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Las Vegas TV News to Air “Other Side” of Slaugherfest Propoganda

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Las Vegas News to air truth about Horse Slaughter

Late this morning, Pacific Time, Las Vegas News teams from NBC, ABC, CBS and more crowded into a small room to hear the sane rebuttal against the contravesiol “Summit of the Horse” being held in Las Vegas early this week.  Sickened by the distorted number and incorrect facts equine advocates, representing all walks of life, traveled to this gambling town to ensure that the people of Las Vegas got the “other side of the story” and not just the cheap and discredited retoric from self-appointed horse slaughter experts representing the cattle industry.

News coverage of the press conference will be aired during the evening hours of 4-6 PM Pacific time and advocates say that they would appreciate it if local residence not only passed the word amoungst their friends but also to record the multiple broadcasts for later play back.

Equine advocates from around the world have been disturbed by the gorey rhetoric generating from Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis who is currently under investigation for fraud and ethics charges.  With a long history of inaccuracies and errors plaguing her past Wallis has seated herself as a host for this conference which is seriously afflicted with sagging attendance numbers.

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  1. I hope the networks listen up real good. I’m listening to Abbey now and am about to vomit. He’s so upset that people are picking on him and his little monsters. Start acting honorably and that won’t happen Boob


  2. Like that “gorey rhetoric” there!

    Hello to the Advocates in Las Vegas! Give a shout for Wild Horse Freedom for me!!
    Tell the world the world about the wild horses and this shameful scummit! mar


  3. I am very happy that all those news channels are getting all the facts straight, oh what a wonder the Media is….. It was only a matter of time that once the Media picked up on this extremely urgent Issue , are Mustangs have been facing and feeling the terror and horror of ………….. for way toooooooo long, The Media seems to get to the truth and report it, thats what our mustangs have needed is exposure of what their Plight is to all of America………………….. The goal is Americas people taking a stand in this Atrocity and putting an end to it…….All people given the knowledge will process it and inquire about it and then act upon it, I have no doubt the people will gather the facts and stop this horror for our innocent Mustangs………………… There is no other viable conclusion then this is Betrayal and deceit and criminal……………………………


  4. I hope the media gets the facts straight and reports the truth. Show the “scummit” for the criminals and abusers they are.


  5. Anybody know who paid for Mr Crabby Abbey’s ticket to this “gather”? Hope it didn’t come out of the BLM budget!!


    • Of course Abbey’s trip, lodgings. meals, etc. are being paid for by the BLM. He’s on “official business”. Wonder if he flew “business” class, or caught a ride on a private jet?


  6. Just caught the last 10 or 15 minutes of Bob Abbey – SSDD.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the networks get it right this time, and that they report the real facts and not just more BLM lies, distortions, and junk science. Thank you advocates!!


  7. I watched the last night’s Summit…the Welcome. No exaggeration, I got sick to my stomach. To hear, “The Solution,” “THE SOLUTION,” over and over. Again, reminiscent of the Nazi “Solution.” And this IS a Holocaust with the Wild Horses. Brutally rounded-up, taken away from their home and family, inhumanely treated in the BLM concentration camp, little if no medical care, crammed into trailers w/no food/water, off to long term holding, and yes…TO SLAUGHTER! And last night the main theme was LOVE OF HORSES and it was a “gift” to the horses to slaughter them. “We all have to die sometime…” Trent Loos. That horses, by their death, are giving us food to sustain us. Another kicker was that advocates say this [horse slaughter] is, “… all about money, but all our speakers here are not being paid.” Omg, how out there and out of context can you get??! If I was a person of substance, high-profile, politician, etc., I would be so shamed to be there. Well, high-profile people attending are horse killers: Bob Abbey, Charles Stenholm. Temple Grandin? I wonder if she regrets her commitment? What I saw last night, geez, they could have at least cleaned the dung off their jeans and boots…if not their mouths.


  8. Watching the Summit of the Horse Dr. Boyd Spratling speaking showing 4 horses at a tiny watering hole, explaining the June 10 , 2010 became an emergency gather because there was no water for the horses, correct me if i am wrong is this not because they fenced the water off from them?????? also they have discontinued the chat part button because they say that due to activists interference they are discontinuing the chat portion..


  9. Right now this guy is showing on the Summit of the Horse the decrease of wild animals around wild horses. Honestly Horses are not the cause of decreased wild life, humans are and development on land is. Not horses, they may have a part of it, but not the main cause. If you remove the horses I am sure you will continue to see a decrease in wild life for those areas. If the decrease is really that drastic then cattle should not be allowed to graze on those lands either.


  10. So this was a GREAT idea to organize the “True Horse Advocate Summit, for the Horse!”…..wildlife dying out, because the hunters are killing them……and the government kills the predators, so the stupid livestock can “survive” on the public range they don’t belong to!!


  11. Thanks to all the forse lovers who stood up for animal !!! WELFARE !!! WELFARE !!! WELFARE !!! in Lost Wages. And everybody hang on to those New Year’s Eve noisemakers. They may become handy attention-getters in 2011!


  12. Buy your lottery ticket for yourself and the horses tonight before they close the machines!

    350 Million (?)

    Hey, that’s a lot of hay!

    You never know….


    • Way to go George Knapp… and Simone also!! Great report and done with the dignity and respect due the wild horses. Perfect upfront presentation of the story without making the scummit the central character….

      Please watch this excellent piece of broadcast journalism… link at Monika’s comment. mar


    • Excellent piece of jounalism, George. We can always count on you. And Simone, factual, composed and terrific as usual. I did have to close my eyes for much of this video. Thanks for telling it and showing it like it is not matter what spin Temple Grandin gives it.


  13. i am curious about what Temple had to say..and then I think we can quit giving these people attention they do not seem to be getting anywhere else..They have no base it seems but a few self absorbed, irresponsable, and delusional sidekicks, and looks as if they will have their hands full trying to pay their bills and answer legal and ethical questions..I hope the castoffs who donated to this project use their next 100 dollars to seek professional help.


  14. Sandra I agree they do not deserve our attention. Johnathan Swift wrote a political satire called A Modest Proposal in which he suggested eating the children of the poor to cure Ireland’s poverty. That was a satire but this is just a disgusting group of cattle ranchers trying to get the last pound of flesh out of their horses. Wallis said we are creating welfare for horses. Well I would much perfer to support the horses then continue to support rancher welfare and breeder subsidies. Does anyone know how many people actually attended the slaughter summit. It is hard to tell from the videos but it does not look like a good turnout.


  15. The American Humane Society has a rep at the slaughter summit–Tim Amlaw who comes from a beef background. Here is a quote from him concerning horse

    –The American Humane Association, which monitors the treatment of beef cattle, pigs and poultry nationwide, is considering helping the slaughter.
    proponents of horse sl.aughterhouses develop and implement such guidelines. The group may also create a media campaign to explain the issue to a wary public, said Tim Amlaw, a vice president.

    A 130 year old society supposedly protecting children and animals—I think we all need to voice our displeasure in their “beef/horse eaters” vice president “helping” the horse slaughter industry.


  16. George Knapp and Simone were awesome !!!! Omg Thank You !!!! This was superb !! Thank You also Media !!!!!!!! I know the Power for the Horses is in the Media !!!!!! This is the Proof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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