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Re-Elected Wyoming Horse Eater Plans Slaughter Gala

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Director of HfH Advisory Council

Bogus Agenda Misleads Public

Wyoming Rep. "Slaughterhous" Sue Wallis ~ photo courtesy of Wallis' public Facebook page

Here we go, again.  Less than a week after retaining her seat in the Wyoming state house, Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her faithful sidekick Dave Duquette are brewing another big pot of steaming hot horse crap in an effort to mislead and dupe the American public over facts surrounding the predatory business of horse slaughter in the United States.

On Sunday, November 7th , a spiritual day of rest for many, United Horsemen, an organization founded and run by Utah horse trainer Dave Duquette, announced that they will be sponsoring the “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas, January 3-6, 2011.  The alleged Summit’s press release holds true to form with past statements made by Wallis and Duquette where their rhetoric is devoid of common sense and flies in the face of documented scientific fact and the truth.

If you refuse to stand idly by while extreme environmentalists and wild horse non-experts create West-wide ecological destruction by allowing horses to overrun the resource base…this is your chance. Those of us who live on the land, and understand implicitly the danger presented by a one-species myopia that will destroy native wildlife, and cause damage that will take hundreds of years and billions of dollars to restore…we need to speak up

Interesting choice of words as “myopia ,when used as a noun, means “tunnel vision” or “blind spot” and it’s synonyms are “blind side, blinders, constricted vision, fixation, monomania, narrow outlook, narrowmindedness, obsession, one-track mind, shortsightedness”.  Personally I believe that the author of that paragraph experienced a bit of a Freudian slip and actually managed to explain him/herself quite eloquently.

Likewise, I am curious if it will take “hundreds of years” and “billions of dollars” to restore the public lands where a few thousand, native wild horses graze how long will it take to restore the damage done by millions of non-native, privately owned cattle and sheep that are allowed to graze on the same land that has been federally allocated to the horses?  Would that be a thousand years and a gazillion dollars?  I am just curious.

The rest of the prejudicial stereotyping does not warrant a response other than the fact that “advocates” represent the bulk of American society and are fine folks who come from all walks of life and from varied locations.  And it has been proven by both multiple congressional votes and numerous qualified polls that America does not want the bloody, inhumane business of horse slaughter within their borders.

Further misrepresentation of the facts is evident if you revue their proposed agenda which is noted to be “subject to change”.  Not only do they list major Federal officials, such as the Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, they also assigned the honored speakers topics of discussion.  The words “invited” and “tentative” pepper the agenda which makes one dig in an attempt to see if they even have one single speaker that has agreed to attend.  Other alleged speakers include Dr. Boyd Spratling, a member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, Sylvia Baca, Under Secretary of the Interior, Don Glenn, director of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, newly elected Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, David Martosko, Temple Grandin, rodeo stock contractor Ike Sankey, John Falen of the Public Lands Council, and Bill and Jann Parker of the Billings horse auction.  I am surprised that President Obama’s name does not appear but then again, there is always tomorrow.

Steven Long, editor and publisher of Horseback Magazine, exposed their agenda scam with a direct quote out of the BLM’s Washington’s office, yesterday:

“I am unaware of any invited Departmental or BLM speaker having accepted an invitation to this event,” said the agency’s chief Washington spokesman. “The BLM, which does not sell any wild horses or burros to slaughterhouses or to “killer buyers,” has made it clear that in crafting a new management strategy for wild horses and burros it will not consider sales “without limitation” or the euthanasia of healthy, unadopted animals.”

Another federal official stated:

“Federal employees are prohibited from participation in these types of events because of conflict of interest,”

Yet Wallis and Duquette boldly go where no ethical person has gone before and publicly post misleading and inaccurate information as if they have total immunity to any accountability for being honest, ethical, moral or factual.

Dave Duquette "People Eating Tasty Animals" ~ photo and caption courtesy of Duquette's public Facebook page

In reality the “Duo of Deceit” are probably the very best thing to ever happen to the horses of the United States.  Each and every time they open their mouths they diminish their stature and demean their demented cause.  With every deranged press release they unwittingly validate and galvanize the American public against their greedy plans and they have not, to date, managed to post anything related to the subject of horse slaughter that is grounded in either fact or science.  It would behoove both of them to bone up on the subject by reading the Equine Welfare Alliance’s most recent submission to the GAO where quantified and qualified facts, along with sane science, are applied to the issue of horse slaughter in the United States.  Click (HERE) to view.

To peruse the remainder of the “Summit” website sends one down a long, descending road of questions from which there may be no return.  Instead of applying proper business principles and adjusting their production on the front end these neophytes to profitable business prefer to overproduce and then discard their product, at a loss, on the backside.  It makes no sense.   Oh, and let’s kick this whole thing off on the Monday immediately after the Christmas and New Year holiday, brilliant.

In hindsight we should probably feel sorry for these folks, imagine what a better place they would be in if they expended as much energy on making this world a better place to live versus centering their lives around the blood and dead flesh of one of our most revered companion animals, the horse.  We don’t eat our dogs, we don’t eat our cats, we don’t eat our parakeets nor do we eat our goldfish and koi, why oh why would we want to eat our horses?

Wallis and Duquette love to tout the misconception that they are true examples of the frontier west but they continue to miss one bold and inescapable fact; real cowboys don’t eat their friends.

Nuff said.

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  1. The report, entitled Livestock’s Long Shadow, also surveys the damage done by sheep, chickens, pigs and goats. But in almost every case, the world’s 1.5 billion cattle are cited as being most to blame. The report concludes that, unless changes are made, the massive damage reckoned to be due to livestock may more than double by 2050, as demand for meat increases. One of the cited changes suggests that intensification of the livestock industry may be necessary, since intensification leads to fewer cattle for a given level of production.

    Some of the microbes respire in the gut by an anaerobic process known as methanogenesis (producing the gas methane). Cattle emit a large amount of methane, 95% of it through eructation or burping, not flatulence. As the carbon in the methane comes from the digestion of vegetation produced by photosynthesis, its release into the air by this process would normally be considered harmless, because there is no net increase in carbon in the atmosphere — it’s removed as carbon dioxide from the air by photosynthesis and returned to it as methane. But methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, having a warming effect 23 times greater, and so the methane gas produced by livestock is a significant contributor to the increase in greenhouse gases. Research is underway on methods of reducing this source of methane, by the use of dietary supplements, or treatments to reduce the proportion of methanogenetic microbes, perhaps by vaccination.

    Alternative views on this issue note that the problem may not be cattle per se, but rather the concentration of cattle into feedlots, where they are fed a concentrated high-corn diet which produces rapid weight gain, but has side effects which include increased acidity in the digestive system. Manure and other byproducts of concentrated agriculture also have environmental consequences.


  2. Well, Sue Wallis……Ya know they say empty garbage pails make the most noise…..ummm….yes you are an empty garbage pail and keeping with the Good Spirit of the Holiday’s you have decided to made them eventful with your rubbish….Hmmm, I wonder what was the gift you asked for for Christmas…It sure is hard to comprehend someone that has been in the open rangelands so heartless and clueless…You would think you would hold some kind of value for the HORSE, one would think….Hard to imagine when someone is HELL bent on destroying the Wild Horses. You surely are a miserable person. I still have that personal message you sent me , calling me an idiot (us)..I thought, in a responce to something I wrote and sent and was dignified and your responce, YOUR A BUNCH OF IDIOT’S, WOW, that is powerful coming from a Legislature? Shaking my head…..Your comment certainly tells all, just who you are, figure it out Susie Q Wallis, not a POET…Feel sad for what you are missing out on..Compassion is a wonderful feeling..Maybe one day you will experience it..I wonder……


  3. I think we need to send NICE, professional protest letters to Michael Gaughan who is the sole proprietor of this casino. He is a horseman, and also a local politician as well as a businessman, so he might be sensitive to any controversy and cancel it – as he seems to be pretty much is the driving force behind everything at South Point Casino (which they didn’t even bother to spell right on their press release).

    Anybody from LV know him, or know anyone at the casino?


  4. Not to be afraid of Sue and her henchmen, give them enough rope and they will Slaughter themselves, dont think for even one moment the American People are going to stand for there pure lies, and especially the People of Las , Vegas I wouldnt want to be dishing out Slaughter lies to them…………..They are real tough there and they love their Mustangs !!! Im betting on the Morals and the love people have for the Wild Mustangs to stop them and we will…………………………..


  5. Other than being an irritant, do this draft horse and her pony have any real influence? She’s stalled in a place known as Recluse which should say something. (No offense intended to the beautiful, hard working, draft horses and ponies intended.)


  6. H.R. 503 (Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009) has been stuck in the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security since Spring of 2009. I did a little research and found that 7 of the 14 members of that committee are also cosponsors of H.R. 503. They are:
    Pedro Pierlusi (Puerto Rico)
    Jerrold Nadler (NY)
    Sheila Jack…son-Lee (TX)
    Thomas Rooney (FL)
    Anthony Weiner (NY)
    Mike Quigley (IL)
    Ted Deutch (FL)
    The website for the subcommittee contains links to the member’s home pages. Perhaps each of these cosponsors need a reminder about this bill, to get it out of committee and back to the house floor for a vote during this “lame duck” session.


  7. Senate Bill 727 (Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009) has also been stuck in a committee since Spring 2009, the Senate Committee of the Judiciary. 5 of its 19 members are cosponsors of SB 727:
    Dianne Feinstein (CA)
    Lindsay Graham (SC)
    Benjamin Cardin (MD)
    Chuck Schumer (NY)
    Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)

    I would imagine both the House and Senate Cosponsors of these bills would be interested in Representative Wallis’ plans for her Las Vegas Summit of the Horses in January.


  8. When I first saw the photo of Duke of Doink, I thought he was participating in a world famous illegal activity. But then I looked closer (the straw was missing) and thought, he wants to peddle undocumented horseflesh for other living beings to eat, brutally murder equines, supports horse theft due to lack of slaughter documentation and therefore he still belongs in the ILLEGAL category.

    Hi Davey…how’s the horse beatin’ and meat biz doin’?


  9. At any of the protests rallys, be certain to show some of the graphic (but accurate) photos and footage of slaughter plants. Most people don’t REALLY know the truth and how it is done. It is UGLY and nothing about it is humane.


  10. All one has to do is look at either of them to know what they’re made of. Their countenance- or lack thereof is clear. Mocking, insulting, sneering, and lying is the best they can come up with as a strategy, in baseball caps and baggie britches? It’s hard to imagine that these two yokels could have any influence anywhere.


    • That’s interesting considering the three plants in total employed 200 workers with over 80% of those being illegals and that’s when there was a market for the meat. She originally claimed that hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost.

      Stay tuned, the numbers keep changing. If they would stick to facts, that wouldn’t happen. You don’t have to remember which lie you told last…


    • Dear Mr. Gaughan,

      We all know that money is the ultimate enticing influence in doing things to benefit our lives… yet when defenseless innocents are on the line to suffer an unspeakable horror to meet this goal for us.. we must ask ourselves if our conscience has gone rogue or has vanished all together.
      Horse slaughter is a most barbaric practice – (yes in America that is) and such fate does not do any justice to any animal – I would like to believe that someone like you maintains acceptance of the very ethical commitments and respect we ought to represent towards these animals, specially horses, who have given so much to mankind.
      I urge you to reconsider and not host a most controversial event “Summit of the Horse” and not endorse such cruelty – the smear campaign of slaughter proponents has reached a level of impiety that is eons from the truth – surely, the negativity of said event drawn to your Casino would be a great downfall as thousands of Americans vehemently oppose horse slaughter and do not buy the propaganda of Sue Wallis.
      I and many others would only hope you are amongst them.


      Monika Courtney


  11. If they’re going to all this trouble to try to shut down those ‘non-expert’ pesky animal advocates, then maybe those ‘non-expert’ pesky animal advocates are finally making some headway! Otherwise, why would they bother?


  12. I have a feeling that the event manager at this casino has no idea who these people are, and booked it. A name like “The Summit of the Horse” sounds so nice an innocuous.


  13. Go Sue and Dave. Common sense and the welfare of animals are on your side. Not these bleeding heaet loons like that sob rt finch!!


  14. Just noticed that Dave Duquette is wearing a PETA hat as he eats horsemeat…
    Is that a contradiction or what???
    Looks like a reeeaalll classy guy !!!
    Sue and he seem well suited.


    • that is a funny picture, you know its one of those hats that mocks Peta, as those kind of horse-traders lump all animal welfare people into the “Peta” name.

      I noticed how dirty and ragged the hat was..and the man is out dining? Can someone please buy him a clean hat and remind him even cowboys take off their hats at the dinner table 😉


  15. Yoo-hooo! Soozy-Q!!

    I read somewheres that one of the largest industries in Wyoming is NOT the possibility of horsemeat but the actuality of cowmeat – BEEF!! Best overuse of grazing land and forage known to humanity and in sparsely-populated-by-people-places like Wyoming (and the Dakotahs, Montana, etc.) this industry THRIVES!

    As an elected official, I would think the promotion & representation of the biggest money-maker within that state would be first and foremost in her purview – not the continual verbal attention drawn to ‘radicals’, ‘activists’ & ‘extremists’, or the promotion of her own personal agenda.

    It’s difficult to find any part of her representation that DOESN’T promote the slaughter of horses. Rabid, obsessive, single-minded – and she calls us myopic??!



  16. The Wallis family crest contains a fork knife and shovel…all the better to eat you with..Wyo.-you have a “slug” problem


  17. In an evil-genius sort of way, they have now invoked the name of Temple Grandin, whose mere mention can evidently lull even the most ambivalent slaughter supporters into drinking the UoH kool-aid…

    Whether you agree or disagree with Temple’s philosophy and methods, the fact remains she is *well respected* by the general public for her “humane handling methods” for livestock slaughter. Her name carries a lot of influence and both Wallis and Duquette are using that to their advantage. They understand there are a lot of people who until now have been ‘on-the-fence’ about slaughter because of the inherent cruelty. By assuring them that Temple Grandin is involved with their project, many of those will be convinced that it can be done humanely.

    I would suggest contacting Ms Grandin and NICELY expressing any disappointment you may have with her dubious association that Ms Wallis and her associate, Mr Duquette claim to have with her. Do not be rude or insulting; she will not respond to those emails, and it does nothing to further the cause of anti-slaughter.

    While she is not committed to the idea of horse slaughter, she has heard the Wallis/Duquette version of all the “abandoned, starving, and neglected” horses, and how ‘humane slaughter’ can help put them all out of their misery
    She wants to hear solutions from those opposed to slaughter for what she believes are thousands of ‘unwanted horses’ – as team Wallis/Duquette have developed what appears to be the perfect solution to their supporters.

    I sincerely hope that Ms Grandin does not risk her reputation by becoming involved in such an offensive project.


    • From: TCourt
      Sent: 11/10/2010 12:52:37 A.M. Mountain Standard Time
      Subj: Temple Grandin / Summit of the Horse in Las Vegas


      In January there is an event planned in Las Vegas, called “The Summit of the Horse”. It is highly publicized as it is held in a famous Casino, and the main guest is no one else than the propaganda driven Sue Wallis of Wyoming. She is the most notoriously known horse slaughter proponent in the country who is on an agenda to open a slaughter house in Wyoming under the guise of “excess horses, unwanted horses and humane death”.
      This is not about the slaughter itself, why I write. I write to you, because she is using Temple Grandin’s name in her agenda. I and many others would think, that Temple does not want to be affiliated with this woman, as Sue Wallis’ niveau is on the level of a sunken ship.
      I tried to find a contact to Temple Grandin, but could not find such. I ask you to please forward my email to her. I think she ought to know what Sue Wallis is up to now, using Temple’s name.


      Monika Courtney

      Read this story on the proposed “event”.


    • I admire Temple Grandin. I think she has proven that although autistics process information in a different way…there are some great intelligent benefits that come from the autistic mind.

      I pray she can understand how harmfull and horrific the idea of slaughtering horses is to most people.


  18. Dear Mr. Gaughan,

    Being a horse lover and a frequent visitor to Las Vegas, I thought the Summit of the Horse event that your casino will host in January might be something of interest. I then found out that Sue Wallis is involved and my interest turned to dismay wondering if you even realize what this woman’s agenda is. I would hope you would take the time to dig into her background and her agenda and let your conscience guide you into not being involved in an event where the main guest is someone who advocates horse slaughter even for the family horse if it becomes difficult to care for. I am appalled at her comments and actions and will urge others to not attend this event nor visit your casino if you support such an event. At this point, I am trusting that you simply were not aware of Ms. Wallis’ true colors. I am hoping to hear that this event will not take place with Ms. Wallis’ participation.


  19. At the time I went to their website it states that it has the following two goals for it’s organization:

    1. To restore humane and regulated horse slaughter in the U.S.; and
    2. To control the overpopulation of wild and feral horses on federal, state, tribal, and private lands.

    Now ignoring how full of crap both of these points are, I have a few concerns. First of all, how are those related? On the surface, the only thing that relates the two points is that both involve horses. The logical conclusion would be that restoring horse slaughter would then allow them to “control” wild horse populations via a horse slaughter plant.

    Second, it is none of their damn business how many horses are on tribal and private lands. My family has 1000 acres, and if I want to let a handful of horses, wild or otherwise, run free on that land then that’s my choice. That especially goes for tribe land, though. Salazar has been a disaster – what gives him the right to sit around judging how the Native Americans maintain what little land they have? I am aware that some of the horses on tribal lands have health problems but if they are not actively seeking Native American counsel to be apart of this then they need to STFU.

    As a taxpayer I also take severe offense to this. The BLMs true colors are the scarlet hues of the blood on their hands. I will be calling and informing Pres. Obama, my Senators, my Congressman, and soon to be majority leader John Boehner and advising them that my tax dollars are not to be spent on Salazar and his ilk flying out to Nevada to sit around with a bunch of good old boys planning how to slaughter my wild horses on my dime. Furthermore, no less than 4 key note speakers are being billed under their titles with the BLM, 5 if you count Larry Johnson who is not on their brocure. I don’t know how, but something about that sounds wrong to me. Sort of like how a soldier can’t wear their uniform when protesting.

    This pompous parade of asses claims “The Summit comes from the perspective of experienced horse people who have the best interest of the horse at heart and seeks unification of our country’s horsemen and horsewomen in promoting horse welfare and the health of the horse industry … We’re speaking with a unified voice for horses and horse people.” Unified? UNIFIED? Don’t presume to speak for the entire horse community, thank you very much. That’s like the Republican party saying they speak on behalf of the Democrats too. Huh?!

    And finally, I was reading from the email Monika sent about Temple Grandin’s so called “lack of bias”. In what universe? The woman is unequivocally pro-slaughter and always has been. She was making wise-cracks about the idiots who were against it when I heard her speak at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo – and her presentation had nothing to do with slaughter!

    I would suggest that we crash the party. I for one would just *love* to see Larry Johnson’s smirky mug, and if they really are United Horsemen then surely they would enjoy fellow horsemen showing representation at their “Summit”. That said, I refuse to put a single dime in these people’s (if you can call them that) pockets. Is it really a summit if it’s only for one view point? I’m a Mathematician not a linguist, but I always thought summits were supposed to be talks between different sides…


  20. Oh how I wish I could be at a protest for that “gala”!!
    I agree with the poster above that said graphic pictures and videos should be shown if there is to be a protest rally.

    I suggest using a mini-projector that can beam pictures and videos onto any surface, sidewalk, side of building, cars, you name it!

    Someone could contact CHDC to find out if they have a copy of the video from the show “Alberta Primetime” from a few months ago where Temple Grandin herself is on record saying the slaugherhouses always know when she is coming for an inspection and they are always on their best behaviour when she is there.
    She goes on to say once she leaves these places then things return to normal, ie: abuse of the horses abounds and no oversight by any outside organization. She called for video monitoring by an outside 3rd party. Now that would be a excellent video quote to show people that might fall for the Wallis/Duquette crap.

    As well, scenes from the Feb 2010 videos from Canadian slaughterhouses would be sufficient for showing anyone the true and real horror that US and Canadian horses are facing daily in those hell holes.

    Here is a link to for a mini-projector should anyone want use one, they are not expesive, they are easy to carry and can connect to practically anything:


  21. Just doing a little “googling” about some of these “people” representing the horse industry—
    for instance American Humane caught my eye—just wondering how a “humane group” could be involved
    want to know more about this group go to—a site by a Michigan law student


    • He is a bit bazaar. He uses the word ‘protein’ and may be the influence behind S. Sue using it as she is known to; impersonal and beyond the living animal. One comment says these people are protecting the factory farmers and not the animals. mar


  22. And don’t let this get lost in the shuffle. The truck that they were claiming to be raffling off, has turned out to be a sham. She has been quoted as “Asking the participants to just make their raffle tickets a donation, because they can’t afford to buy the truck”? The kahunas that this woman has, is unreal. My thoughts are “Do What?” ….. Just thought I would put this out there! What a…., what did Jeannie say she called all Animals lovers, awww a “Idiot”…. I just love Karma! lol Hey Sue ya wanna buy a raffle ticket? It’s a really good deal….special price, just for you! ha! Actually your, kind of a joke! A NASTY JOKE.




  24. The Bible warned that evil lurks in high offices…..Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Kennedy, Truman, would be frothing with anger over this unworthy person sitting in an elected office….we will win the battle for the horses on our knees in prayer!


  25. I really hope both of you pay dearly for this for this:

    Senator Ogden Driskill (R-Crook, Campbell and Weston Counties) and Representative Sue Wallis (R-Campbell County), introduced House Bill 0126, an ag-gag bill aimed at preventing journalists, activists and employees from conducting investigations into animal cruelty, worker abuses, environmental protection violations and food safety problems at factory farms.


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