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Summit Organizer Responds to Netherlands Assault Allegations

Story by Steven Long ~ Author/Publisher of Horseback Magazine

Duquette Speaks to Long

Dave Duquette

Houston, (Horseback) – Five days after a request for comment by officials of United Horsemen, the group that hosted loudly advertised but poorly attended Las Vegas conference which ended with a police complaint being filed against an organizer, the group’s CEO made a statement to Horseback Magazine.

Dave Duquette, an Oregon horse trainer and executive director of the group responded to our reports on the alleged incident at Las Vegas’ South Point Hotel and Casino in which an Arizona attendee, Simone Netherlands, claimed Wyoming State Rep. Wallis injured her. The woman is a horse trainer and rescue operator. Netherlands is recovering from surgery to her arm after she was injured by a kicking horse four weeks ago. She made the claims in a complaint to hotel security at the Steward branch of the Las Vegas police which confirmed it is investigating the allegations and has yet to file a formal charge.

Netherlands had been credentialed as a journalist by United Horsemen and had attended the gathering without incident until the day after she appeared at a news conference. At the news gathering she denounced factual inaccuracies she claimed were repeatedly being stated at the meeting. A report with Netherlands on camera appeared  on a Las Vegas evening newscast allegedly angering Wallis to the point that she removed Netherlands from the meeting the following day when she arrived. The Arizona woman told Horseback Magazine and police  Wallis had injured the arm which still carried nine orthopedic pins placed there during surgery.

“Steven you never cease to blow me away with your ‘Unbiased Journalistic Integrity,” Duquette said in a written note to the Magazine Sunday. “I do know that the South Point made a statement to you about Simone because they told me you were inquiring. So I do know that YOU know the truth.”

Horseback Magazine did inquire of the hotel regarding the incident and spokesman Tony Mikovitz initially reported the hotel was unaware of an incident. After inquiring from hotel security about what happened, he called back saying “She was removed from the conference. The Metro Police came out and they determined no crime had taken place.” In fact, it was not until Netherlands left the hospital and went to the police substation that the police took her complaint as reported previously by Horseback.

Hotel security didn’t remove Netherlands from the meeting room as is standard procedure in such situations. Wallis is alleged by the Arizona woman to have physically grabbed her arms backing the trainer into the hallway outside without calling security for assistance.

“Steven, Simone is either really stupid or just trying to make a scene, either way you should know better, Casino’s are filled with cameras,” Duquette said. “There were at least 3 watching that doorway, the deputy and the chief of security looked at the video and said “No crime had been committed” furthermore he got a Written (sic) statement from Simone (so she couldn’t change her story) before he told her to leave the property and if she came back she would be arrested.”

Las Vegas police have impounded the hotel security tape.  Attorney Matthew Callister will subpoena the tape as evidence in a planned civil suit,” Netherlands said.

“Her statement included assault by the security guards also,” Duquette said.  They never once touched her. We have both the audio of RT and his original blog on file. He will soon be getting some papers.”

Author R.T. Fitch’s blog, Straight from the Horse’s Heart has covered United Horsemen and its officials since the organization’s beginning, often, critical of their statements. He was on the phone with Netherlands as hotel security was escorting her out of the area.

“That’s pretty much SOP for Duquette,” Fitch said after viewing Duquette’s satement.  ”My report, nor yours, says anything about security guards laying hands on Simone, only Wallis, AND we have only reported what we have been told which is quite clear in my audio report.”

“We are getting tired of this Steven and you folks have gone way too far now,” Duquette continued. “Slander and Liable are two words you folks should learn the definition of. Oh by the way, Simone will be charged I am sure by the FBI for falsifying her credentials when she spoke to Bob Abbey, there seems to be a lack of integrity on that side. She filled out two different press credential forms and spelled her false name differently on both.”

Horseback is unaware of conversations between Netherlands and Abbey. Netherlands works as a producer for a program aired on community television.

“Also the whole ‘Sparse attendance’  is kind of funny,” Duquette wrote. “We had the room set up with 250 seats. There were 209 attendees in the Hotel plus the locals that showed up and press folks that were not counted. Simone’s video was taken on breaks. Just another lie. Play it how you will but it truly was a success. The longer you do this type of crap the more people that will see you for what you are.”

Much of the conference was devoted to the contentious issue of opening legal horse slaughter for human consumption facilities again in the United States. The last domestic horse slauthter plants closed after rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld laws in Texas and Illinois making the practice illegal. Congress also cut off funding for federal meat inspectors at such facilities. Surveys have shown repeatedly that between 79-90 percent of the public oppose horse slaughter.

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  1. More crazy talk….glad folks like Horseback, SFTHH and others are there to document. Geeze Loueeze!….that whatever on the chin is more than distracting.

    Seriously, what is it called? And yes, no appearance attacks, but hionestly….what in the hades is that thing called?


  2. Well there is indeed a tape of the incident and that will be the final decider of who is speaking out of which side of their mouths. I was under the impression that the final decider of whether a crime has been committed was the job of the District Attorney. The scummit, as I understand, states that Wallis never left her chair. The tape will indeed show where Wallis was at the time and what she was doing at the time.


  3. There must be some sort of infatuation with the FBI. For all that matters, United Horsemen is the one that needs investigating. The conduct in past months has been unprofessional and questionable, as the mocking emails of President Duquette in regards to a horse advocate who wanted to attend the summit, clearly demonstrated.
    The lack of integrity is not on Steven Long’s side, but on this organization who uses propaganda purposes crooning in tunes that seem to be changing depending on how they can serve in reaching their goals. The story is never the same, as the credibility has not only vanished but the desperate need to gain control is obvious and many folks across the US have been educated about the dark side of United Horsemen and their tales.
    So while the details of current investigations are examined, the masterminds of deception practices will brew up their next step on how to twist the agenda once again – I hope you shoot yourself in the foot once again.


  4. More lies and deception , what did we expect the truth ???? , how can anyone expect the truth from these people who are powered by Greed also……They lie so much they cannot even see the truth anymore……….It is up to the Tape to show the truth and it will !!!!! Never expect the truth from a habitual liars, they have no conception just Greed in their minds…………………………….. Just a picture tells a 1000 words a Video presence and shows the moving version……………… Which is never deceptive….. They thing on his face is a lie to make you believe he is a man with integrity………


  5. Considering how much writing Simone does she is easily described as a freelance journalist… This entire episode could have been foreseen as the ‘organizers’ are some very reactionary people. Sorry Simone has to deal with this now but she will prevail. No Doubt! mar


  6. I attended all 4 days (1 evening, 3 daytime sessions). I would estimate 150-180 average attendance, based on the fact that I counted approximately 30 round tables (8 chairs each) plus the table in the front for the panel. None of the tables appeared full, and some in the back were empty or sparsely populated. I think Dr. Grandin’s segment was probably the most highly attended, followed by Bob Abbey’s.


    • lol, I guess he tried some product to ‘get the grey out’ and it did get the grey out. Now hes discovers how a recent dye job looks so looks like a black hole on his face. very noticeable like a fake beard or a tribble stuck on his face.

      better off shave it off and start again Dave 😉 and if you’re missing hair on your head aswell..the skinhead look is really in with your gang. don’t dye and do not hide it under a hat!


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