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Horses, People and a Meeting of Minds

by R.T. Fitch

March for Mustangs – A Success in so many Ways

It’s rare that you will ever find me at a loss for words, but I am afraid that today is that day.  It has nothing to do with physical fatigue or the inability to wrap my mind around a particular issue; no, it is centered around the fact that I am overwhelmed, humbled and filled with so much hope that I simply don’t know where to start or how to end.

I believe I will embrace and revel in this sensation.

We have come home from the rally/protest  with the feeling that we have just been to a family reunion.  It was great to see old friends, it was fantastic to make new friends and it was a relief to finally put a face to an email address that had been an online friend for years.  But overall, a feeling of overwhelming gratitude lingers, I believe that it is driven by the horses so I will accept if for what it is.

Thanks go out to organizers, people who put their lives on hold to attend and to those who stayed at home and worked the phones and keyboards in support of the mission. “Thanks” is not strong enough but it’s the best that I can do, today.

I feel a oneness, a ground swell of unity that is building within our community and there is a hint of a change that has occurred; a change that has pulled many from different camps under one canopy.  We won’t discuss today, but suffice it to say that the Force of the Horse is running strong and that’s a very good thing.

More to follow, but thanks to all who make a difference, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Click HERE for CNN Report

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  1. Yesterday left me with an unusual feeling of relief that I did not expect. Being isolated yet computer connected to friends all day, we just felt an energy spread from the DC rally that was strong and positive. The eyewitness reports yesterday gave details to the scene. It never quite explained that feeling of relief. I guess it is the Force of the Horse and it has a quality of Spirit that cannot be denied. Magical. mar


  2. R.T. Wonderful report for someone at a loss for words! And great clips – many thanks to the London protesters – I agree with the gentleman in the clip “this ain’t my america” anymore. That is so sad on so many levels. However I am feeling the hope generated by R.T. and everyone at the rally and everyone in support of saving our wild horses. It was great to see HSUS take such a forceful stand. The CNN spot was powerful too. They hit every point – as always great work Jane, Ginger, Madeleine and Wendy! And including a legal eagles perspecive was brilliant.

    Looking forward to all reports that will come in the next days and praying for impact.


    • Everything Roxy said, R.T. and everyone else who attended or, like me, stayed home and sent all the good Karma we could call up.

      I’ve been talking about this to my equine buddies, Indy and Ami. I know that somehow they understand – probably better than I do – and are sending the Force of the Horse full strength from both of them. That’s where the real power comes from anyway, right?

      Thanks to all you from all of us ~ Suzanne, Indy and Ami


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