths that surely keep us going! You, and every one in your poem – Thank You.

    Now, I am not a “religeous” person, but I will say for at least today – BLM -“forgive them they know not what they do”, today. And I will even pray for them. Lets all pray for them to take the courts “advice”. Its hard, but its only one day, to forgive them and ask mercy for our beloved wild horses.


  4. This is great! Thank you, Vicki and R.T.

    Miracles can and do happen…I’m hopeful that one will occur to stop Monday’s round-up. No one really knows how things work in this universe, or in our lives, but we have to keep trying to help those who would seem to need our help just to have a chance at surviving–in this case, the wild horses and burros.

    Has anyone heard of any protests being held tomorrow (Sunday, 12/27)in the San Francisco area? I heard a rumor, but without details, so maybe it was no more than a rumor….


  5. OK, no more forgiveness. Round up with no witnesses loop hole – Glenn lied again – see the articles at The Cloud Foundation.


  6. To all the wild horses–not all humans are bad. Unfortunately, the ones you have contact with in those stampedes are very bad. We are the “other people” working for you–at all times of the year– and we will not stop until you are truly protected, and truly free. Gallop on. Thank you Vicki and RT– and all those working to make the wild horses’ dream come true.


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