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Nationwide Protests Planned to Halt Wild Horse & Burro Roundups

BLM’s failure to instate even a partial moratorium inspires protests around US

Boston, MA (October 7, 2010)— Following over 35 protests in late 2009/2010, rallies will resume this month in at least seven states nationwide to draw attention to the plight of America’s wild horse and burro herds. Protests in 12 more states are in the works. Currently nearly 40,000 wild horses and burros are held in pens and pastures at taxpayer expense while the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) private contractors rush to roundup over 3,200 more wild horses and burros before the end of the year. Despite the delivery of a Unified Moratorium Letter last fall to President Obama, Interior Secretary Salazar and BLM Director Bob Abbey which called for an immediate freeze on all non-emergency roundups—the BLM has not changed course. On July 30th, 54 Congressional Representatives sent a letter to both Secretary Salazar and Director Abbey demanding a moratorium and review of the wild horse and burro program.  Regardless of public and political outrage the BLM has not made an honest effort to work with Congress or the public on solutions and improved management of all of America’s remaining wild horse and burro herds.

“There is no excuse for BLM’s inability to manage America’s wild horses and burros,” explains Cloud Foundation Director and Emmy-award winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens. “If the BLM wants to work with the interested public on solutions then our wild horses and burro herds require a ceasefire. Ground the helicopters and let’s talk about fixing things. Continuing the costly, poor management practices of BLM that is leading to the total annihilation of the last of our wild mustang and burro herds is inexcusable.”

Members of the public are encouraged to start protests in their hometowns and join those already planned. The media is asked to cover protests and learn more about the American mustangs and burros facing management to extinction by the Bureau of Land Management.

Protests Planned to Date:

BOSTON Freedom Friday Protest

WHERE: Massachusetts State House, behind the Boston Common in front of the State House
WHEN:  Friday, October 8, 2010 at 10:00am-2pm.
Come for an hour or spend the afternoon….bring a sign!

Contact: Carol Poole at for more info.


WHERE: Downtown Stamford CT, on the Ferguson Library steps
WHEN: Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 2:00pm

Contact: Isabella Houghton:


Plus free concert: Grey Beard Bandit (Wild Horses Need our Voices)
Real (gentled) wild mustangs and guest speakers
WHERE:Horseman’s Park, 5800 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89122
WHEN: Monday, October 11 · 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Contacts:Shelly Smith or Katie Ellen Barron

ARIZONA Protest:

WHEN: Helldorado Weekend, Oct.16 & 17th.  10:00am
WHERE: Downtown Tombstone, Arizona

CONTACT: Deb Catlett for more info

UTAH Protest:

WHEN: Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 11:00am
WHERE: County Bldgs (the old courthouse). 179 N. Main St., Logan, Utah

Contact: Kristy Amado


WHEN: Saturday, October 16, 2010,11:00am- 2:00pm
WHERE: Southwest corner of Canyon & Broadway

Contacts: Linda Hanick or Cathy Bryarly or 303-746-4729


WHEN: October 23, 10am-2pm
WHERE: at the West Steps of Capitol Bldg (10th and Capitol Mall) Contact: Janet Schultz: 1fastback@att.netAdditional protests are being planned for: Iowa, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, South Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Florida and Vermont.

Links of interest:

Congress Sends Letter for Wild Herds to Secretary Salazar

Roundup Schedule-

American Herds – “What’s Left?”

Unified Moratorium on Roundups Letter

Mestengo. Mustang. Misfit.  America’s Disappearing Wild Horses – A History

Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Stampede to Oblivion: An Investigate Report from Las Vegas Now

Shortlink to this release

Photos, video and interviews available by request.

The Cloud Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and protection of wild horses and burros on our Western public lands with a focus on protecting Cloud’s herd in the Pryor Mountains of Montana.

107 S. 7th St. – Colorado Springs, CO 80905 ~

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  1. finally an answer to my prayers. go boston,massachusetts hit em hard.obama loves our beautiful bay state and frequently travels there and vacations.STOP THE GATHERS of our AMERICAN HORSES NOW?Go Vivian, sorry i cant be there as planned.This is wonderful, all equine lovers and equine advocates must join foces like i have said so many times and HALT the BLM/GOV and the GATHERS NOW.


  2. You should add this Colorado protest is in Denver.

    This is great news and we need to get to these places if possible. Thanks to all who have worked on this. It will bring us visibility, new interest from more people and if we are lucky, some press also.

    Fight BLM and Save Our Wild ones! mar


    • Hi Mar! LO)
      Just wanted to clarify that the protest in Colorado is in BOULDER not Denver..
      Thank you for catching that there was no city ‘attached’ to the address!
      Thank you to ALL who are protesting, typing, calling, following trailers to unknown destinations and documenting..
      We are soo close!


  3. as a taxpayer, as an American citizen, and as a mother looking out for our countries natural future i would like to tell you BLM i dont believe you. you have lied to many times. i dont trust you, you have broken your jobs promise to many times, and i dont want you on my bill, you have’nt done your job to many times!
    stop the round-ups, stop the mustang and burros imprisonment! this is not right or just or humane. this is not managing the public lands and its inhabitants, its destruction.
    Dont try to tell me i dont understand what you are doing, that working with wild horses is’nt pretty, i know alittle more about that then you think i do. and if it looks bad thats because it is.
    dont say its “just” an emothinal issue, of course it is its about our mustangs a national icon,inspiring hope and empowerment and the bond between humans and animals. and because of your actions we are destroying that. a situation that has happened before, and not one we want to have the shame of happening again. and you are not listening! that is very emothional.!!!


    • ok i have offically lost it. hahaha the comment above was ment for blm for silver king stallion. sorry i cant delete it.
      i am stoked about all the protests, and wish everyone luck and lotsa media coverage!


      • You have’ent lost it you are right on the money! I understand I have a mustang she is very sweet oh and by the way she is now 15yrs. old got her when she was 6mo. old,Its hard work so the blm is lazy,greedy,corupt,and lies like snakes so we just need to get em out of there and start over with some people that care! That goes for our gov. to If they gave a rats——- they would get er done like right away.So good for you got me rilled up to!


  4. Now is the time for the ORGANIZERS to shine–and we have a lot of them. Everyone is ready for a party, so HAVE FUN–you all need it and you all deserve it.


  5. We need an all out blitz.

    This has got to stop. It is wrong, and the people who are enduring the hardships of being on the front lines should be able to move to helping restore these horses to their home land.

    DOI, probably with the President’s blessing, is moving like lightning because the Secretary and his henchmen know that what they are doing is wrong, and that is widely unpopular. They want to get this done before there is a break in crises and the rest of the country pays attention. But the buck stops in the Oval Office. I want that phone call from President Obama to Secretary Salazar where the President says “Ken, about those wild horses you’re rounding up. Press pause like it was yesterday. No more PZP, castrations. It has to the Secretary’s level because USFWS and the NPS are also involved. And the Secretary could not have this long a leash.

    This is a matter of Congressional oversight, and the responsibility for it sits in a Senate committee. One of my Senators is on that committee and he is up for re-election. I want to know what he is going to do about this.


  6. Note to all the different leaders for Rallies.

    If us “followers” could help take up the slack–like printing out older blogs it would help. For instance, make a list of articles you want us to print and then asign them out.

    Each person could make like 50 copies of whichever article–like the one that talks about the ovarectomies and gelding. But we’d need numerous copies of the ones concerning the overuse of PZP.

    ME?, I’m going to Costco in the morning and will get ink for my printer so I can print out pics of Cloud that I took (sorry Pam!) this summer.

    Perhaps another thing we could do is build a website that is dedicated to the articles that we want attention drawn too. So that news can get access really easily. Perhaps we need to get a hold of George and ask if we make dvd’s of his pieces to give to media and public.


    • Margaret, has nearly all the links you need at the bottom of their page to factual info, videos and more. has several links to videos that are perfect for educating on this issue. is another great resource with educational info and videos right on the site.

      And — right here, there are tons of links in the right column (perhaps more overwhelming as there are so many but so good….)

      And of course, has tons more, also a bit of an overload but lots there to view and learn from.

      Personally, lately, I direct more people to the first 2 just because they are simple, make their points directly on only a few pages and have everything neatly categorized with plenty of great links. Simple and easy for beginners. For people wanting to dig deeper, I give the rest of these links above and several others like EWA, IDA, SAM,,, and so many more I can’t recall right now.



    Calling for a Moratorium on all US Wild Horse & Burro Roundups & Demanding a vote on H.R. 503/S727
    Contact: Kathleen

    When: Saturday October 23, 2010 10am-2pm
    Where: Senator John McCain’s Phoenix office, 5353 North 16th St
    Notes: Any sign/banner that doesn’t fully block the sidewalk or can be easily moved to offer access to passersby is OK.

    For the Horses – We raise our voices for them as they have none!
    Bring: Signs, banners, handouts, kids, family, friends, water, sunscreen, umbrella (shade or rain), hat, snacks


  8. Thank you RT! Since I sent out that list we have added Phoenix and newly listed upcoming protests in VT, NJ and San Diego…….and expect more!
    We’ve all had enough of watching our horses and burros suffering at the hands of our own government. We’ve called, faxed. emailed, wrote, visited and begged our legislators to stand up for the horses. Some did, most did not. Now we need to shame them into action!
    Ken Salazar must go and the roundups must stop. Watching our national heritage being wiped out is not acceptable. Everyone is dealing with their own crisis throughout the country right now, we all are feeling the stress of the economic disaster. However, the horses can’t wait for better times…..their time is running out. So please ask your readers to try to take 1 hour of 1 day to stand up for the horses and join a protest… is the least we can do for them before it’s too late!
    thank you for all you do!


  9. I wonder if a protest for our equines could be present at the Jon Stewart/Steve Colbert rallies in DC on 31 October?

    Those posters we had in DC at the last rally will certainly get people’s attention.


  10. Stewart’s rally is titled “Restore Sanity”…we could have the image of the helo stampede (powerful image) with the header…”STOP THE INSANITY!”

    At Colbert’s rally, “Keep Fear Alive”…we could have images of dead, injured, penned wild ones with the header…?

    Just thinking out loud and I think it could be a valuable opportunity except I think Congress will still be adjourned, right? When do they come back?


    • Denise, I do think this is a good idea. We seem to have lost our possible conference in Reno for November. DC is a good destination as there are people there who need to listen up or be voted out. If we just had some real gung ho organizational folks who would love to make contacts and see what could be done. Anyone interested in getting Wild Horse Contingent to this big Rally In DC?


  11. It’s TIME to speak out again and stop once and for all, the horrible and distructive behavior to these innocent creatures. Great idea and I’m with you all the way! We need more public outcry and this is one way of doing it, so let’s give it to them!!


  12. Can someone please tell me when and where the protest planned for Maryland will be held? It is mentioned under the Sacramento info, but email won’t go through when I try the link.


  13. read this story..

    Does this mean I have to hang a sign on my old mare with a sway back in the twilight of her life..”don’t shoot” she is not a stray feral horse.. She is owned and loved by me???.have all government officials authorized to carry a gun gone stark raving mad-are they feeling emboldened by the lawlessness of the BLM-USFS and the “fish” boys over at fish and game??


  14. What a horrible unspeakable thing to do. I think that is a constitutional violation of seizure and destruction of private property. How terrible.


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