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Update: No Wild Horse Ruling from NYC Today

(The News as We See It)  by R.T. Fitch

No News Could Be Good News

Nothing formal, nothing professional; just a quick update to let all concerned parties know that we did not receive a ruling from the Honorable Judge Pauly regarding the TRO hearing which took place, yesterday.

In reviewing yesterday’s commentary the Judge did indicate that he would try to get the ruling to us today.  From a layman’s perspective I would take this as being a good thing and will continue to think along those lines until the ruling is rendered.

There is a lot of positive energy being generated around this issue and I would heartily recommend that we keep the positive mind-set going.  This is the sort of thing that folk tales and country western songs are written about.

From the bottom of my heart, keep the faith my friends.

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  1. We there to watch the E Douglas roundup today. They found no horses and suspended the roundup at noon. They are done. However, the remaining horses left in the pens will go to Canon City tomorrow. We had so hoped that they would be released today, for that reason.


  2. That probably means the judge is seriously considering some points of law and wants to take his time to make the right decision. Let’s hope that’s the case anyway. Good job to all.


  3. Been waiting ALL day for word..Absolutley keep praying. The Judge is probably doing his investigating…May the truth jump out like a freight train and justice finally be done,


  4. Thank you RT. My hearts and soul is with the wild ones. Yearning. Yes, a tear or two, and that is ok. I know justice will prevail. Hopefully tomorrow in NYC, releasing them FREE and setting a positive court ruling precedent for the wild horses. If not tomorrow, for sure there will be another day. For…. We-Will-NOT-Go-Away! Freedom! I keep the vigil. Candle burning with my angels encircling, protective ~ ~ xo


  5. If he waits until Monday, that could be even better yet, giving him the weekend to solidify position. To really stop them, he has to create a rock solid, bolted down ruling that lays out every law broken by BLM, show step by step how they’ve violated them, and give them a good tongue [pen] lashing. T’s crossed and I’s dotted. That’s what we want. Yes? It takes time to create the document that will stop them. I predict that he’s working to find every supportive statute that he can to support his decision because he knows how strong (and self absorbed) they are. Just speculation, but it sure looks that way from a distance. We can ask ourselves, “Do we want it fast, or do we want it right.” “Right” will be much more useful longterm as precedence in future challenges. Wishful thinking? Hope not. FINGERS CROSSED.


    • I’m liking your mindset Elaine. Well-researched case with some well-researched rock solid judgement for the horses. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.


      • Hey, thanks. When you think about how long it took the legal representatives for the horses to get the case put together, it’s easy to understand how it takes time for the judge’s team to gather and prepare docs for the ruling. After all, the suit is against one of the members of the President’s cabinet. I think ‘we’ will win. Hope, hope.

        The filers and legal team need all the support that can be gathered for them. Now, that would be a worthwhile gather! 🙂

        Horse Power!


  6. Bless you R.T. We are ALL thinking & praying for a positive outcome… What would we do without you & all the wonderful help of all the agencies & people out there? Will be in L.A. Sat. to show my support…
    Keeping the faith from the bottom of my soul… THANK YOU AGAIN !!!


  7. I pray that the judge does the right humane thing and rules in favor of returning the horses to their rightful land to continue to reproduce and live out their lives, that land is theirs, BLM and all associated with them in these cruel, inhumane, horrible roundups need to be fired, fined and put in prison….God help us all save our horses and that the judge rules in favor of the horses…and them to continue to reside on their own land….


  8. My fingers are crossed, my prayers will be said tonight for good news with this ruling, and my tears for those horses that lost their lives today in the E Douglas roundup. I would love to be the one giving “judgement” for all of these BLM employees, helicopter company employees and anyone associated with all of the horses that have lost their lives in this agency’s quest for eradication of the wild horses. We will prevail and we WILL BE judgemental to those that had a party to it. DEAR GOD PLEASE ANSWER OUR PRAYERS THAT ALL OF OUR WILD HORSES WILL BE ABLE TO GO BACK TO THE RANGES WITH THEIR FAMILIES.


  9. Praying – will keep the vigil – God please be with the judge and give him courage to stand up for the freedom and welfare of the wild horses.


  10. Vigil

    We are connected
    Across time
    Across space
    We are hand in hand
    In this desperate race
    Ten thousand of us
    One voice,one course
    A prayer of freedom
    For the wild horse.


  11. YES!! POSITIVE VIBES, JUSTICE and LIBERTY for OUR MUSTANGS & BURROS!! ……It is so sad that they are being trailered away then they would have to suffer another ride back…f’n IDIOTS….that is the BLM. And please Pardon my French!


    • Thanks back to you, Susan, for all that you and EVERYONE does for the horses as they are our focal point and regardless as to how this ruling shakes out we are NOT going away. Our numbers are growing.


      • RT am I the only one that is waiting on pins and needles??? I’m so anxious and nervous for the horses. I can only hope that the judge will see that the horses need his help ever so much.

        I agree its kinda dumb of BLM to move and roundup horses that are the subject of a lawsuit. Just how many of them will be able to make the journey home? should the verdict go to them? Will they mysteriously disappear? Will they somehow get hurt and BLM will destroy them because they can.

        I hope this judge sees what the BLM is doing, like choking that mare and then shooting her. She had no visible wounds to indicate anything amiss. Yet, when they did the necropsy the vet said she had a bad heart. I wonder how many more will suffer this indignant death on their way home.

        I wish BLM would have to pay for PROFESSIONAL shippers that the horse advocates could interview. People that would transport with the horses best interest at heart and not just the bottom dollar.

        Someone like the people who transported Ghost Dancer and Sage from Palomino Valley to Wild Horse Sanctuary. Dancer and Sage spent a week in a corral, watching all the other horses and the goings on of a busy ranch. I was privilege to be there the day of their release and to be Terri’s photographer for the day.

        Dancer kept looking at me. She seemed really interested in who I was. I was taking all these pics but never tried to approach. I think it might have confused her a bit. And Sage bless her your heart came within about 10 ft. She was more scared than Dancer.

        Now they are both free on a 5000 acre ranch to be horses. Terri says that they are no longer known as Dancer and Sage. They have gone back to their horsie names but they haven’t told her as of yet. I call them Dancer and Sage so the rest of us can know who I’m talking about. Someday they may tell us how they’d like to be known as.

        These two are the first wild horses I’ve met in captivity that have gone to a permanent home–as in not in the hands of the BLM.

        Breyer horses has a model of a medicine hat horse. If you see this model or get one–this is good rendition of Ghost Dancer. Her brown is very muted with white. It’s not solid brown. And while she seems small–about 14 hands or so–she seems so much larger because of perfect conformation.


  12. Linda you have said it all, I feel the same , I also Pray that God will allow this Judge to rule a just ruling !!!! Yesterday was a very stressing day for all of us here….. , as is today , but lets all hold those positive thoughts for Our Icons and the Spirit of Freedom………Our Wild Mustangs…………………………………Gods Speed !!!


  13. A tid bit about the judge. Straight from the robing room.

    Loves trial lawyers and is very good at handling complex cases. You must be prepared to be before him – otherwise he will be very grumpy. Always gets out well-regarded opinions quickly.

    I hope he considers this a complex case. We know that R.T’s team is prepared. Judging from this we might just have a good chance. Lets keep hoping!!!


  14. Whatever the decision, I’m sure everyone here realizes that there is still so much to continue to accomplish and sadly, damage to be repaired. This is going to be a very long and protracted battle and fix folks. I have no doubt that the killers will play every dirty trick, slight of hand and eye and flat out lies, stalling and deception tactic possible.

    We will have to remain vigilant, forever.

    Win or lose, we are never going to go away…never ever!


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