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Nevada Governor Injured After Fall From Horse

from CNN

Bad JuJu Befalls Gov of “Wild Horse” State

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons was recuperating early Wednesday after he was thrown off a horse, his spokesman said.

Gibbons was riding with his brother Tuesday afternoon near Pyramid Lake when the accident occurred, said spokesman Dan Burns.

The governor is an experienced rider, but the horse had only been saddled for a month, Burns said.

Gibbons was taken to a hospital where he was alert and coherent, but in a lot of pain, the spokesman said.

The governor is able to move his arms and legs, and doctors were evaluating the extent of his injuries, Burns said.

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  1. Hmmm, very interesting. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon and be able to get out there and help the NV wild horses by stopping BLM from removing one of his state’s major tourism features.


  2. Hope the governor doesn’t take it out on the horses! Maybe he will have an epiphany on saving the horses instead of reigning them in for slaughter.


  3. I hope he recovers…of course. I also hope he doesn’t take out any malovent behavior on the equine. The situation report seems to have left out the status of the equine.

    As to the Governor being a friend or “please don’t take it out on the wild ones”; sorry, that ship has sailed long ago. His Agricultural guru is helping DOI, USDA right and left with even less transparency and speedier cruelty that leads to death and/or disappearance Correct me if I’m wrong, but the NV Ag, F&W and Forest don’t categorize wild equines as protected, nor do they (as do the Feds) recognize the migratory nature of the wild ones. …on or off “protected” acreage they are slaughtered..


  4. I also hope he doesn’t take it out on the horses. Christopher Reeves said after he was paralyzed that it was his fault and not the horses for his fall. He remained true to his horses despite everything. If only all of us could have that kind of grace–that includes me.


  5. Being an RN i hate to hear of anybody getting hurt, yet What comes around goes around.the Gov could stop the BLM roundups with so many wild mustangs and burros in his state of Nevada.He may remember while recuperating,They are a tourist attraction and our american heritage.Get well soon Gov.


  6. I believe the Gov’s pelvis was fractured in a couple of places, and he was going to need surgery. Maybe he was asking too much of a horse that had only been under saddle for a month – that’s not very long.

    It’s NEVER the horse’s fault! Especially a green horse. Hope the Gov understands this, but I can’t picture him as a REAL horse lover if he can countenance what’s happening to the wild horses in his state.


  7. Equine motto to humans:

    You will have an accident; it is just a matter of when, not if and how bad. (I’d add…and don’t blame the horse!)

    The nature of the partnership, even among the best horsemen axiom.

    We of the knowledgeable equine ownership nation know the possibilities….900 to 1500 pound animal with human involved? Crap happens! In between there is love, friendship, loyalty and a really great connection between animal and man with a ton of natural beauty to enjoy.

    Wonder if the Gov had his equine trained by a “livestocker” or beat ’em to submission equine trainer? Wonder if his arrogance led to this mistake/accident? Almost all “accidents” with equines I’ve witnessed have involved a not for prime time horse and an ignorant human. Not all, but most.


  8. Hope he has a full recovery.

    So he was on private land, early tuesday afternoon and close to the area where “the misfits’ was filmed.

    This is what I found happened in one news story. You know a 65 year old man and being the Gov. and all. Its not a wise idea to give him a mount that has only 30 days on it. Next time he rides someone give him some brake away gear, a mounting block and a mount that has some years of use.

    “He was getting on the horse and throwing his other leg over it when the horse spooked and took off,” Burns said. Gibbons’ foot was briefly caught in the stirrup, and he was kicked in the chest as he fell.””


  9. Putting a 65 year old man on a green broke horse without use of fencing is irresponsible on all parties parts.

    While the Gov pays a price, I suspect the ignorant handlers and spin doctors will make the equine pay the ultimate final price.


  10. Forgot to add…ya gotta get back on! (when you can of course)

    Suspect the Gov needs to spend some serious ground time with his mounts. But maybe that’s the problem ;)?


  11. Well, with a pelvis broken in several places, he probably won’t be riding for a while. Hope he gets John Lyons or someone like that to work on his horse in the meantime.


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