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Ask President Obama to Support Protection for Horses

by Laura Allen from Animal Law Coalition

Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Today, Tuesday January 25 at 9 p.m. EST, President Obama will deliver his 2011 State of the Union Address, which will be streamed live on YouTube. We have submitted a question to President Obama for an exclusive YouTube Interview that will take place just two days later, on January 27. Votes are needed in order to have this question considered and addressed.

We want to know…

Will you support a ban on slaughter of American horses for human consumption and begin protecting wild horses by ordering a moratorium on round ups and a full investigation and reform of the Wild Horses and Burros program?

Watch and Vote here: (Sign in, search for “horses” and when you find the question, vote!)

Courtesy of Saving America’s Horses, A Nation Betrayed

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  1. Get this far and wide by email and on Face book and beyond…. When you ask non horsey friends to do this- ask them to ask someone they know and so on… just like with the horse community… get it out as far as you can…

    This is a long shot as there are so many questions and so many people… but there is a chance and it so worth taking the time to get people you know to help.

    Good luck to the wild ones… mar


  2. I signed in and searched for “horses”, and the question didn’t come up. Searched for “horse”, and there were more horse/mustang questions, but, again, not this one. I noticed several have been removed.


      • To the left of the thumbs up/down it says, “This submission has been removed because people believe it is inappropriate.” When did respectfully stated REALITY become inappropriate in our supposedly “freedom of speech” nation?


    • When did respectfully stated REALITY become inappropriate in our supposedly “freedom of speech” nation?

      Yes, I finally found that. We sure need more votes. Some topics have over 3,000 votes and we have only in the two figures.
      I noticed some of the removed ones had 16 “like” votes.


  3. I signed in and searched for “horses”, and the question didn’t come up. Searched for “horse”, and there were more horse/mustang questions, but, again, not this one. I noticed several have been removed.”

    Same here. Only two questions on Mustangs came up. I entered one of my own, but I think ANYONE can eliminate a question. When I clicked on one I didn’t like, it disappeared.
    Can we sneak one in that others, like you know who, can’t find????


  4. Yeah–it’s a bit hard to navigate–but that’s how the govt. is! If you REALLY like something–or want something to flourish and exist for many years into the future, then you have to hide it away from the govt.–because it is their mission to “seek and destroy”– and then they ask–“Don’t you like what we’ve done?” And then you are taxed to pay them for doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you wanted! So if you have access to that “wild element” that the govt. wants to find and remove–then follow their new slogan — (don’t ask), DON”T TELL !

    OK I voted,left question–but can’t find it again! grrr


  5. No there are now 2 questions there, almost exactly the same, one has 13 votes, the other has 23 votes. We need PEOPLE to get over there and vote this up, now!

    It is VERY cumbersome trying to find it and that is probably a big part of the problem.

    Go to youtube using the link in the article above.

    You MUST sign in.

    After sign in, when you get back to the page that says “Your Interview with the President” that is streaming the SOTU speech right now, scroll down in the right column to the search box and type in “horses”. (There are also some stats there on questions, so you can see you’re in the right place if you see that.)

    A list should come up in the left column that shows the 2 questions I just described above. Give BOTH of them thumbs up.

    And please let’s not all put the same question in there – let’s just get this one voted up so there are mass numbers on it.



  6. Now you can post a question about items Pres. Obama talked about–I asked– “If he was restructuring govt. agencies would BLM be stopped from rounding up more horses to save taxpayers’ money.” (something like that) He did mention DOI in his speech and the many agencies involved with salmon!


  7. I hope my question is still visible to others… I just found it still, it had quite a bit of thumbs up:
    Stop the fiscally irresponsible actions of BLM – they are wiping out our mustangs, their propaganda and outdated science must stop! Pickens had a solution, yet they round up over 2000 horses right now, from millions of acres ! BLM is out of control !
    Megaheartfelt, Monika C.


    • There is a video on blue moon, * google this ” & see the copter pilot scoop up
      a horse 70′ in the air & drop the HORSE!!!!!!! His neck was then broken.
      Change the BLM from having anything to do with animals because they
      are causing extreme abuse on these animals. Bob Abbey & Salazar need
      to go, & not be associated with animals ever again.


  8. Well I tried to vote but I guess I’ve been blocked by the Obama admin because I told him he would be a one term Pres. Guess he didn’t like the truth.


  9. Madeleine Pickens Wild Horse Sanctuary
    I’ll also be on HLN (Headline News Channel) Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell this Friday, January 28th at 7:50pm EST. Watch as Jane Velez Mitchell breaks open more fiscal irresponsibility with the BLM run Wild Horse and Burro Program. She is a great friend to all animals. Please tune in.,


  10. I submitted all kinds of tags, and only a few came up. I submitted a question to the World View You Tube site regarding the fact that I could find almost no questins about wild horses and burros when I knew that many people had submitted them. I gave some other details and asked them to look into what had happened to all these questions.

    Perhaps others who voted as I did earlier and then went back to vote only to discover that the questions had been removed might also want to voice your concerns about what happened to our questions. We are passionate, literate, and somewhat restrained, nonetheless persistent equine advocates. It is unlikely that any would have been removed for any purpose other than political.

    It is entirely likely and within the philosophy of the Chicago on the Potamac philosophy of the new WH Chief of Staff to have had these very difficult questions removed. If someone were not doing something unethical, illegal, fiscally irresponsible, and so forth, those questions could at least be found.

    That these questions were not even found so that they could be voted on is worthy of a press release in itself. You can bet that between the creators of this project and YouTube, someone can find the these questions on a micro-chip and find out the ISP address from which they were deleted.

    Yes, there are a lot of questions being asked by a lot of thoughtful, articulate people, but I got several notices in my Facebook account from different sources and read comments from different sites where people commented about voting and entering their own questions. These notices were received by a lot of people.


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