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Your Voices Were Heard: Tennesse Horse Slaughter Bill has been Pulled

Press Release from The Animal Welfare Institute

EWA President John Holland and the Honorable Paula Bacon were keynote Speakers

Equine Welfare Alliance President John Holland

Nashville, TN (April 27, 2010) –  Legislation advocating the slaughter of horses for human consumption will be withdrawn for the legislative session in Tennessee according to the bill’s sponsor Representative Frank Niceley.  This was following overwhelming public opposition to the proposal from the public, Tennessee Volunteers for Animal Protection, Willie Nelson, his daughter Amy Nelson and granddaughter Raelyn Nelson, long time supporters of the Animal Welfare Institute.

“We are pleased that Representative Niceley has agreed to pull his bill from consideration” said Chris Heyde, deputy director of the Animal Welfare Institute.  “There are many more humane and responsible ways of caring for horses in need and we look forward to expanding those in Tennessee.  Slaughter certainly isn’t an option and we feel many legislators realized this.”

Amy and Raelyn Nelson, residents of Tennessee, testified against the bill during a committee hearing earlier this month and plan on returning to Nashville to meet with legislators to discuss equine welfare issues very soon.

“Rep. Niceley has earned his name today.  We’ve had some time to get to know him over the last few weeks, and he really was listening to the facts against horse slaughter and we are grateful for that,” said Amy Nelson.  “We’re  looking forward to exchanging ideas with him regarding end of life decisions for at-risk horses.  In the meantime, please join the Animal Welfare Institute, the Nelson family and over 70 percent of Americans opposed to horse slaughter and help pass the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503 / S. 727) currently before the U.S. Congress

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  1. This is Fantastic news! Thank you, John and Paula, Chris and the Nelson Family and all citizens who came together in support of America’s horses!

    Thank you, Representative Niceley for being a moral and inteligent voice of the people of the great State of Tennessee and of our Nation.

    Most of all, the horses Thank You!

    You guys and gals ROCK!!!


  2. thank you for your beautiful words and for all the work you do for the horses. I often link to your stories, sometimes through the EWA facebook page, and put the links on our facebook. just wanted to let you know that and hope it is ok.


    • Hi, Darci. Post away! The more sites that have the facts, the better. I just saw an article where Wallis was quoted as saying “since slaughter was taken off the table as an option for horses in America, the industry has fallen on hard times.”

      Someone should tell the over 200,000 horses that were slaughtered since the plants closed that slaughter isn’t an option. The horse industry must be the only industry in the US that wouldn’t have been impacted by the economy…if only the plants stayed open.

      She must really think people are just plain stupid to keep repeating lies over and over again that are so easily disproved.


  3. This is wonderful news!! A huge Thank You to all
    who worked so hard to help the equine.
    Thank You Rep. Nicely for listening and making
    a huge ” CHANGE.”


  4. “for the legislative session” the bill sits there all ready to be whipped out and sent through when the time is right.

    perhaps slaughterhouse sue said, “wait with your bill” untill I have my rail-road death camps all set-up then you can send cattle cars stuffed with Tn. meat horses to me by trainloads.”

    Those horse killers are like a cancer, “they’ll be back”


    • Huge thanks to everyone for their efforts. I agree with Laura, this maybe be just a postponment until the players get their evil plans in place. But none of us will be sitting back on our laurels until this cancer is eradicated from our country. There are better options for horses’ transition and end-of-life issues, and we need make sure they are made available to all.


  5. Laura, this is still good news, 3 states so far that had expected a slaughter bill to go through with ease have now pulled them off the table, because of overwheming negative comments, emails, letters etc. yes, they will put these bills out there again, but AMericans are waking up to the horrors of slaughter, and the negative impacts on local economy and ecology, and are saying NO.


    • And we are going to keep saying NO! until they give up or Congress finally passes legislation banning this horrible practice nation wide.


  6. RE: MISSOURI HORSE SLAUGHTER BILL. This is the page from Kinship Circle. I’m adding it to a lot of posts on slaughter, because I want it to reach the widest audience possible. My OUTRAGE isn’t just about the bill itself, but the underhanded and downright dangerous tactics by the opposition.

    The page was apparently hacked and unavailable for a time, but has since been restored – who knows for how long. What happened to them should be illegal. I hope someone is recording those harassing phone calls & caller IDs.


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