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Madeleine Pickens: For the Wild Horses on CNN

Madeleine Pickens attempts to make sense out of Obama’s BLM double talk and documented animal cruelty!

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  1. To me the reason for all this insanity is we pay for it. Seems somehow we need to embarrass this administration enough to shut off the money to this program otherwise there is no incentive to stop it. $75 million is a lot of money and pays a lot of good ol boys to act like a bunch of macho cowboys. It pays for the truck drivers, the pilots, ranchers, corrals, hay, god only knows how many palms are greased. The poster showing free roaming horses = 0 and horses being rounded up =$75m is a great analogy. Who in their right mind would borrow money to pay for all this stupidity while at the same time crying the blues that we need to rebuild the economy? It’s our money, our land, our horses we must shut them down. All those men waving their little plastic bags on sticks will have to find something else to do.


      • I think I now know why the BLM stupidly saids no to Mrs. Pickens’ offer, too many people’s pockets are being filled, so the BLM is concerned about keeping every one’s back scratched, so in order to keep on doing that you have to spend alot of money, so go ahead and waste our tax dollars by spending millions to torture our American icon, the wild mustang! Just so shameful!


    • Call OSHA in Nevada, this pilot is creating deadly hazards;

      How to Report Workplace Hazards

      By Phone: Call (702) 486-9020 (Southern Nevada) or (775) 824-4600 (Northern Nevada).

      By Internet:

      By Mail: For Southern Nevada: Nevada OSHA, 1301 N Green Valley Pkwy Ste #200, Henderson, NV 89074;
      For Northern Nevada: Nevada OSHA, 4600 Kietzke Lane, Bldg F, Ste #153, Reno, NV 89052


      • If we all have a massive call in to OSHA in Nevada we will get the fastest response and unlike the BLM..they will pull that pilot..right now and fine sun J..attach all photos and videos to your complaint..especially those showing how close the pilot is to the horse, the ground and humans in the trap site who are endangered as this will be of the greatest importance..osha does not protect the animals but the humans in danger. I posted this elsewhere, but remember the average horse is 15 hands tall..that is 60 “, when the skids are blocked fom view by the animal..that gives you a good idea how close to the ground the helicopter is being manuevered


  2. I was disappointed that Madeleine was not afforded more time. She barely got to make any statement at all on this long running drama. If I did not already know what was going on I would still be somewhat in the dark from this report. But am glad that Jane does cover the wild horse situation and that she put the videos up. That is important.


    • sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words….and in this case it was true……

      old Nez Perce saying…”It does not take many words to speak the truth…”…Chief Joseph


  3. There is no way to make sense of the senseless or explain the unexplainable. The answer is to shut off the money and stop these cruel operations NOW. The trail of the money involved in all this over the years should be rooted out and followed up by a bundle of very public prosecutions and heavy prison sentences. And that scumbag flying that chopper fo Sun=J in the Antelope Complex fiasco should be jerked out of that chopper and slammed into a jail cell without bail! There is no excuse for what he has been doing to those horses.


  4. I wonder how President Obama can justify this to his children that his apathy over the whole situation that he allowed the extermination of these last wild horses. More people have to get involved to stop this. The government only listens to numbers. We have to do this and do it fast!!


    • Most young girls love horses and drean of owning their own. Our lame president should show both his girls the video footage of these cruel round-ups and then explain to them why he continures to suppoort this, when Mrs. Pickens who knows horses, has the money, and has the perfect plan he continues to ignore!


      • No one has a plan that will stop the roundups which would stop feeding Long Term Holding.

        Increase AML; take cattle off the HMAs and increase AML. We need to stop feeding Long Term Holding.

        Our wild horses are not starving or dying of thirst. 99% of problems are created by BLM and then BLM responds to its’ own stimulus by removing horses from their shrinking ranges. Stop shrinking the range and pull cattle off and AML is increased and horses are managed for as Primary Species. This would end the cycle which BLM created and is perpetuating and which is feeding Long Term Holding which is the end of the line for all our horses.

        The increase in nonspecific use of PZP-22 will cause the small herds to have no offspring for several years and when they can reproduce again they will have too few
        horses and no longer be viable without horses being brought in to create more diversity. This will allow BLM to zero them out later as having lost genetic diversity.


      • And while we are at it..lets demand to know why cattle are on allotments in the dead of winter when grasses are dormant, and supposedly they are removing the horses because there is not enough forage..WWP needs to take a look at the damage being done on the Antelope HMA by cattle grazing in the winter…and this is Management???


  5. Emergency Notice:
    If you have an EMERGENCY (EX: to report a fatality or imminent life threatening situation) Please contact our toll free number immediately:
    1-800-321-OSHA (6742)
    TTY 1-877-889-5627

    Do You Have Workplace Safety & Health Related Questions?:

    [By Email]:
    You can contact OSHA via email.

    To submit an information inquiry by Electronic Mail Form.
    [By Phone]:
    1-800-321-OSHA (6742) Toll Free U.S.

    [Write To]:
    U.S. Department of Labor
    Occupational Safety & Health Administration
    200 Constitution Avenue
    Washington, D.C. 20210


  6. I want to know WHY we only hear news about this in relationship to what Bob Abbey is saying and NOTHING from his (and Ken Salazar’s ) boss – our president! He can’t be unaware of this situation! WTF???


  7. Why does Jane give Madeleine so FEW minutes and yet devotes all of Fri and half of Mon’s show to Charlie Sheen. I don’t give a rat’s butt about Charlie–I don’t even watch his show–but Jane ALWAYS talks in such an abrasive tone. I know that’s just her style but it grates on the nerves.

    At least Madeleine was able to get a few words in the really important ones. How Bob Abbey says one thing and does another.

    I wish Jane had shown how that mare was truly traumatized by the BLM helicopter. She wasn’t just run off her feet she was then TOTALLY harassed by that pilot. That part sadly wasn’t shown on national tv. It it had I’m sure there would be an uprising.


    • I agree, Margaret, Jane can be very grating, Madeleine should have more air time and it should be run and reran on nation tv & radio.


  8. This is brutal and abusive treatment
    Ignorance is running deep with the BLM abusive round ups

    Now there is an offer of other means and it is being ignored by our tax payers government and our tax funds is goes on being used for this abusive.
    America needs to stand up for the American Mustangs and put a stop to such ignorant abuse of animals and our tax funds.

    Teresa Paradis


  9. According to Madelines latest send out..she and Abbey have kissed and made up..LOL..reminds me of the cheating husband and wife who always takes him back and expects a different result…


  10. I know this is a delayed comment, but, how can we all rise up & turn off the money!!?? How can we just stop paying in to this wild horse massacre (it might as well be called that, they’ll be extinct in no time at the rate of these round-ups!!)?? Can we start a new American revolution, a revolt against unfair government spending, indifference, animal & land abuse, government corruption, lies & cover-ups?? If this is being funded with our tax dollars, there has to be a way to stop it, cut it off!! We have to have rights, & a say in how our money is to be used or spent, like think of how many jobless, homeless, uninsured, hungry AMERICANS that money could help! Or, even small businesses, or repaying some of America’s debt? Anything but rounding up, removing, destroying & killing the one thing that really stands for freedom, our wild American mustangs! Once they are gone from the wild, America will lose part of her soul, her very being, &, America will NEVER be the same again. And, it’s not that “they’re” just against Madeleine, they’re against anyone who defies them or gets in their way. God help America!


  11. I believe this is the Video where Blue Moon died.There is a still photo showing that white horses head between the scids of that copper! If someone remembers where it is pull it up please. IT’S PROOF!


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