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Bloody Horse Slaughterfest Boasts BLM Director Bob Abbey as Keynote Speaker

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Your Tax Dollars Continue to Do Such Great Deeds

"Sue Who?!?"

Coming to a Casino near you; one of the most misrepresented and despicable gatherings ever assembled under the deceptive and inaccurate guise of Equine welfare; the one…the only…Wyoming Rep. “SlaughterhouseSue Wallis and her ever present bobble-head puppet Dave “Doink” Duquette presenting their pitiful and unwanted “Summit of Slaughter”.  (Lack of applause)

Yes sir, folks; gathered under the big top of horses eaters you will be able to hear and meet real life, rogue federal employees like:

Bob Abbey, the Director of the Bureau of land management and his official BLM wild horse exterminating buddies Dean Bolstead, Dr. Boyd Spratling and our down home favorite, wild horse sharp shooter Dave Cattoor of New York Times Video fame.

But the fun does not stop there; former Montana Rep. and horse slaughter promoter bloody “Red” Ed Butcher will be there to put his foot in his mouth while he attempts to elaborate upon the advantages of slaughtering and eating the proven carcinogenic flesh of our companion animals, the horse.  An embarrassment to his state and the Union “Red” will be teaming up with his feral compatriots “Slaughterhouse” and “Doink” to introduce a slew of speakers who are all either closely linked with pro-slaughter groups or simply don’t have clue as to what is going on.  (They are actually going to allow Doink access to the microphone more than once.)

So don’t miss this big event in Las Vegas directly after the Christmas holidays; it’s an outing that the entire family can enjoy as the horse eaters spew misinformation in an attempt to subversively profit from a bloody, predatory business that has been banned in the United States and sends shivers down the spines of sane American citizens…it’s a great way to extend the goodwill, cheer and rebirth of our spiritual well being fostered during the preceding Christmas holiday season.

So swing by Dave’s ole United Horsemen site, formerly the United Horseman’s Front – a more appropriate name, and check out the lovely agenda and the list of wieners, I mean winners that are allegedly speaking.  Then when you have had your belly full of perversion head on over to their Facebook page where you can “Like” their exciting drivel and then comment on the reality of their deception only to be kicked off and deleted.  Be sure to hit the “report page” hyperlink on the lower left and then tick “spam” when you get zapped; it’s the American thing to do.

So warm up the oven and sharpen those knives, the horse eaters are riding their give-away Dodge truck into town and they want to BBQ a horse near you…yum yum and yeehaw, it’s going to be a finger-licken good time.

Won’t see ya there!!!!

UPDATE: Checkout Nell Walton’s new video of Slaughterhouse Sue and Bob Abbey having dinner!  Click (HERE)

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  1. Is this some kinda payback for the ‘summit’ earlier this year where the Wild Horse Advisory Board Council Association of Limp Noodles workshopped with Advocates?

    I gotta say – if bobabbey is dippin’ his boots in the fecal matter at this Eat-A-Paloosa fest, there are some dark and dirty dealin’s going down. It wouldn’t be a surprise, given the Bureau, Ag and Interior Department’s inclinations where Equines across America are concerned.

    Still, wasn’t bobabbey given the reins of a different section of the Interior? Managing minerals or some such nonsense? His appearance here, even as a guest speaker, would sure be a surprise given the recent media attention paid the Mineral Management Service’s ‘pants off’ approach to benefiting a very priveleged few.

    I think it’s best for all concerned if mr. abbey sent a polite ‘neigh’ to the invitation. It would not play well with the media, No Siree, if this event should fall on the media radar (which, as a private citizen, I would be inclined to make certain of). If mr. abbey, et al, were private citizens, then perhaps their appearances might be appropriate. But as duly-appointed Appointees & theoretical representatives of certain aspects of the US Governement, I would think this highly INappropriate.

    As mr. abbey, et al, do not speak in support of Wild Equines, they should neither speak in favor of their disposal by slaughter. It could very well bring on more persecution in the Court of Public Opinion (again, my inclination would be to ensure that as a certitude).

    And especially if they were to get paid for it.


    • I would be inclined to join you in making certain that media and any other outlets or government watchdogs would happen to fall into this information. We sure didn’t get transparency and with this bit of favoritism we sure aren’t getting neutrality.


      • Total agreement here. This is out of the realm of an appearance that supports the BLM’s WH&B Program! It is within the realm of visiting the enemy and shaking their hand…. mar


    • Oh, but of course! Go on over to the Agenda page of the Summit. You’ll spot a number of familiar names. I’ve already gotten kicked off the Facebook page, R.T., and duly hit the spam button. That was FUN!

      But, I swear, every time I come across anything to do with SS Wallis and her flunkies and their garbage, I get as sick as — oops! Don’t want to give anything away until everyone’s seen the video, It’s What’s For Dinner over at Nell’s place:


  2. Sue who? Be glad to sue you Sue who! Can we sue her for anything?
    any ethics violations or animal cruelty laws or violation of Public Lands and animals?
    get your thinking caps on peeps there has to be a way to make her fall on her largess…


  3. I wonder what the subject of his keynote address will be. As the official rep of a govt agency which uses every opportunity to publicly declare time and again they do not and cannot send wild horses to slaughter, being the keynote speaker at a pro-slaughter conference is pushing the conflict of interest envelope too far.

    Here’s a subject suggestion for you Mr. Abbey – where are those missing mustangs the BLM cannot account for?!


  4. Thats just like BLM to lie and promote eating wild horses! Guess any place theres a free vacation, booze, food and legal hookers..they will be there. Isn’t that just like a horse-killer-horse eater group to love their CHARITY-no taxes paid-free booze, food and woman on the american taxpayers tab!

    No wonder the BLM was whining when asked the question of will they be there at the horse-killing las Vegas show! How many free vacations to ‘speak’ has Abby taken?

    Have any studies been done on humans eating the BLMs overdoses of birth control meds? How would foreigners like to never be able to conceive a child because the BLMs birth control drugs are slow release and last for YEARS in that meat!


  5. I sent the agenda with a short explanation of my expectations of civil servants employed by federal tax dollars to public awareness employees. Please do go to the website copy the link and send to every blm official with your opinion of people charged with the care of our wild horses and burros attending this conference with its well publicized despicable agenda. The conference is being held at South Point Casino, Las Vegas. americans vote in polls overwhelmingly against horse slaughter. Everyone needs to know and give their opinion – not just us horse advocates.


  6. Sue and the BLM could use a good dose of kindness. Its really sad that you people lost your heart and soul to the world of capitalism and money. Its mind boggeling that you can allow such a beautiful and majestic animal to be slaughtered and NOT have any feeling about it. What is it like to be a sociopath? I am so glad you are not my mother or family member! I pity your children to grown up with family who have no compassion or love of animals in their hearts. Too bad for you.
    However you will be held accountable either in this world or the next, for your actions here. There will come a time when you and only you will hear the voices of those you so brutally murdered, haunting you!
    I hope that people protest your sick gathering in the casinos. Your group (THE SICK BLM) remind me of Hitler. Your also doing the same thing to the horses that was done to the American Indian. Who is going to be next on the agenda? Will it be the homeless, the mentally ill? I feel certain this is only the beginning of a long line of annihilation.
    After you kill all the horses, then what? I can’t help but wonder “WHO IS NEXT ON YOUR KILLING LIST”?


  7. How totally disgusting !!!! This one really takes the Cake !!!! to me i wonder the mentality of all who attend this horrendous spectacle !!!!!!!!!! I also agree with Marge I hope some of the advocates will be near there with a rally for the the Mustangs . Geeze I can believe that anyone could be involved in such a despicable event……….It is horrendous to me……………I think what is this world coming to when an event of this barbaric nonsense,takes place I am so ashamed of these poor excuses for human beings………. its hard to keep the Faith in Mankind when this goes on ………


  8. What Hotel in Vegas would even consider HOSTING this Event?????????? Or where is this being held……………???


    • arlene- here is the link for the “Host Hotel” AND the (alleged) BLM reps and attendees.

      3:00 pm – The BLM situation

      A forum of land management agencies, range specialists, equine specialists, wildlife conservationists, Western state policy makers, and domestic horse industry representatives discussing the current situation on the land, and effects on other users of federal lands, as well as market effects on the horse industry of BLM policies.

      John Falen, President of Public Lands Council

      Dean Bolstead, BLM wild horse program

      Dave Catoor, horse gathering contractor

      Steve Torbit, National Wildlife Federation

      Larry Johnson, Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and former member of BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee


      • Be darned if I can find anything about it on thier “coming events site” I’ll go back and try again.


    • Click on the underlined word Casino in the first sentence and you will go to the link. Folks should contact the hotel and express disdain and the assurance that the thousands of wild horse advocates will certainly advertise their disdainful hosting of this event..


      • Yes, I did this but there was no mention of The Summit of the Horse meeting Jan 6. I went back thru our blogs and found my way to their face book page. Holy Cow what a bunch of crap and misled posters.
        I went to the United Horsemen page where they asked for donations to save the horse. They outlined their wonderful program of rehabilitation and training. It wasn’t til the SECOND page (after donation page) that they mentioned the “humane euthanasia” of some unusable horses, even if they were in good condition. In about the third paragraph they said one could join a No Slaughter list”; then later they said the donor must understand that the horse may be slaughtered. B>S>


    • Likewise, if you hit the word CASINO in the article it is a hyperlink that will take you right there. I am afraid that the coloration of the underlined hyperlinks throw people off as I/we spend a great deal of time linking supportive material to our stories.

      Keep the faith.


  9. Well, I guess the New York Times will have to be clued in to the attendance of very high ranking public officials mandated to protect and manage our wild horses for optimal health appearing at a conference whose main objective is slaughter and eating of said so called protected horses. Now what was that NYT reporter’s name? Anyone know? Also, I suggest we flood Mr. Abbey, Mr. Dean Bolstad and of course their boss the Honorable Ken Salazar with their conflict of interest with their tax payer paid public servant jobs.

    But, don’t call Kenny Salazar quite yet. Seems he busy meeting with governors of the 3 states that hate wolves more than anyone on how to lift their endangered status so they can be shot on sight. Don’tcha just love these public officials? Perhaps they should give their own seminar: “How to Wipe out as Much Wildlife while in Public Office as You can all While Pretending You Actually Care about It.” Be sure not to miss the break out sessions on “How to Become a Spoiled, Selfish, Whiny, Entitled Cattle Rancher” and “How to Get Direct Deposit for Your Government Welfare Ranching Checks.”


    • Yes, Kenny is meeting with Governors who want special treatment and a way around the Endangered Species Act. It is not good this meeting is taking place… this could have a most disasterous outcome. I am wondering how far Kenny will go to please these governors! mar


  10. Sorry this is so long, but I’m totally pissed! This isn’t about “horse welfare”, it’s about bringing back breeding “full tilt boogie”.

    1. “PRODUCTION agriculture”;”restore the horse INDUSTRY in the United States”; “MARKET EFFECTS on the horse industry of BLM policies”; “horse SALES and horse MARKETING” – Could it be more obvious?

    2. Here comes the “extremist” issue again. There are already laws on the books protecting ALL U.S. citizens from personal harassment and physical assault. Have these people been harassed or assaulted? Then take the perps to court! Or is this more of a verbal opposition/hurt feelings thing, which I believe is our right (and THEIRS) under the First Amendment?

    3. What “abusive ACTIONS” have been taken by the HSUS? Has an HSUS representative come to someone’s ranch and harassed or assaulted them? Again, take them to court. If they have a problem with positions or petitions, they obviously don’t believe in Equal Rights and Free Speech.

    4. “… misuse of Equal Access to Justice Act funds by environmental and animal rights groups, who have used federal taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government.” – Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t plaintiffs pay their own freight in most lawsuits? Maybe they object to the Feds having to DEFEND using taxpayer’s money. Have any of these folks been involved in suits against the Feds?

    5. Humane Handling of Horses – How’s that “humane” trailering to slaughter workin’ out for ya? Things don’t seem to have changed much. And who’s inspecting the trailers or will be inspecting them in the future? Little or no funding = Little or no inspection.

    6. “… bring humane and regulated horse processing back to the U.S.” – Again, who’s going to be in charge of and FUND all this? The USDA inspects meat, not the states. Speaking of which, I didn’t notice anyone from the USDA (or FDA) on the list. Did I miss someone?

    7. “… enterprises already underway to build plants in Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming and elsewhere.” – DO THE MATH!!! How much will it cost to BUILD each of these plants? Who will inspect the plants and the meat? Will corporations (maybe foriegn?) get tax breaks (OUR money)? How many people will they actually employ? Will “Diminishing Returns” come into play once these plants run out of horses to slaughter, and fuel a demand to breed more to keep them in operation?

    8. Setting the high standard for humane processing of horses – “Representatives from … FEDERAL and state livestock PROCESSING REGULATORY AGENCIES …” – Who are they talking about? Is anyone going to mention a “high standard of food safety” re: tainted meat?

    9. How the U.S. situation is affecting the Canadian and Mexican horse industry, global impacts on meat markets, as well as import and export of live horses. – Isn’t this about the U.S.? If the rest of the world has problems with not being able to eat our horses, they can breed more at home and let the consquences be directly on their heads!

    10. Mobilization of the Horse INDUSTRY

    “Horse people (YOUR people) unite to drive forward a comprehensive agenda (YOUR agenda, hardly comprehensive) developed by horse people (YOUR people) for horse people (YOUR people).

    “We take back the reins (Keep your paws off MY reins!) and make sure that Congress and the U.S. citizenry understands (understands YOUR agenda) what is truly in the best interests of horses (“best interests” = OVERBREEDING, then KILLING them? I sure wish they could TALK!) and in the best interests of PEOPLE (They should have put this where it belongs, BEFORE the horses.) who seek to continue basing their lives and livelihoods on an economically thriving equine industry (I have nothing against folks making a living, just not on the backs of slaughtered horses.) that is environmentally (slaughterhouses = PROVEN pollutors), ethically (Guess those pledges made by Associations to reduce breeding will go out the window.), and morally sound (If you want to be MORAL, help provide REAL rescue, humane euthansia and disposal!).

    “This effort will include specific recommendations to policy makers in regards to sustainable management of wild horses and burros on federal lands.” (The WH&BP already has a program in place for “sustainable management” by 2013(?), so I can only imagine this has to do with the horses in holding, which AREN’T on FEDERAL LANDS, but federally-leased PRIVATE lands.)

    GOOD GRIEF, this is such BS!!!


    • Speakers and their highlights:

      Healthy lands/Healthy Horses—Restoring ecological balance to federal lands, controlling excess and unwanted feral horses on state, tribal, and private lands. Bob Abbey, BLM Director – Sustainable & Realistic Solutions to Wild Horse & Burro Program
      Wild Horse Gathers and Issues Regarding Horse Welfare: Dr. Boyd Spratling, DVM and member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee

      The BLM’s forum of land management agencies, range specialists, equine specialists, wildlife conservationists, Western state policy makers, domestic horse industry representatives discussing the current situation on the land, and effects on other users of federal lands, as well as market effects on the horse industry of BLM policies.

      Speakers include: John Falen, President of Public Lands Council
      Dean Bolstead, BLM wild horse program
      Dave Catoor, horse gathering contractor
      Steve Torbit, National Wildlife Federation
      Larry Johnson, Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and former member of BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee

      I don’t see their EXPERTS and SPECIALISTS anywhere on this list.


      • I think this is a croc and we should not only call their bluff but embarrass the hell out of these people for forgetting who these wild horses really belong to… apparently they think more private industry is needed to put the final nail in the coffin of the North American Wild Horse!

        Are they pushing our buttons now in the hopes we will have a rally and protest this outrageous display of Outlaw Wild Horse Killers? Is this in the hopes we will screw up and someone cross the line called ‘eco terrorist’? I think we should be very cautious here and approach all of these people with this agenda and ask Plenty of Questions!

        The way to deal with this is right up front and center. Contact them and demand answers. mar


  11. Thank You Linda H I am calling there now !!! It would be good if all here called also !!! I am appalled that any respectable Hotel would ever Host this Disgusting Event ! Also how anyone who calls themselves A true American , and knows the History of how the Wild Mustangs built the west !!!!!!!!!!! How dare they !!!!


  12. Anyone showing up for this Event , is totally out of their Mind !!!! I would like a guest List of this !!!!! OMG This is RIDICULOUS! I have called the Hotel and waiting now for the MANAGER Or DIRECTOR to call me back, These people are totally off their rockers !!!!!


  13. OMG ! Now they are offering rooms at a discount????? as far as I am concerned this HOTEL should have its license revoked for Disrespect for the very Animals that Built the West !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With their blood and their Bones……………for which they are heaping huge profits !!!!!!!!!!!!! Do any of these people have Half a Brain in their head??????????????????????????????????????? This is Ridiculous and no longer borders on the Insane it is INSANE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I think the Hotel should have a HUGE poster on the outside of the Building of a Mustang asking the Question is this the Thanks we get for BUILDING THE WEST with our Blood and Bones Thank You for your Allegiance to us for our never ending services to you ! THANKS FOR NOTHING !!!!


  14. It takes money to travel and to stay at those conferences–it won’t be free. If Bob Abbey attends, the taxpayers will pick up the tab for his stay and travel. He will, more than likely, have a private, government funded jet. The others that choose air travel will have to either go through the body scanners or the “pat down” procedure at the airports. Sounds “peachy keen”, doesn’t it?


    • Dear Mr Louie Crocroft, heheheheheheheh I cannot help but laugh at this , Where is common sense here for these ridiculous people !!!!!! They all need their heads examined ! To be a party to this Summit is Literally slapping America in the Face !!!!!


  15. Yes I do remember , Yes it could very well be the Theme song for this atrocity !!!!! HEEHEHE This is oh soooooo Crazy i still cant believe they would hold that kind of a Summit !!!!!!


  16. I especially liked this portion of the agenda also: “9 am – The International Animal Rights Agenda and what is Necessary to Counter Activist’s Tactics, Dennis Foster.
    Dennis Foster is the Executive Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association in Virginia. A retired military intelligence officer, Dennis has become an internationally renowned expert on the radical agenda of animal rights organizations worldwide. Following Foster’s presentation, will be a panel discussion including those who have been on the front lines, such as horse owners who have been attacked by animal rights groups speaking from their experience. The objective will be to provide practical, hands-on advice and training on how to protect yourself and your way of life from radical extremist agendas.
    Frank Bowman, Horsemen’s Council of Illinois
    Mindy Patterson, American Federation of Animal Owners
    Denissa Malott, Victim of HSUS abusive actions, and her ongoing effort for justice
    Dave Duquette, United Horsemen, who continues to work closely with Denissa Malott and her ongoing battle. and 10:15 – 10:30 am – Break
    10:30 am – Protecting our grazing & other rights— Karen Budd Falen, Wyoming
    Attorney Karen Budd Falen has gathered data and conducted research which exposes the egregious misuse of Equal Access to Justice Act funds by environmental and animal rights groups, who have used federal taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government with the objective and end result being the taking of private property rights of animal owners and livestock producers. Her discussion will include straightforward advice on what rights we have as animal owners, and steps we all need to take to petition the government for redress of grievances—a constitutionally guaranteed right of every American citizen”

    Humm, their FB page says that they want this to be an open forum and welcome other opinions. Personally, I would love to attend the Summit, but it is impossible. Maybe others can be there to share a correct viewpoint. “Radical Extremist Agenda?” Holy crap. Finally. I have waited my entire life to get that tag. Whoo-hoo. On the floor laughing so hard I’m going to split a gut. They want all sides at the Summit, so let’s gooooooooooooooooooo………..


    • I would love to see just one police report that shows a horse owner was attacked by an animal rights advocate/activist/defender. Like we all go out Friday nite drink us a few 40’s and then go ca-razy!!! Yep, I carry on my radical extremist Agenda in between mopping floors and scrubbing toilets. Fight on Tidy-Bowl Man!!


    • “the egregious misuse of Equal Access to Justice Act funds by environmental and animal rights groups, who have used federal taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government with the objective and end result being the taking of private property rights of animal owners and livestock producers.”

      I find this statement a little puzzling; Laura, Grassroots, anybody who’s recently brought action against the Bureau – have you gotten your remittance checks back for the federal taxpayer dollars you’ve used to sue? Last I heard this was all out of THEIR OWN pockets, while the Bureau countered with TAXPAYER funds. (That may have been slightly off pointe; I realize Laura & Co. aren’t kickin’ around helpless animal owners or livestock producers but their funding is STILL private & hard to come by.)

      This whole soiree smacks of very bad juju; Equine Advocacy is a fairly cash-poor movement to start with. We have scientists & specialists & intelligent, passionate people all over the place but what we ain’t got is deep pockets.

      From the FB page, it would appear there is no aspect to Equine Advocacy they can agree with – everything we endorse, they take personal issue with. Ultimately, it seems for the UOH and it’s members, the ONLY good horse is a dead and dismembered one, and anyone defending Equines is subverting the American Way. It hard to wrap your mind around that kind of rabidity. And it is morally reprehensible that ANY appointee of the US Government would speak at an event of this sort.

      If high-ranking members of the Bureau can extend themselves to support an event of such diametric opposition to Equine Advocacy, they can damn sure extend themselves to support, even in some small token Pat-the-Crazy-Horse-People-on-the-Head manner, the animals they are charged with caring for rather than finding more expensive and creative means to destroy them.


      • As they begin to hear from us on this we shall see what their excuses are. BLM is condoning the Purpose behind this blood fest, tho. But apparently they were in on the planning of this because they are are all speaking! mar


    • heres a paper that Foster man wrote when he was still involved with writing for the Irish fox hunting.

      I think the ‘green society’ improved a lot of animal welfare issues over there in the past couple of years and thats why Foster has such a hate for any animal welfare groups.
      Guess he is still allowing dogs to tear-up animals in america and accusing anyone against abuse as being a Vegan 😉

      Here is one of the Irish foxhounds papers on how the green society won the ban on dog killer hunting.. “”the background and politics that lead to the ban on hunting in the UK”””

      I bet when he speaks, he will use notes from these papers on ‘how to quell the Vegan world-take over’, how to stop us from voting in a Horse for the next President, lol

      Perhaps we should contact the Green Society for some tactics. For SURE, we must use the FOIA usda photos of the american slaughterhouses when they were still open. Those photos disprove everything the horse-eaters say.
      I would also like to see those horse-killers eat a lunch of any meat with bute in it..bute has been banned from beef, so the horse eaters will have to bring one of their own old sick horses to eat.


  17. Just viewed the schedule for the Summit , is anyone here able to attend this FIASCO ? I dont know but i am cracking up with laughter !!!! This is the worst hunk of Crap that I ever read !!!! I am in disbelief That Dean Bolstead would attend this Summit of Stupidly , I have talked to this man on several occasions seemed like he was the only one there at the BLM that had any smarts at all…… I guess I was wrong there also !!!! My God ……………….. Was surprised to see that Wayne Pacelle of HSUS was not on the List !!!!!!!


    • i got the same impression on the one time I met him. I may not have liked the truth but I felt at the time at least he was being honest. And that speaks alot to me.

      You know it may not be entirely his fault–he could have drawn the short straw and was assigned this disgusting waste of time summit. But I fear that’s being to kind.

      Guess its time to write another gripe letter to BLM that doesn’t listen in the first place.


      • I know Margaret I feel the same , but we must keep telling what we think of the Lies and Betrayals, only our Mustangs still suffer i kills me to even think about it !!! These Low Lives have to be stop , none of them have the Brains they were born with !!!!! If they do they certainly are not using them !!! Yes !!! you are right about Dean Bolstead i am amazed that he would go to this No sense summit !!!!! He has a great way of talking though !!! But then again does he even know the Truth !!!! Maybe he is fed lies also !!!


  18. Now these imbeciles are going to waste are hard earned tax dollars on how to eliminate the Wild mustangs that we are paying to protect and preserve , my head is spinning in disbelief right under are noses …. WOW


  19. always full of lies and untruths. Your slaughterplant is finished..and one day, all slaughter will be banned. You watch. Its not natural. Horses are peoples pets, friends, companions, they helped win wars and settle the land. You are no better than the butchers who so cruelly kill these wonderful animals, nor the asians who eat domestic pets as well.


  20. Ummm and we the taxpayer are paying for Bobbie to go to Lost Wages???? And we are paying the rest of all those employees to go to this???? And we are footing the bill for the hotel???

    What is wrong with this picture????


  21. I hope no one shows yp. (Like the $30,000 truck of Sue’s)
    Can’t really blame the Hotel. I don’t believe they know the score.
    Wish we could get our tax money back somehow.




  23. Take a good look at the attendee List , embed them in our minds these are the Judas , there is no Summit, whatever is planned there can only be against the Wild ones………It really very good to be able to get this List it shows all that are totally corrupt with greed ………..Still very disappointed to see Dean Bolstead on that List Wow !!!! The lying sweet talker is probably the worst of the Bunch !!!!! At least we now know who they all are , half the battle is knowing your opponents Identity true… Dean was a huge surprise to me , never would have thought him!!!!


  24. I am now wondering how we could take this potential disaster and turn it around to be just the opposite, for the Mustangs , you know where there is a will there is a way !!!!! Thinking cap going on over here ! we can use this to be just what they didnt want !!!!!


  25. Maybe we can help SAVE some horses by voting on PEPSI REFRESH. Doesn’t cost a dime, just some of our time. The December contest starts today. You sign up and sign in each day to get 10 votes from any single email address (or maybe a single computer – I don’t know how they track). You can also vote from your cellphone and on Facebook. So that’s at least 3 votes available daily for each of your choices.

    This is the Leader Board:

    If you go to the upper right and search for “horse”, then click on “Ideas in the Running” (the only ones you can actually vote for), you should get 27 entries. I don’t know what the last 6 are doing there, especially the “capuchin monkeys”.

    You can click the “idea” to check them out and vote from their page, or, once you’ve decided who you like, you can do the “horse” search and vote directly from there, which is MUCH quicker.

    My first vote today was for “Borrowed Time Equine Rescue” in FALLON, NV, of all places! They want $250K. Does anyone know what they’re about? If they’re not good, I don’t want to waste my vote.

    I’m also voting for Mid-America Horse Rescue ($25K), The Animals Voice ($25K), H.O.R.S.E. Inc. ($25K), Kathy Smith ($25K), and 5 other animal charities.

    I’m only voting to help animal RESCUES. Not “ideas” that are primarily about “rescuing” people by using animals. Just a personal choice.


    • We need an outline here for an umbrella Foundation for the wild horses and we need it yesterday. I have no experience with Not For Profits but we need a big one dedicated to the wild horses and saving their lives, families and herds where ever we can. With a base funding we could really build something that would work and help those who have been doing the legal and field work.

      We could put in our own .orgs also and all of us back them; RT and Terry and Laura with GRH.

      If we all get behind our own groups this could help bring in enough to put us on the map. Once there we can fish for the big grants. mar


      • The “ideas” for January were put up and closed for review at 12:01 this morning. Pepsi has announced they will run this contest again for 2011 with some rule changes, because people have complained about “voting irregularities”.

        The next opportunity to post an “idea” will be Jan. 1, 12:01, for Feb. voting. From what I’ve read, the posting process can be frustrating, since folks said they’ve hit the site as soon as it was open and were told it was already full. There have to be some tricks to getting in. We just have to figure out what they are.

        Then it all comes down to “networking”. So this month is not only a time to figure out “ideas” for 2011, but an opportunity to test our “network” by finding out if we can get and “idea” that’s already there to the top and KEEP it there.


    • I’m also voting for the ASPCA ($250K). HSUS won $250K last month – GRRR!!! Then animal charities that aren’t for $25K, so they don’t compete with my horse choices. Again, just a personal preference. Mar, there are two wolf rescues for $50K (and one for $25K – I’ll have to think about). Shall we try to get them some $$$?


      • Yes, I think we should… but need to check them out, also…

        This is an opportunity for many of us to get together and work on this process… maybe we need to request info for the January changes. If they fill up fast it is because people are all prepared to hit the send button at the same time…. itis just doing it quick like a bunny… mar


      • This is the link for “The Animals Voice” to get $$$ for former GOVERNMENT SERVICE horses and mules. These people have purchased animals that ended up at sale barns because they hadn’t been adopted or the adoptions didn’t work out. They’re currently at #86 for $25K. I voted for them this afternoon.

        We can make a difference for horses AND mules by working together. Try to get everyone you can on board. Our network will prove the power of “The Force of the Horse”. LET’S DO THIS THING!!!


      • Today’s update on Pepsi Refresh/”save our equine troops”/The Animals Voice. They were #86 on 12/1 and #56 today (12/4). If you’re voting, keep it up. If not, please get on board for these deserving horses and mules.


    • Updates from Pepsi Refresh on the 5 Rescues & ASPCA. These are now in order as they appear on the “horse”/”in the running” PAGES. Open the first, then the next two pages from the link at the bottom.

      Borrowed Time – 12/1 #9, 12/4 #46 (UGH!)
      Mid-America – 12/1 #154, 12/4 #137
      The Animals Voice – 12/1 #86, 12/4 #56
      H.O.R.S.E. Inc. – 12/1 #18, 12/4 #64 (UGH again!)
      Kathy Smith – 12/4 #222, 12/4 #170
      ASPCA – 12/1 #22, 12/4 #8 (YEAH!)

      I vote Facebook first, then SIGN OUT (very important), so I can Google again and sign in using my email address. Then its off to my cell phone. 3 votes from me EVERY DAY. If I can get my son to surrender his MAC & cell for a few minutes, that’s 3 more.

      I’ve already told you who I’m voting for, the method I’m using, and why. They may change the rules for next year, but the way I’m doing it is allowed for this month and is being done by the majority of participants. There are also private, reciprocal deals being struck between organizations, which is perfectly legal.

      R.T., if you don’t want me updating this here or on any other SFtHH post, please let me know. If you say it’s okay, I’d like to transfer this information to one of the “most read” posts and update there. Fair warning to all – if R.T. gives the okay, you’ll be getting brief updates every couple of days until Dec. 31st.


  26. Would it be possible for us to send a representative to this Fiasco in Las Vegas??? if it is do you think we could send someone, Maybe we could fund that person, by all of us collecting whatever all here could afford to donate for this very important Summit, I given a lot of thought as to who we would send and I think I have come up with someone here that I we would be proud if they would go there for us , Louie Crocroft


  27. I wonder if Richard Couto from Animal Rescue Mission (Miami. FL) would be interested? He was very helpful with saving the Walker Lake Herd. He’s friend’s with Simone and has a FB page.


  28. Arlene, I just saw your comment–Thank you for such a nice compliment. I don’t think the “Summit of the Horse” is going to go on without opposition of some sort. There are SO many people and organizations that are opposed to slaughter and they will, more than likely, be ramping up.


  29. Louie, Your Welcome , but I wasnt sure if they would allow any of us there, but I thought if we could send someone there to represent the Wild Mustangs , you would be my choice, I know you would represent us and the Mustang in a awesome fashion…….You have the greatest qualities for that…. I have read everything you have written here and you would be the very best ………Its not only a compliment but the truth as I see it ..


  30. Why they just call it “The Unwanted Horse Summit”. Are they really going to hear both sides? Does free speech work if goverment officals have made up their mind not to listen. I suggest you hear all sides. These Summits and elimation conferences cost the USA peoples and horse cost millions!! Big Brothers Ken Salazar and Bob Abby are removing the horse which did fine without goverment intervention. No one is allowed to look down on horses but GOD. I’m sure the horse advocates will be crying and the souls will be emptied after they hear” We don’t care about horses as a species.” “We don’t care what voters think” Maybe the next conference should be to have a slaughter fest of naure caring folks who get high on nature and not greed……

    This is the only good news that hits my ears for 25 bucks you can tune into a web cast. I don’t think I can handle anymore Mayan heart gutting of advocates.

    Do we live in the USA in 2011? Free speech (or) does Bob Abbey and others just appear to have deaf ears….


    • I had thought about getting the web-cast but I really could not stomach more than just a few minutes of this agenda. But since Bob and Ken are public employees perhaps a FOIA of their speeches would be in order. Especially since the denial of Brogan to attend means that those without the killer agenda are not allowed in. Also I did not want to give Sue more attention nor my $25.00.


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