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Wyoming Rep Sue Wallis Spouts Disinformation on Horse Slaughter

written by Vicki Tobin of  The Equine Welfare Alliance

Misguided Politician Misleads Public


Wyoming's Horse Slaughter Promoter - Rep. Wallis

 Wallis Statement | Fact: There are as many meals of horse meat served every day, world wide, as there are McDonald’s hamburgers. [Yes, worldwide is spelled incorrectly but I left it as posted.]

To properly analyze data, you must compare like segments of all available data. In this case, only one subset segment of an industry is compared to the whole of another. It’s like analyzing the sale of all oranges to only Golden Delicious apples to prove more oranges are sold than apples.


Not only was it only one segment of the beef market but only one subset of the chains that sell hamburgers vs. all meals of horse meat. A proper comparison would have been McDonald’s to the like major chain selling horse meat burgers. Oh, wait. Do any exist?


Given the absence of a like segment, data must be expanded to provide quantitative analysis. In this case, since all horse meat meals was being used as a benchmark, all beef meals, or at the very least, all hamburger meals, should have been used for the comparison.


Hence, you have more disinformation with meaningless data being stated as fact in an attempt to lead readers to believe that horse meat is as popular as hamburgers. 

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  1. What she also doesn’t mention is that she is clueless and vindictive, but of course she’s too brainless to realize that.


    • ‘Fraid so, Jan. She calls the bute studies a “red herring.” Is it possible she really believes that? But, again, is it possible she knows that’s a lie and still encourages people to eat toxic meat? Either one boggles the mind!


  2. Thats the way these gov. savy people are they spout some lie and then their enemies spend all their time in defensive mode.


  3. I’d love to debate this thing, I had written woman but that made me choke so I’ll go with thing. In days of old they used to lock the family mad folks in the attic unfortunately they let the thing out.


  4. Excellent – but I fear beyond the grasp of Ms. Wallis readers.

    I agree with Lisa, Wallis has been eating Bute laced horse. And I’ll add her supporters too, all those readers – that long list of her advocates that she has on her web page.


  5. COMPLETELY BRAINLESS & STUPID, &, I’ve been told you can’t fix stupid!! Sue Wallis-Who IS she, or, better yet, WHAT IS she ?? Do people really listen to her & believe her?? Where exactly does she get her “so-called facts” ? Maybe, she’s on drugs & had hallucinations?? She is worse than just a “sick, nasty human being”, she’s a monster!! I wonder if she knows that McDonald’s & Burger King spray their “hamburger” with ammonia? That could account for a slack in their sales. That particular “fact” was in my local newspaper! Someone needs to lock her up in a padded cell, for LIFE!!


  6. no kidding slaughterhouse sue Misleads Public. Did you read her yesterdays press release? shes down to 3 talking points for her minions. Sue big 3 lies today-3 lies , people love to eat horsemeat, better to slaughter than starve to death and hsus is peta and ‘they’ want to make everyone vegans.

    Sad thing is she knows how to LIE and use the kiss to make it very simple for the pro-slaughter morons.


  7. Sue wallis is a sick individual. She needs to be placed in a mental facility and never released. Im going to send her a scathing email in hopes when she goes to sleep at night that she has nothing but nightmares about herself being slaughtered. This sub human will burn in he’ll fir what she says and does re these helpless horses!


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