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BLM Opens Doors to view Calico Roundup Survivors for only 1.5 Hours

Nearly 100 Wild Horses Dead and Counting after Helicopter Driven Round-up

BLM Press Release:

A slow death for a foal in BLM Fallon Pen - Photo by Laura Leigh

RENO, (BLM) — Media will have the opportunity to observe and film the animal preparation process of the horses gathered during the Calico Mountains Complex gather on Tuesday, March 9, at the Indian Lakes Road Short-Term Holding Facility in Fallon, Nev. The facility is located at 5676 Indian Lakes Road.

Four visitation time slots are available for one and one-half hours each beginning at 9 a.m. Appointments will be accepted on a first- come, first-served basis to limit group sizes. Due to anticipated response, media will be allowed to attend one time slot per media outlet only. Interested media must make an appointment by NOON on Friday, March 5 by calling Heather Emmons at (775) 861-6594.

Media will be able to conduct interviews, ask questions and report on the process, which includes freezemarking, vaccinations, blood tests, deworming, aging and recordation of animal descriptions.

Guided public tours remain available by appointment only from 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. on Sundays. Appointments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to 10 people.

The Indian Lakes Facility is privately owned and operated. The BLM coordinates closely with the owner to schedulethe guided tours to allow visitors opportunities to view the animals, while not interfering with the day-to-day operations at the facility.

About a one-hour drive from Reno, Indian Lakes is the BLM’s newest contracted short-term holding facility, which currently is providing care for about 1,875 excess wild horses that were removed from the Calico Mountains Complex.

The Indian Lakes Facility encompasses 320 acres and is set up with 30 large holding pens that are 70,000 square feet per pen and will hold approximately 100 horses safely per pen. The horses are fed an abundance of grass hay each day, and a veterinarian routinely inspects the horses and provides necessary medical care. The facility can hold a maximum of 2,850 horses.

Once preparation for adoption is completed, and the animals have fully transitioned to a diet of domestic feed and hay, they will be ready for shipment to adoption venues and be available to the public for adoption through the BLM’s Adopt-A-Horse or Burro Program. A future adoption event for some Calico horses will be held at the BLM’s Palomino Valley Facility near Sparks, NV.

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  1. Will the 1-1/2 hours be spent at Fallon, or does it include escorted travel time as it did at the capture sites? As I remember, someone commented on the length of the road to the facility, and it was a pretty long stretch. As usual, the BLM and their “private” partners are making observation as difficult as possible.

    I hope the media have some knowledge of the issue, and ask pointed questions rather than accepting the BLM rhetoric. Sounds like tag-team wrestling to me, and will require a lot of organization to avoid duplication of effort and make the best of this predictably bad situation.

    Unfettered assess was such a lie, and I hope it’s one of the questions asked by the media. Someone needs to clue them in.


  2. The Indian Lakes Facility was constructed with taxpayer dollars and is not technically “private.” It also houses public horses, not private horses. The Manager is paid with US taxpayer dollars.


    • I agree wholeheartedly. Would a weekday visitor to our public horses get arrested? Do you think an unscheduled ‘visit’ would jeopardize all future visitation?


  3. What bothers me most about this so called press release is the use of the words ONLY, MUST and how they manage to slip in EXCESS in this phrase

    care for about 1,875 excess wild horses that were

    That is the kind of BS propaganda spin I’m talking about. If papers or news media use this, it reinforces their twisted motivations to people that know no better.

    As far as making an unscheduled visit, if someone is brave enough to risk getting arrested I say do it. And if they do, make sure the new media has the info so that we can get our message out…that the facilty was built and paid for with tax dollars so technically OUR HORSES ON OUR FACILITY should be open to the public.


    • We keep referring to “wild horses and burros”. Once they are taken off the HMAs or private property at the request of the land owner, they are processed and branded. It has always been my understanding that once someone brands livestock, they become the property of whoever branded them. My question is, once a wild equine is branded, is it wild, domestic, or some other designation.

      I know from reading the BLM info once a wild horse/burro is adopted, it is removed from the “wild” designation. I assume a bill of sale is involved. How does all this work? I’m sure this has all been covered before, but I’ve always had questions about who holds title to the captured animals.


      • Linda- This is from the bLM site, I hope it helps you. Thanks for asking 🙂
        “A wild horse or burro belongs to the Federal government until the BLM issues you a Certificate of Title. After you have had the animal for one year, the BLM will send you a Title Eligibility Letter. You must obtain a signed statement from a qualified person (such as a veterinarian, county extension agent, or humane official) verifying that you have provided humane care and treatment for your adopted animal. Once you sign and return the Title Eligibility Letter, the BLM will mail the Certificate of Title to you. After you receive the Certificate of Title, the animal becomes your private property.”


      • So the horses and burros are still legally “wild” for one year after they are initially adopted?


      • Linda, Unless you buy an older or a 3 strikes horse and you adopt, then BLM can legally remove the horse from you in that first year if you are found unfit like Meduna and the adopted horses BLM did take back. mar


      • I still don’t totally understand this. I get the part about horses older than 10(?), the 3-strikes policy, and one year “trial period”. Also the unlimited, unquestioned, and untracked sales of horses in holding over 90 days, because that’s what happened to the horses Patricia had been working with.

        What I don’t get (I can be dense at times) is the LEGAL status of the remaining horses in BLM holding. Is it custodial? Are they sort of held “in trust” like Native American reservation land (don’t get me started on that issue)?


  4. What bothers me most about this so called press release is the use of the words ONLY, MUST and how they manage to slip in EXCESS in this phrase

    care for about 1,875 excess wild horses that were

    That is the kind of BS propaganda spin I’m talking about. If papers or news media use this, it reinforces their twisted motivations to people that know no better.

    As far as making an unscheduled visit, if someone is brave enough to risk getting arrested I say do it. And if they do, make sure the new media has the info so that we can get our message out…that the facilty was built and paid for with tax dollars so technically OUR HORSES ON OUR FACILITY should be open to the public. I’d do it but I am one of the lucky ones to be employed at the moment and can’t risk loosing my job.


  5. The horses are barely able to keep up while pursued by the helicopter. They are ALREADY inside the trap, and yet the helicopter is still hovering right above their head. The last horse can barely keep up, he is ALREADY in the enclosed path leading to the coral.

    WHY is the helicopter right above his head pushing him to go faster? I thought they were supposed to back up once the horses run down the trap.
    This is just criminal, and yet there is no criminal investigation. It’s just business as usual.


  6. Re: R.T.Opinion. You don’t know that was the colt who later lost its hoof which in fact it was not. The colt in question arrived at the Fallon corrals several days after the video was taken.All the horses shown in the video were already in the Fallon corrals before the above metioned colt was gathered. What knowledgeable people see is a very capable helicopter pilot making the last run to the trap. The rest of the time he sets back and lets the horses pick their own way, turning them when needed on the way to the trap. Maybe you should start getting your facts correct berore you publish.


    • Chuck – There was more than one foal who sloughed his hooves and had to be euthanized. Also, you say “what knowledgeable people see is a very capable helicopter pilot making the last run to the trap.” I know you aren’t kidding. That’s why I’m so appalled. You don’t need to be “knowledgeable” to see that the chopper is practically on top of that baby even after he/she is running as fast as possible up the chute to the trap, struggling to keep up with his panicked mother and herd-mates. Do you REALLY believe that pilot needed be SO close? Do you think those horses were going to turn around and run back out the chute with a chopped sitting there?

      Maybe we’re talking about a different video entirely. Otherwise, I sure hope they don’t hire you to fly a copter – I assume you’re “knowledgeable” enough to do that – because you would just needlessly terrify more horses.


    • Chuck, I’ve re-read the article and caption 3 times, and can’t find anything that refers to the foal as having sloughed hooves. The caption does say “slow death”, which is gruesome enough. Please reference what you’re talking about so I can read it.


      • Hi Linda, that foal did die of sloughed hooves along with several others. Laura Leigh took that picture and was there. It was highlighted in an earlier story.


      • hi; the Colt died of “lack of feed; lack of hay; lack of pellets; lack of straw; lack of warmth; lack of care…
        If I were the Vet. I would have rushed over to the Calico Colt and tubed asap with a Horse nutritional formula; and so forth; what ? leave a sick colt lying a sandtrap for 3 days?
        I’ll tell ya’ who is sick; the BLM Vet!the Colt was “put down by the Vet.! the sloghed hooves were just the excuse the Vet. used to “kill the Colt! Hope is alive in the above pix!
        BLM=Bureau of Land Mismangement !anne


    • Maybe someone should send this tape to the FAA and to OSHA-and let them make a determination….And Chuck if you would like to read BLMs protocols for roundups…you will see there are specific rules to follow in a gather –they broke many, including the close proximity of the helicopter to the colt..Above all it was stupidity on the part of the pilot, reckless, and dangerous, for himself the horses and people on the ground


      • If you would link these protocols it would allow us to discuss them openly and show people reading here what this is all about. We need to be able to quote these and contrast them…please find a link.


      • I have been sending “tapes; videos and pix of Hope the Calico Colt; the downed Mare who had straw thrown at her instead of carefully given…other horses thin; the BLM does not know the correct type of Hay;

        I’ve send these to atleast 20 Senators and a few Rep.s’
        I may send to news if roundups go on…
        mostly becuz I was appalled by the video and Pix ! wanted the sen. and rep. to see the blm’s lack of care !


    • Interesting that you should comment on that Laura.

      With everyone from publications, foundations and even bloggers being blessed with letters from the Cattoor’s lawyers the discovery process could be very, very interesting. I am not real sure that either the Cattoors or their attorneys are aware of the line that they have crossed. Nor do they have a clue to the hornet’s nest that they have probably, in my humble opinion, stirred up. Subverting the First Amendment for the sole purpose of fiscal gain and furthering the agenda of a Federal agency out of control is not something that most law firms would be willing to do, let alone document it for future public consumption. (Again, I am applying my personal logic, business sense and morals, here…I mean, as a taxpayer I am not very happy with a government that spends my money where I do not want it spent and then when I cry “FOUL” the Federal contractor who has taken my money uses that same cash to hire an attorney to attempt to intimidate me and quell my voice and opinion, just doesn’t seem right does it?)

      Pretty bad press for the contractor, but the details provided through the discovery process would be a gold mine and the facts and figures might wake up the rest of the U.S. public to the travesty that is the BLM and it’s destruction of our Wild Horses.

      Keep those letters coming and to all of you who speak from your hearts, keep the faith!!

      (Updates to follow)


    • I find it strange that the BLM refers to itself as a business. I thought they were supposed to be public servants. Silly me!


    • Chuck;
      as a 40 plus year horsewoman and most recently a horse show judge, there is no need EVER to run a horse that hard for that long, period. This is not pony express days. Race horses run a max of 1.4 miles and train for extended periods of time before a race, same with endurance riders that may ride up to 50 miles in a day, they are all fit.

      These kinds of yahoo round ups are nothing more than a death sentence for the horses. These horses were not in condition, many mares heavy with foals and they were NOT given rest periods but galloped full out for miles on end. How about running your wife while pregnant for 10 miles?

      It’s no wonder the first foal dropped dead from what BLM cited as a heart issue. If you know anything about horses at all, I suspect (because I didn’t do an necropsey) that his poor little heart exploded!

      Just because a horse is known for his legs and speed it doesn’t mean they can handle that kind of pressure. They can NOT. Sloughing off the hooves is due from ‘road founder’ that you can find in equine medical book. There are mulitiudes of other lamness issues that will result from galloping horses like this and could be either temporary or permanet.

      Helicopters SHOULD NOT be used to round up horses period. There are better methods than being ran down by a UFO. It says that helicopters are not to be used in the law, why the hell does BLM think its okay for them to use, they ARE NOT above the law! What’s good for the general public isn’t good for them? There are laws on the books for a reason and BLM’s blantant disregard for the law is what many of us are pissed off about.

      Things for you to look up that will cause temporary and or permanet damage to a horses bones, ligaments, and soft tissues when ran or used (as in riding too hard) excessively.

      1. Road Founder
      2. Founder
      3. Bog Spavins
      4. Splints
      5. Suspensory ligament tears and pulls
      6. fractured coffin bones
      7. Navicular
      8. Popped Knees
      9. Joint inflamation and tears
      10. Epethesitius in horses younger than 3

      This will get you started Chuck and after you read these conditions and their causes, please note there many other conditions much worse that can result from this sort of abuse. If after reading this you think that it’s still okay to run horses to death, your either raking in the same blood money the Cattoors and BLM are or you’re an idiot.

      As far as someone being able to identify the baby horse harrassed by the copter, photos and video don’t lie. I would be able to find my plain bay horse from 1,000 others that looked alike and most other”horse”people can do the same. Horses contrary to what you might believe are NOT all the same.


    • hi; i have been following The Calico Colt story closely; and imo; i may be wrong; atlesast “3 Calico Colts have been destroyed by the Vet.

      a. one on January 21; 2010
      b. one on January 30th; 2010
      c. one on Feb. 17th; 2010

      this does not include the Colt who was run and could not make it in Dec.

      I think the Feb. 17th is when The BLM (jerko)Vet. destroyed “Hope the Calico Colt !
      (; this is from the website:

      Feb. 17 Indian Lakes Road Facility

      One weaned colt was euthanized as an act of mercy due to declining poor body condition. No miscarriages noted today.
      Facility death: 1, cumulative death total: 47

      my comment; gee I wonder why the Calico Colt’s was having poor body condition ? Maybe they forgot to give the Colt Nutritional Pellets; Electrolytes and Liquid Nutrition if needed? like in other words; “maybe they left the Colt to perish in a sand trap?; magnify the pix. of The Calico Colt and see the Sand ! anne
      ps Horses hate Sand; Camels like sand!


    • Hi R.T. just my 2c; u wrote:
      am not real sure that either the Cattoors or their attorneys are aware of the line that they have crossed. Nor do they have a clue to the hornet’s nest that they have probably, in my humble opinion, stirred up. Subverting the First Amendment for the sole purpose of fiscal gain and furthering the agenda of a Federal agency out of control is not something that most law firms would be willing to do, let alone document it for future public consumption. (Again, I am applying my personal logic, business sense and morals…
      my comment is: you are right; almost ss if the BLM and the BLM Vet. don’t care if the american people see the overt abuse of not enough care for sick Foals and Mares; leaving Mustangs in sandy pens with no feed within reach is incredibly wicked !
      so maybe they will stop the mustang mismanagment once the BLM realizes:

      Smile; BLM ! You are on the world wide web’s cameras; pix and videos !

      so why do u incriminate yourselves by doing stoopid things like; leave a Foal in a sandtrap as if the foal was a deer carcass that had been shot by a hunter and dragged into the sandpit

      BLM:why do you do these stoopid things


  7. First of all do not for get that the corrals are built on private property and that the BLM has a contract to use that private ground that dose not mean that they own it. Where as it is private ground that was not payed for by the BLM it gives the owner every right to not let any one on it. This country was built on private industry contracted by the government some way or another weather it was building high ways or bridges or dams to generate power. The contractors for the BLM wild horse programs have many years of working with wild horses and have tried many different ways to work them and the way they are doing it now is the safest way that they can find to work them in the corrals and to gather them on the range. Now for the people that think that the helicopter pilots are so mean and crule they are far from. They care about the horses and have there own horses at home that they ride and grew up on. They are just not helicopter pilots they are horsemen and had to be before they could be such good horse pilots. The reason you see the pilot put pressure on that last colt coming into the trap is because it is alot better to put it into the trap with a little more pressure from the helicopter than to drop it and have a wrangler rope it and stress it out even more. That colt is just fine today and was not one of the colts that sloughed its hoof.


    • Rounder, good point..I will use the freedom of information act to get a look at the actual lease agreement..because normally when you lease property for business-there is an assumtion the public will be on the premises..and you are required to carry insurance to cover that..It would be an unusual contract otherwise.

      My next point is that the comittee that funds the DOI/BLM had a meeting yesterday..and they are not happy with the amount of money being spent on holding facilities and payments to private land owners when we have so much public land these facilities could be on instead.


    • Rounder, I have raised foals for 40 years-any “HORSEMAN” would have recognised that foal was crippled an unable to keep up..not trying to turn back, and was going nowhere- but where the herd and his mother was headed-the people on the ground could have stepped behind him an accomplished what needed to be done. Owning a horse does NOT make you a horseman. Horsemen have common sense.


      • also concerning the original elder Mare who apparantly could not keep up one of first days of roundups: (Mother of Trooper: BLM says; “Mare cannot keep up; my comment: Wrong !
        The Mare had slowed up waiting for her Foal: the BLM misinterpreted A Mustang’s Mare’s instinct to wait for and protect her foal above herself !

        for this; this Elder Mare was “shot !
        what say u to this Chuck ? anna usa


      • That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. It shows the depth of ignorance and carelessness concerning our horses.
        Why put more pressure on an exhausted animal galloping forward into a trap?
        To avoid roping? And roping what? the horse is headed to the corral! Are you blind or have you been brainwashed?
        And as far as skilled helicopter pilots, may be you came back from a war or something. But the horse is not going to turn back an shoot at you.
        The mother waiting for her foal is doing just that, waiting for her foal. Would you attack a mother waiting for her child? Why is this any different?


    • Rounder, I would NOT call these helicopter pilots ‘horsemen’. That is not the definition of a horseman or woman. Their nothing but yahoos. Because they own horses doesn’t make them a good horse owner or even knowledgable about horses.


    • That facility was built with taxpayer dollars and is funded and operated with taxpayer dollars. In addition, all the horses within it were rounded up with taxpayer dollars and are fed with taxpayer dollars. In addition, these are the Nation’s Wild Horses–they belong to the public. Not the BLM, not the facility manager, not the Cattoors. They belong to us. They are not private property. They are not property at all. The helicopter pilot flew that close to the foal because the Cattoors get paid by the head and he had more to round up. Time is money. IMHO.


    • And you know all this how? You know these chopper pilots are horse owners? Well, not all horse owners care about the welfare of their own horses, let alone the despised wild ones.

      I know what I saw, and there was NO WAY that baby was going to turn around as far into that chute as that chopper sat on him. Whether it proved fatal or not, that was inhumane – end of comment.


    • I have two you tube videos that show helicopter pilots actually touching a wild horse and a wild burro with the leg of the copter during BLM roundups and another where a wild horse kicks out at the copter only a few feet from it and bearing down. This is how your pilots behave and they think they are real smart playing with a life like that. When I hear about back injuries I can’t help but wonder if a pilot set down on a horse who was trying to escape. These people are immune to the harm they do or else they would not run the horses at all. It is not necessary. I will work on outlawing the use of helicopters in herding wildlife until it is accomplished. It is illegal to use a helicopter to herd domestic cattle … I wonder why? You got a smart answer for that Chuck and Rounder? The pilots are causing death and you are just covering it up. The public and press can’t go back along the path the horses were brought in on to see those who have collapsed but they are back there, dead and dying animals left in the violent and deadly wake of Cowboy helicopter pilots who do not show a moment of respect or a second of mercy for these animals they chase down And Harass! Te hell with the lot of you lying killers! IMHO they all need to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty, abuse and endangerment and for the deaths they cause. mar


    • this guy Chuck:
      That colt is just fine today and was not one of the colts that sloughed its hoof;

      question: now how would you know that? do you work @ the Fallon corrals ?

      you sound like Rush Limbaugh; oh the Polar bears are fine; huh? “ya wanna bet ?

      no stop talking and begin reading; no mustangs have miscarriages on the plains dear


    • If they are who we think they may be… then;

      It is strange that you come here. You do not actually want us to respect you, do you? Or is it to gloat because you have inside knowledge and know some of the tricks that will be pulled on the horses and burros this year?? It would be pure joy to help ground you and have your contracts cancelled and keep you from contact with wild horses ever again. In my opinion you are criminals just like BLM. mar


  8. I am repeating what I said above in case you miss it..and I urge you to read those protocols set out by the BLM before you comment..these are the rules they are to conduct these gathers by..and they violated their own rules

    Maybe someone should send this tape to the FAA and to OSHA-and let them make a determination….And Chuck if you would like to read BLMs protocols for roundups…you will see there are specific rules to follow in a gather –they broke many, including the close proximity of the helicopter to the colt..Above all it was stupidity on the part of the pilot, reckless, and dangerous, for himself the horses and people on the ground


      • mar- I hope this helps, if the ‘link’ doesn’t work- copy and paste to your search window. The title of the pdf doc is: Appendix A. Standard Gather Operation Operating Procedures (SOPs)

        ttp://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/nv/field_offices/winnemucca_field_office/nepa/wild_horse_and_burros/calico.Par.39880.File.dat/Appendix A Gather Operation SOPs.pdf


      • KA, Thank you, then when I add the ‘h’ it will be a good link… I do appreciate this very much. I had thought ssome of this was in booklets. We need to keep up the discussion of helicopters and their violence because it will have an effect on our readers and the BLM. This is one power we have here and at the Cloud blog and others when we give voice to a specific subject in No Uncertain Terms we are bending the will of the DOI/BLM with our voices raised together. If we can get any new roundups to be bait traps this Spring we will be helping to save lives. Because of our outrage over Calico we may have already changed some burro roundups to bait trapping in May. The roundups were postponed also close to the decision that will be made regarding long term holding and removing horses from their range indefinitely.

        Also, there will be foals in the roundup again, young ones, we need to save them from the ruthless runs before the helicopters. Stopping the roundups with a moratorium if first, then stopping the helicopters from flying is next…
        if a roundup is to happen demand bait trapping be used. mar


    • Has anyone ever called State Livestock Inspectors about the “gather” sites or holding facilities? Does the BLM trump the states? This public/private relationship is so nefariously crafted!

      In my state, any citizen can report cruelty/abuse/neglect and request an inspection. That’s why I feel it’s vital that local/county/state citizens apply for permission to observe within their states.

      Don’t stop if anyone contacts you by phone or in person. If you’re denied, request an immediate, detailed explanation in writing on official stationary, including a direct signature from whomever issues the denial. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! If you think any document can and/or should be notarized, do it.

      Getting an inspector to a site within a reasonable amount of time is the first challenge. Getting the State Veterinarian to authorize seizure/criminal charges is even harder. But, if there are numerous official complaints on the same abused animals, it can happen.

      Phone first, submit a written request ASAP, and FOLLOW UP. Folks have to act quickly and stay engaged to get attention and action.

      Regarding the actual inspection requests – never DEMAND anything (really turns officials off). Whenever possible, provide time-stamped photos/videos, dated personal observations, and other materials to back up your request.

      Maybe someone could come up with standard inspection requests and denial explanation letters. Also timelines and procedures. Sure would streamline the process and put everyone on the same page.

      FYI – This also applies to ANY equine/livestock abuse. If you spot what you consider abuse, turn it in. Tell your friends about it. If you know a rescue you trust, contact them. They’ll tell you if they can help, and, if so, usually do their own observation. In some states (especially in the West, unfortunatly), rescues don’t get much cooperation, but it never hurts to try.

      NEVER confront an owner or enter their property. Let the folks with the badges and guns handle it. Abused animals sometimes “disappear” after a complaint is made (Wonder how owners find out? I’m just sayin’.). If this happens, PLEASE don’t give up on other abuse you see. Every living thing deserves respect and is important.


      • Linda, I am hoping to start working on the holding facility list and get addresses for all the places that BLM holds and processes the wild horses and burros, short and long term. We do need people to begin to ask for access at each one of them and attempt to see the horses and burros. We need to get more local people and traveling advocates involved to do this so that we have success in seeing and documenting these facilities and the horses and burros in them.

        I am also very concerned about the transfer of hundreds of geldings to the Spanish Q Ranch outside Ennis, Montana, this month. i think they want to place 900 to 1200 horses at this ranch. BUT They must truck them there first. From what facilities are these geldings being taken??
        How long will these horses be the trucks??? Somehow I do not see them arranging for them to be let out for food and water while in transit.
        Is there a chance this further potentially deadly, cruel and abusive transfer has been put off by the impending decision concerning Long Term Holding by the lawsuit?? Does anyone have new/current info about this transfer??

        Please find out anything you can and we can try
        to stop this transfer of hundreds of geldings over hundreds of miles this month. If it is in progress we need to contact local Press as this is news. Bozeman, Ennis and West Yellowstone are closest.

        Let’s find out what is going on… please help..mar


      • PRIORITY ALERT!!! The list can wait a bit. Is this ranch even on the Facility Report? Ennis is about 850 miles from the Canadian border. I wish we could BUTE every last wild one. These horses are in real danger!

        Coincidence this is happening about the same time as the Washington rally? I think not. Hey, BLM, tens of thousands more eyes are on you and what you do than will be in D.C.

        If the BLM hired contractors fail to provide provide food and water in a timely and appropriate manner, I think both they and the BLM will be in direct violation of Animal Cruelty Laws in every single state the trucks pass through.

        The closer they get to Ennis, the greater likelyhood of violation, so I’ll start with Montana and work my way back. I’ve already posted links to Nevada AC Laws regarding food and water under the “pay special attention” reference that DOES apply directly to livestock.

        So everybody get out your Atlas and if you live in a state that may be along the route (especially Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana), rev up your address books. And as mar has already said, alert your local and state media.

        Everybody not on the route knows the drill. The officals may not respond “out of professional courtesy” (which is a load of crap, especially on the national committee level), but they DO know what’s going on when we contact them, especially Mary Landrieu.

        I’m going to disappear for a bit while I research the laws. It might take a day or so, but don’t wait. I’ll post the links ASAP. I’ll also post sample letters (chapter & verse)for each state so folks won’t have to hunt around for language and references.

        And to the people monitoring our blogs for the BLM, we know you’re watching us, and you’d better believe we’ll never stop watching you!

        Bye for now. L.


      • Linda, Medicine Hat is only 450 miles from Ennis and it is on the road to Regina. I am wondering which facilities they will take them from (LONG Term Holding). mar


      • Never Assume! I thought you were referring to Fallon. Hand me the dunce cap!

        Glad I opened this while waiting for the MySpace confirmation. Thanks, mar.


      • This is it, linda, thank you so much… This is the most recent news;
        Plan to move wild horses in Madison County stalls
        Associated Press | Posted: Thursday, February 4, 2010 6:00 am | (5) Comments
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        DILLON – The Bureau of Land Management says a plan to move 805 wild horses to a private ranch in southwest Montana has been put on hold.
        The agency said Wednesday it has filed a motion with the Interior Board of Land Appeals to voluntarily stay a Dec. 28 decision to operate the pasture in Madison County until a dispute between the owners of the 16,367-acre Spanish Q Ranch near Ennis can be resolved.
        Meanwhile, the BLM has received two appeals of its December decision. The agency said it captures the wild horses to control their population on public lands.

        *This means that this transfer is on hold for now… who knows what this dispute is really about… it could just be a smoke screen… mar


      • Just getting to this. It is truely disgusting. I can’t imagine how many horses have been sent to slaughter from this hell hole since 2008.


    • One more thing before I go. I’m going to post this info to the Animal Blawg, and also send them an email. They should have speedier access to laws, and also a more effective way to present it to legislators and others. What about ALC?

      mar, I’m going to your website and provide my email address. I won’t be opening posts/comments while I work on this. That way we can be in direct contact. L.


  9. Chuck it is my understanding that the BLM is currently pursuing criminal charges against someone who flew over the holding pens on Feb. 14 with a helicopter, and a stud was discovered dead sometime the following day…given the deaths that occured because of the gather and the use of helicopters to terrorise the horses..don’t you find that to be disingenious????


  10. in one year – one year- 88,174 horses were slaughtered due to the BLM round ups- this is not counting the ones who suffered broken bones, collapsed while hunted by helicopters, or in pens, or on trucks to the slaughter plants. I hate these men in BLM- I hope they all die miserable terrifying heart attacks.


    • In 1992, we had approx. 46,500 wild horses roaming free. By 2007, this number had dwindled to 26,000. In 2008 & ’09, another 11,000 were rounded up. This year the BLM wants to remove 12,000 more. (source: C.K. MacDonald; America’s Mustangs and Burros). A BLM spokesman is on tape last year saying that they will be ramping UP the round ups over the next three years.

      One would think the FRWH&B Act was written specifically to remove wild horses from the land and not preserve them in their natural habitat.

      I do agree with the BLM on one thing; we do indeed have a wild horse population problem…they are disappearing. The agency mandated to protect them turns out to be their fiercest foe.


  11. It seems like today the posts are not just from the regular horse activites I smell a few snakes the pile today.


  12. Enough of the Chuck and Rounder show. I, for one, have more important things to do than get worked up over their rants. BYE, GUYS!


  13. You want to know who i am? I am a person who has met every one that has been out on a gather and has a picture of them where as they have a picture of me! I have been to all of the BLM corrals and most of the long term holdings. Most of all i am an American citizen that makes his living working with wild horses and domestic and love them very much. It makes me sad to read that you people think we are such bad people because we are for the management of wild horses. We see first hand horses sick and dying because they have no food or water because they have ate them selves out of house and home from over population in an area. Have you ever walked up to a wild horse in the wild and put your hands on it? I have because it was so pore and week it could not run away with a colt on its side the same way! We went around for a week gathering up these horses that were sick and dying. We feed them, We watered them, We saved them! We are the snakes that crawle under the rocks and strike out at the un knowleged people that think they know every thing!


    • rounder- You profess “It makes me sad to read that you people think we are such bad people because we are for the management of wild horses.” I do not think you are (all) “bad people” because you are managing wild horses. Its THE WAY you “manage” the wild horses. How many deaths during a round-up are acceptable to you personally? Is death by helicopter better than death on the range? I’m not doubting your word or or compassion, where were these sick and dying horses? What HMA did they eat themselves out of house and home? Were they fenced out of water sources? Were they fenced out of quality forage? Were their ranges reduced, land swapped or sold by the BLM? Did cattle have access to these areas prior to finding starving horses? There are so many questions you could answer for us, I for one will listen.


    • I seem to recall some horses were left overnight in the trap area with no water. Seems the truck got stuck in the mud and no one on staff could be bothered to get water to stressed and traumatized horses.


      • that no water thing. my god do we have to instruct the round-up caregivers some basic animal care tips. Before you place an animal in a cage you make sure there is fresh water to drink.

        actually I believe there is state law in california (and some other states aswell.) One can go into any animal holding areas to give water and food without breaking any laws. not sure how it’s worded.


    • It’s time to stop shaking in your boots. Because only a scared person would take photos of everyone at a round up and pride himself (or herself) of doing that.


    • The BLMs job as they describe it “is to manage the land-not the horses” by their own definition-they are failing-according to an outside audit i read this morning on your website “RESUTS HAVE NOT BEEN DEMONSTRATED” in range management..If the BLM was doing its job of managing the range there would BE forage aplenty for everyone. In the case of the Cortez-Barrick goldmine out of elko-the expansion of that mine to MT.Tebon would result in the loss of 50–water seeps and springs and 1 perinnial stream..and these were blms own findings..A permenent loss of 51 water sources in a desert..is not acceptable management…and then you tell us there is a drought and horses will not have enough water…ya think!!! would you let someone manage YOUR ranch this way???


      • RE: The goldmine: sounds like a case for WWP. Maybe they’re already on it. If not, you should contact them.


      • the Shoshone Defense Fund took them to court recently and got it stopped, while BLM does the studies necessary to complete a full Nepa, EIS and mitigation. We ought to ask if the SDF needs help in their fight..It is a 900 acre expansion that will negatively impact 6800 acres


    • your company ’roundup’ has been working from the early 1960s. by the way were you the company that rounded up mustangs in utah in the 60s and 70s?

      ya think by now you ‘horse experts’ can learn about road founder and try harder to not cause it? I mean its been over 40 years and almost all the wild horses are dead now!


  14. Rounder, since you have taken a role of being a spokesperson for the BLM and Cattoor, perhaps you can clear up a few issues for us. If the wild horses are over populated with at best, 20,000 still roaming free, what do you call the MILLIONS of livestock grazing on the horse’s land? Are you advocating for their management and getting their numbers down to 20,000 or do you support the welfare ranchers that have turned our public lands into a giant private feedlot that is subsidized by our tax dollars to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars? How can the land sustain millions of cattle but not wild horses? Are you aware of the government GAO studies that determined the livestock, not the wild horses are causing the range degradation, particularly the riparian areas? So why are the horses being blamed and removed?

    If you are worried about the horses not having water or food, how about getting the ranchers to remove the fences they moved/erected that cut off the water and food to the horses? Isn’t that a better plan than removing wild Mustangs from the only home they have known for thousands of years? The horses are wild. Let them live and die in the wild. Many of the horses that died at the hands of the “humane” round-up may have lived for another few years – wild. If they were going to die, they should have been allowed to die on the range. They have survived for millions of years without our intervention. Survival of the fittest and nature keep populations under control.

    And now, between the PZP and low numbers, we are witnessing the beginning of the extermination of our wild Mustangs. Period.


  15. Hi, Rounder. I said I wasn’t going to respond to you, but now that I’ve read your post, I think you could be a valuable part of this discussion. And I don’t think you’re a bad person. You just have your own perspective on wild horse issues. Most of all, I thank you for your love of horses. Please understand we love them as well. They are much more than tools or commodities. They are partners and friends.

    Like most of us, you’re an American citizen and taxpayer, and we all want to see our tax dollars used wisely. I don’t believe the BLM has done that in the past, and I certainly don’t believe they’re doing it now.

    The BLM uses the term “processed for adoption” in their Gather Updates. 1,900+ wild horses were captured at Calico, and the BLM plans to remove at least 10,000 more this year. Adoption may be a noble goal, but, in these numbers, it is TOTALLY unrealistic. It would be more up front and honest to just say “processing”.

    Also, the BLM contends herds like Calico can double every 4-5 years. If you kept a herd of horses on a fixed amount of land, would you leave them to their own devices for 4-5 years, and then panic and cull the “excess”? Or would you remove a few at a time on a regular basis, and train them to make them more attractive to potential buyers?

    I’d like your thoughts on a few questions:

    1. If you were in charge of the Wild Horse & Burro Program, what would your management plan be, both now and in the future?

    2. What would you do with all the horses in holding?

    3. Would you “zero out” herds on designated HMAs that have proven water and forage for the horses? If so, what would you do with that land?

    4. Would you approve of culling herds to below a scientifically recommended number for genetic viability? Would you take into account possible inbreeding?

    5. Would you push for Midwestern and Eastern “preserves”, or prefer to manage the horses on their home ranges?

    6. Would you work to restore the numbers of acres set aside in the original HMAs and, if so, how would you accomplish that?

    7. Would your goal be to remove ALL wild horses and burros from the range? If not, how many would you allow to remain on which HMAs, and under what criteria? If so, what would you do with that range?

    I’m not trying to be cute or sarcastic. I’d really like to know your thoughts.


  16. Rounder – I guess one thing we can all agree on, here, is that we’re just going to have to disagree. You cannot now, or ever, convince me that these wild horses are not being zeroed out. There are just too many things that do not add up regarding these magnificent animals. I remember a profound comment from a wild horse advocate not too long ago, she said that she didn’t want her children and grandchildren having to see ‘wild horses’ in the zoo. That’s exactly where we are headed. Look at the Prezwalski horses, they were nearly extinct by 1879 but some (thank goodness) were captured and managed to survive in zoos and refuges. They are now reintroducing them back into Mongolia from these same zoos and refuges. This is what is going to happen to our wild horses, as well.

    What happens when the horses are all zeroed out? What will the BLM go after next? As Vicki stated above, what ever happened to ‘survival of the fittest’? It happens with every species. Do I like to see the wild horses suffer…not particularly! I don’t like to see ANY animal suffer; however, I am intelligent enough to know that’s how the ecosystems keep their balance. If there is an ‘overabundance’ of horses, as the BLM claims, then man has evidently removed all of the predators (excluding man) throwing the entire ecosystem out of balance.

    Get the cattle off of the horses’ land! In the rest of the country, we are required to own the land that our cattle graze on. Reintroduce the predators that were there and then leave the ecosystem to manage itself, just like it has done for millions of years without man to screw it all up.

    So, the wild horses are a nuisance to some people. Guess what, in other parts of the country we have nuisances, as well. So the deer are eating my plants and vegetables; it’s MY responsibility to build a higher fence to keep them out of my garden. The wild hogs, armadillos, raccoons, opossums, rabbits, moles, voles, gophers, birds, insects, etc. can all be nuisances, as well. Shall we round them all up, too? We have coyotes, hawks, owls, etc. that help manage most of the nuisances for us. See how well an ecosystem works? The carcasses of the horses would feed a multitude of different animals. Without them, those animals may also become extinct.

    I keep hearing there isn’t enough water and/or food for these animals. It seems to me that they have managed for thousands of years. Wouldn’t our money be better spent to pursue correcting those avenues if, in fact, they are true? The money we spend on round-ups and housing these horses could be spent working on those problems. Evidently, the taxpayers are paying for hay and feed for these horses; why not use those helicopters for a more humane solution like delivering hay to them. Then, the pilots would still have a job, the horses would be fed, and everybody would be happy.

    Well, almost everybody. The BLM would have virtually nothing to do then! Hence, saving the taxpayers yet even more money for the decrease in the number of salaries!


    • Rounder is making his bread and butter from the roundups. Why would he want them to stop or even modify his approach even slightly? There is probably a monetary bonus to speeding up the process. That’s what he is referring to as nice helicopter approach. It’s just a job, and he is intend in keeping it.


  17. I have read all your blogs and have chuckled at your anger. To me it seems that most of you are just really upset that money is being spent to save these feral horses. your not really to worried about the horses, just that your tax dollar is being spent to save and feed them. I have watched many of your videos and seen like you a limping foal, but when you put sad music to it and start shaking after you said “it makes me shake” it is a little tougher to watch. There are many of us that own our own horses and do so because we can afford this luxury, I have enjoyed watching my children grow in the horse industry and compete and win many times over. I Am A Horseman and I wonder why if your so upset with how things are being ran that you dont adopt as many as you can and save them. Is it because you live in small apartments in New York where you leave your dog or cat locked up all day alone and they pee on your carpet cause they are so excited to see you. Yes I am being sarcastic. there are 2 sides to every fence. you have just built yours so tall that the neighbors cant see what your up to.


    • Kriste, I answered another one of your comments and I will do it again. The bulk of us have horses, the majority of us who have horses have adopted our horses. All of ours are adopted along with two German Shepherds and a rescued cat. We have given all of our animal friends a second chance at life so again, watch your sterotyping, it demeans your message and destroys your credibility.

      For the record, you have not read through this blog or done much in the way of research as our wild horses are not feral, they are a native species. We have plenty of supportive scientific evidence tucked away here to validate that fact.

      Otherwise, we are of the same mind set, we love our horses…so why the sarcastic comments?


    • Hey Old Horses,
      Let’s look at the wild horse issue from a business viewpoint like the “horse industry” that you support. Why would anyone want to view a group of geldings and mares out on pasture in a “horse park” zoo? We have a Kentucky Horse Park where all breeds of horses are stabled and where there are horse events featured and visitors range from all over the US. I happen to live very close to the largest Standardbred farm in PA and the US where I can go view mares and FOALS and stallions anytime I feel the need (and not pay any entrance fee). I don’t live that far from the Assateague and Chincoteague ponies and I can go see them in their marshes running free. My horse vet has cautioned me on the feeding of my BLM mustang. Our grasses are richer and mustangs being easy keepers are prone to colic and founder. Bringing the mustangs east or even the mid-west is just a bad idea both business wise and for the horses. Oh for that constant use of the term “feral” even the USFish and Wildlife Commission calls wild horses “re-introduced species” meaning that the horse originated on this continent. You need to check out the facts.


      • This person does not represent anyone but themselves and certainly not “the horse industry”..there are hundreds of thousands of horse people out there that are supporting the mustangs-I have put 2 businesses on hold to work day and night researching, writing letters, signing petitions and gathering many horsemen to support this cause..do not insult us by including us in this category, remember only a few people comment-many read..


    • No, really most people just want the wild horses protected on their federally protected lands so they don’t end up in the “horse industry.” That’s really the crux of the issue. Not taxes, or people living in apartments in NYC or dogs peeing on the carpet or 2 sided fences. And the people and wild horses will win.

      And I am sorry a foal with its brand new hooves sloughed off after trying to outrun a helicopter doesn’t affect you. I can’t imagine what that must be like.


    • OldHorses: I read you post twice, you mention you own horses, and that you can afford them as a luxury-and that “they” allow your children to win ribbons, and that you are a horseman-which has to be by your own definition..because no where in your post did you mention you actually loved your horses..and if you can’t love your own horses then i wouldn’t expect you to be capable of loving the wild horses…who don’t service you in some way..When people like you walk into my barn looking for a horse-they walk out with their money stuffed in their mouth..because I can afford to be picky..I have raised world champion QHs and I can afford to be picky who i sell to.


    • oldhorses- I DO NOT chuckle at YOUR comments: “….most of you are just really upset that money is being spent to save these feral horses…” If you think there is any person here that doesn’t deeply care for the welfare of our wild horses you are absolutely WRONG! For years we have tried various ways to get our representatives to listen to what we have to say, and wasting our tax dollars is but only one of them. Almost all of us personally have horses or support equine rescue organizations if we can not. Many of us have been adopting horses, wild and domestic, for years. Its not uncommon for us to put their welfare and needs ahead of our own. I don’t need sappy music to make me upset watching horses being abused, all I need is a heart and a conscience.


  18. RE: Wild Horse Adoptions & 4-H.

    I know most folks would like to see ALL the wild ones back on their home ranges, but I belive that dream is unrealistic. This is somewhat off-topic, but has anyone approached the 4-H clubs as adoption partners? Maybe this has already been tried, or is currently being done.

    I know various breed-specific shows encourage 4-H members to compete, but their horses have to be registered with that breed association. Are there “Open” 4-H shows where kids could compete on their Mustangs?

    I’ve never been involved in 4-H, but I’ve seen their shows at the SJ County Fair. I think this could be a great way to encourage more adoptions, showcase the quality and versatility of the American Wild Horse, and possibly have a snowball effect.

    Just askin’.


  19. oldhorses, that couldn’t be further from the truth. First, they are NOT feral. You can ignore the mitochondrial DNA evidence if you wish but that will not make it go away or change the results.

    We shouldn’t have to adopt them. They should be living free on their range. If there is room for millions of privately owned livestock, there is room for less than 20,000 wild horses. The horses in holding should be released back to their land. Instead, they want to waste at least $96 million more so the unproductive herds can die out in the east and midwest. The road to extinction leads to the east and midwest.

    What we are complaining about is the unnecessary round-ups and waste of tax payer dollars. The fiasco in Fallon will cost over $2M. $1.9M was for Cattoor and BLM staff. $2M to kill 108 horses, thus far. There is testimony from a BLM employee that indicated there was no need to remove the horses but of course, it was ignored. BLM population counts are inflated and don’t add up. There is a discrepancy of almost 1,000 horses at Calico. That is not just a rounding error it is not knowing how many horses there are. In some of the HMAs the stallions would have to be giving birth to twins to achieve the numbers they are publishing.


    • THANK YOU Vicki for trying to enlightening Rounder and Old horses, that is if it sinks into their thick skulls. I have to quote Ron White here ‘there is no excuse for stupid” One would think if those two would like to enter into the conversation they might first have some FACTs instead of blithering fiction.

      Rounder and old horses you just stepped into hugest pile of horse poo you could ever imagine and you both wreak! No one is buying your BS, most of all the general public. The truth is out about you and your outfit nation wide. The shin dig is up. The blood is on your hands and everywhere you go. I would be paranoid snapping photos of everyone around me too if I were you. At least you have that much sense. Better yet why don’t you go into hiding and get out of the horse killing business all together?

      Maybe some (not me, I find horse killers and theives among the scum of the Earth) may have more respect for you if you quit whinning ‘we’re only saving the poor starving and sick horses’ and just state why you really do it… the 1.3 million dollar check looks pretty damned good in your bank account doesn’t it?

      I really appreciate NOT all the water and feed you gave those last 30 some horses from Calico that had to sit for 16 hours without after being ran down with your UFO’s for 10 or better miles. Or UH, did those horses not go to Fallon, maybe they were your perk to send over the border, as if 1.3 million wasn’t enough?


      • It is illegal for the Cattoors to not have water for those horses that were held overnight because the truck couldn’t move them to Fallon and they were too lazy to bring them any. They violated their contract.


      • Save: Cattoors AND BLM are BOTH responsible for those horses, living, dying, eating, drinking while in the round up process. BLM isn’t going to proscute them, I say the rest of us burn them at the stake!


  20. Linda :
    I still don’t totally understand this. I get the part about horses older than 10(?), the 3-strikes policy, and one year “trial period”. Also the unlimited, unquestioned, and untracked sales of horses in holding over 90 days, because that’s what happened to the horses Patricia had been working with.
    What I don’t get (I can be dense at times) is the LEGAL status of the remaining horses in BLM holding. Is it custodial? Are they sort of held “in trust” like Native American reservation land (don’t get me started on that issue)?


    • Linda, It must be that the horses, taken off the range, if not up for adoption any longer, but for sale, are in BLM ‘possession’ exclusively. Those born in BLM facilities who are not released with their mothers soon are taken, weaned and become horses in limbo. Their status interests me. They are in BLM ‘possession’ also. Not ever free. They are all technically the wild horses from various ranges. Yet some have never been free and are growing older and their designation puzzles me. I hope the judge gives a favorable definition of them. Maybe you should ask IDA and also ask about those who were born in pens and weaned there, what will be their status?? Mar


  21. This link does not work. I even tried going to the BLM home page but once I typed in ADOPT, I couldn’t get through. Why wouldn’t they want people to see wild horses that are up for adoption? I guess the BLM really does read these blogs. Gotta love “transparency”.


  22. The horses everyone is saying belong to the public actually belong to the BLM. The orgional law was changed in the late 70’s. The reason: you cannot give anyone a title to something you don’t own.
    The main reason the horses on the range have water is because some rancher has developed the water source at his expense. Most of the water sources are private water rights. I don’t know any rancher that fences off the water source. The fenced water sources I’m familiar with are caused by uneducated people who want a poop free spot to have a picnic or a pretty green picture. Never mind that horses and other livestock can’t use it.
    By the way,again, the colt in front of the helicopter is NOT the one that lost its hoof.Also no one wants to zero out the horse population.I also doubt the person is Sue Cattoor. I’m sure she would answer you personally.


  23. mar, I couldn’t open the link on my PC, so I’ll try it later on my trusty MAC.

    I believe they were also in violation of the 2009 Nevada Cruelty to Animals Statutes. This is all from the state website. Pay special attention to NRS 574.100, (b), as referenced in the NRS 574.055, 6 link.

    NRS 574.100, 1, (a) – (d), and 5, (b) Ranching exemption (!!!)
    NRS 574.230 – “Animal Defined”
    NRS 574.050, 1 & 4 – More definitions
    NRS 574.055, 6 – Agricultural exemptions, make sure to open and read the links. The reference to “subsection (b) paragraph 1” may work, but omitting (a), (c), and (d) is OUTRAGEOUS!

    These are additional agricultural statues and definitions that may or may not be useful.

    Of course, each state has it’s own statues, interpretations, and willingness to enforce laws and penalties (like Meduna’s sentencing). Sooner or later something’s got to stick. Whoever said, “Laws are made to be broken.” certainly was and is right!


    • P.S. This is in reference to the BLM’s “gather” policies and procedures link. It also applies to withholding water and sustanence.

      And why am I “under moderation” again? Good grief!


      • The Contractor shall provide animals held in the traps and/or holding facilities with a continuous supply of fresh clean water at a minimum rate of 10 gallons per animal per day. Animals held for 10 hours or more in the traps or holding facilities shall be provided good quality hay at the rate of not less than two pounds of hay per 100 pounds of estimated body weight per day. An animal that is held at a temporary holding facility after 5:00 p.m. and on through the night, is defined as a horse/burro feed day. An animal that is held for only a portion of a day and is shipped or released does not constitute a feed day. (BLM Gather Protocols)


      • a technicality in the SOP language is there in b/w… ‘animals held in traps and/or holding facilities must be provided fresh clean water…’ BUT the SOP do NOT SAY IN “TRANSPORT”. Just one loophole I’ve found so far so the contractors can exploit.


      • KA, sad, but true. From my research, Animal Cruelty Laws in the West and Midwest (haven’t explored the East) also contain this loophole you can literally drive a truck through.


  24. This is my guy:


    He may be wild as an onion, but I like how he’s put together, his wide forehead, and alertness – just look at those pricked ears! He also seems to have a kind eye.

    I hope someone steps up and gives him a forever home, and that it isn’t too far from Palomino. Those pick-up facilities are such a long trip.

    I don’t know if this is proper, advisable, or has been done before. I’m just making an offer. If anyone out there will contact me and PROVE they are sincere, experienced, and able to provide this little guy a good and loving home (including pictures of where he’d be stabled), I’ll cut you a $125 check for his adoption fee. Reputable rescues preferred.


  25. I have adopted 3 blm mustangs. Two that were born in the wild are healthy the one born in the holding pen has had problems from day one. His eye weeps from what the vet thinks was from an ill fitting halter or rope. His body does not seem to absorb nutrients. He was thin when I got him and a year later, after vet, suppliments, good feed and all he still hasn’t gained any weight. We think it’s all due to the environment he was born in.


  26. At the Persian Horse blog Catherine Ritlaw has a few mustangs at her rescue which she describes in a very thorough way. She includes the idea that these horses who are kept in and born in BLM holding- are lacking many nutrients and minerals which need to be introduced to the individual… The horses are never the same, physiologically after they have been living in BLM captivity. This is part of the victimization of these wonderful wild horses.


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