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EWA Chair Calls BLM Handling of DC Protestors Heavy Handed

by John Holland, EWA President – Reprint from “Horseback Magazine

EWA President John Holland - Photo by Terry Fitch

WASHINGTON, (EWA) – The demonstration was great, but you really got the feeling of being in a dictatorship! Much of this might be because of the recent anti-health care bill demonstrations and threats, but I have not felt this atmosphere since the 60s.

A guy came around us, climbed the stairs and stood at the top with the armed guards and used a zoom lens to take photos of all of us individually. Funny thing was that one of the guards thought he was with us and tried to throw him off the steps because we were not allowed to touch a single step. Another of the other guards stopped the first guard. It just shows what a stupid bunch we are dealing with. I just couldn’t help thinking about the Keystone Cops.

I especially loved it when they called out the mounted patrol on us. Many of us immediately migrated toward them. One of the horses was a huge gray that did not have a body shape we could identify. I asked his mount what breed it was and he ignored me. Only their leader would talk and he was less than hospitable. I was so tempted to say “I have been around horses all my life and never seen one before that had two anal sphincters” but discretion got the better of me.

I told him that if they were looking to intimidate us, they picked the wrong crowd! I said I face three times that many horses every morning for their feed. He said “We are not here to intimidate you.” So I figured that meant they must be have been there to do something more physical.

I used to marvel that I was able to roam the halls of Congress as freely as I was, but that is changing. It is get darker and more brooding every time I go. Reuters and AP were both there, so we should see more!

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  1. I believe their reaction is indicative of how threatened they feel. It is a wonderful thing!! They feel we are a threat to them and their policies. And darn right they are! They have their public relations managers frantically scrambling for how to turn the tide back in their favor.
    Lets spell out the end of the centuries that they have been getting away with this crap. Lets keep the pressure on, keep on fighting, keep on calling, keep on marching. Justice is the sword we carry, and it will prevail in the end, it will.
    Keep the faith, we the people together will change history forever for the rest of the wild ones, and for the rest of the domestic ones as well.


  2. The author is right to feel we are living under a dictatorship — because we are. When they passed the Patriot Act, we lost our liberty — there is no Habeas corpus for any of us, and we are all considered domestic terrorists — right up there with the Bin Ladens of life.


  3. >>”A guy came around us, climbed the stairs and stood at the top with the armed guards and used a zoom lens to take photos of all of us individually.”<<

    The FBI and NSA currently compile dossiers on law-abiding protestors [this has continued non-stop since the '60s] and are particularly interested in "lefties" — those progressives who care about non-humans, peace, social equality and the environment, and which pose the most serious threat to corporate power in government. Even tho it is the Right which has a history of murderous violence [and most recently, treason, by way of the covert overthrow of our govt], they enjoy 1st Amendment privileges which liberals can only dream of. Fascist Conservatism has been whipped into a frenzy by Dubya and Dick in their decade of terror, where they shifted any real power Congress had to the Executive Branch [tho this began in earnest under the Reagan Administration]. They wasted no time in installing the most extreme wing nuts into the courts, law enforcement and the military. And because of its neverending elitist money, the Right has hijacked the curriculum of every university as well. Our prisons, unbeknownst to most Americans not paying attention, are filling up with people labeled as "terrorists" who, in reality, are nothing more than political prisoners which non-violently spoke out against U.S. corporate / govt evil and now find themselves sentenced to decades behind bars. Add to this scenario a Congress [and presidency] which has morphed into nothing more than a right wing corporate whoredom, and we can all expect escalating, iron-fisted tyranny by our govt. Technology has expedited this and made it way too convenient. All any govt jackboot has to do is sit back nowadays and gather personal info from social networking sites, or tell one's local internet provider [no court order required] that s/he needs the records of every customer. Tracking an individual's emails and website activity is effortless. And let's not forget that your cell phone doubles as a global positioning device AND spyware. Be care to PULL THE BATTERY FROM THE PHONE lest agents can remotely activate it to listen to your most personal prattle. Even the seemingly benign trip to the bookstore or library is grounds for spying by our govt. — RECORDS PLEASE! This, all in an effort to compile reports based on one's philosophical, political and religious affiliations. [After all, they need to be able to discern which of us to haul off first to secret prisons, to torture and kill according to our threat levels.] Here are more coming attractions we can expect…national ID cards [proving you're an American within America (PASS ID ACT)], militarized border checks when crossing from state to state to check those ID's; the use of armed predator drones against Americans on U.S. soil. Yes…the only individuals enjoying any "rights" will continue to be those which RULE.


  4. Yes we must keep up the pressure …keep marching on …. we wont be going away none of us … Here in the UK there are thousands right behind you all in America standing up to speak out on behalf of the wild mustangs.
    Well Done John for speaking out that day and we know you always will do BLESS YOU, and bless you all for standing by the mustangs

    Melita Morgan


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