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Missouri 2010 Session Ends with No Horse Slaughter Law

Update by Laura Allen of the Animal Law Coalition

Brutal Horse Slaughter is NOT on the Missouri Menu

Update May 14, 2010: Missouri’s 2010 legislative session has ended. Some say that’s a good thing for animals. The pro horse slaughter provisions, originally, H.B. 1747, buried in S.B. 795, were removed by the conference committee.

The provisions were not attached to any other bill prior to the end of the session.

As one legislative aide, speaking on condition of anonymity put it, “We don’t want to hear anymore about horse slaughter!”

In the final hours of the session, both the House and Senate approved the conference committee’s report reconciling the House and Senate versions of S.B. 795. The final version does not include the pro-horse slaughter provisions of H.B. 1747 that were attached to S.B. 795 a few weeks ago in the hopes of passing the legislation without animal welfare advocates finding out about it. 

S.B. 795 was sent to a conference committee because the Senate  refused to concur in the House Committee Substitute which passed the House with amendments, including the pro-horse slaughter provisions. 

Now go here to read how you can help pass the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, H.R. 503/S.B. 727, now pending in Congress.

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  1. We are thrilled & very happy here in Missouri !! Let’s just hope we can keep this issue out of this state, & any others with similar ideas or pending bills, permanently!! We need to get Congress to pass HR503/SB727, ASAP !! Thanks again to all who helped.


  2. I am so glad that I do not have to boycot Missouri. If driving that direction it would be a hassle to avoid traveling through.


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