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BLM Chief to Speak at “Summit” of Horse Slaughter Proponents

Press Release from Equine Welfare Alliance

Reported First HERE on SFTHH

Obama's Bob Abbey sides with "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis on sending Wild Horses to Slaughter

The event’s Master of Ceremonies, Trent Loos, has proposed solving the mustang issue by making America’s wild horse a big game animal and the published list of speakers is a virtual who’s who of horse slaughter proponents, including lobbyists, slaughter auctioneers, horse breeders, fake welfare front organizations and even a few convicts.

Abbey has come under criticism in the past year for a greatly accelerated program of removing wild horses and burros from public land. As the number of horses the BLM is holding increases and budgets tighten, a crisis is inevitable. In 2009 it was discovered that the BLM was considering sending mustangs to slaughter, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Abbey’s participation in this event will certainly add fuel to that fire.

Master of Ceremonies Loos is an agricultural talk show host who first gained fame for his management of a 50,000 pig factory farm on the land of the Rosebud Sioux. The Rosebud contended that the farm and its vast lagoons of pig manure had been foisted on them by politicians and successfully sued to evict Loos and his porcine pals in 2002.

Shortly after starting an organization called “Truth Keepers” to challenge “animal rights groups”, Loos was charged with and subsequently convicted of cattle fraud (selling cattle he didn’t own). Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in his book Crimes Against Nature, accused Trent Loos of stalking him while he was on a book tour, going so far as to follow him into a men’s room. When asked about the stalking charge during his radio program, Loos readily admitted it, saying he had to keep Kennedy honest.

When a slaughter ban was being considered in Illinois, Loos promised to bring a truck load of “unwanted horses” to the capitol steps. In the event, he showed up with a large supply of toy stick horses which he passed out to visiting school children. The bill passed despite this demonstration, eventually closing the last slaughter plant in the US.

Also included in the confirmed roster is ex-congressman and horse slaughter lobbyist Charlie Stenholm of the firm Olsson, Frank and Weeda. Before losing his seat and becoming a lobbyist, Stenholm was minority leader of Bob Goodlatte’s house agriculture committee. The two men jointly managed to bottle up HR 857, an early attempt to end horse slaughter, in their committee despite the bill’s overwhelming support.

Another scheduled participant is Dave Cattoor, by far the most controversial of the helicopter gather contractors employed by the BLM. Cattoor was convicted of illegally gathering wild horses in 1992. In the years since, Cattoor has won contracts for millions of dollars to run the BLM gathers. In just one gather on the Calico complex this year, over 100 wild horses died either during the operation or shortly afterward.

Bill desBarres of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) will be giving the “international perspective”. DesBarres is a stalwart defender of the Canadian abattoirs, even listing the Bouvry horse slaughter plant as a “resource partner“. When devastating undercover videos of the treatment of horses at the slaughter plants were released by the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, desBarres claimed they had been faked even as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) was admitting they were authentic.

And these are but a few examples of the people who will be speaking. While the event claims to be open to ideas from all sides, it does not include anyone known to disagree with the pro-slaughter anti-mustang positions of its organizers, United Organizations of the Horse and United Horsemen.

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  1. I believe we can all go and give our opinion, since our public servants will be there with the title of Bob Abbey from the Bureau of land management, salary paid for with our tax dollars. These mustangs belongs to me. It he didn’t work for the government would they want him?, I believe the same goes for Slaughterhouse Sue. She is a representive paid for by public dollars. Would anyone want to hear the two talk if they were not representing the United States government and the BLM? Who wants to go? I can help with the motel or plane expenses through frequent flier miles. Let’s go, what motel, when, date?


  2. Bob Abbey – “The Protector of American Wild Horses” – is going to speak at an event kicked off by someone who wants wild horses declared BIG GAME ANIMALS? Our government officials never cease to amaze me!


  3. I believe we need to be there, public speakers, public topic, public horses, and ask all the questions that won’t be asked. They can’t throw us out, as all as we are respectful and appropriate. This will embarrass them, and might help educate a few that are sitting on the fence, as well as those that have been misinformed! We need to be there for those who can’t!


  4. How can OUR TAX DOLLARS FUND ANY BLM OFFICIALS to go to this INSANE summit ?

    They must stay up all night thinking of INSANE ways to rid our, yes OUR horses.
    Now it is BIG GAME ???

    No, NO, No !!

    I have a surprize for them !


  5. I noticed on their FB page that no “BASHERS” are allowed to comment. Or should I say they can comment but the comments get deleted by the FB host. They said the page was set up for “supporters” of the summit. I thought they wanted to encourage debate? They are BIG FAT LIARS


  6. Bob Abbey has just proved his mentality and also his intentions, he has the mind of a rattlesnake and the sense of a turkey , his remarks against the horse are pure nonsense one of his quotes is The Horses are rats with hooves, any thing that comes from this mans mouth is a lie and a betrayal to The Horses And the people of America, and America itself………. He has no business representing anything the Breathes…………………… Something is missing in his photo , oh i guess his hair covers them !!!!!


  7. Sue Wallis, Bob Abbey, and the other jerk that eats horses are all going to have terrible Karma for the rest of their miserable lives…You are all killers of innocent animals that have done nothing to any of you…I hope that you all rot in hell…..Sue you are one ugly fat pig it shows that you are eating horses and such, you would probably eat Bob Abbey if he dropped dead in front of you, you have no morals and no concience…You are dispecable to the human race….there are not words that I can explain what a terrible thing you are…YOU AND ALL YOUR IDIOT FRIENDS NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN PRISON FOR LIFE…YOU MAKE ME SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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