Day: January 10, 2011

Update: Death in the Montana Montains

High winds and drifting snow, laid over the top of pure ice. That’s Western Montana in the winter. The mountains, the trees – it all looks so wonderful from the inside of a warm car. The beauty fades away quickly when the car door opens and the first steps are taken, but those first steps are necessary to get the job done. It’s being pretty self centered when those steps aren’t taken and the beings that are living outside don’t have a way to feel warmth or enjoy life.

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Immodest Proposal

Swift wrote the Modest Proposal as a political satire. His goal in suggesting that the solution to poverty was eating the children of the poor was to point out that the problems of poverty were a consequence of the political and economic system of his time. In writing the proposal, Swift intentionally utilized agricultural terms to describe the poor of Ireland in order to make a political statement about the current political system that created the poverty than found its victims deplorable. In contrast the pro-horse slaughter activists utilize non-agricultural terms in an attempt to create a positive connotation of horse slaughter. Slaughter becomes the humane processing of horses. If we substitute the word horses for children then the analogy between Swift’s proposal and horse slaughter becomes all too apparent.

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