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Audio Post – Wild Horses Treated Inhumanely at BLM Stampede

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  1. This is totally despicable, why cant we File an immediate injunction to stop this insanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is insane and unnatural , against the Law…….. How can we stand by this Tragedy……………………………..Is there nothing we can do to put this to an immediate stop????????????? I am Heart broken for the Mustangs………..These are living breathing Icons , who feel for their families and their herds , just as we we feel for ours, why cant we make them stop……………. We must do as Egypt did, put this to an end here and now !!!!! I can only imagine the horror these Beautiful Mustangs are feeling………. This is an Outrage………..We can beg, implore till dooms day and nothing is stopping this Horrorfest To do Nothing is to Condone The BLM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  2. THANK YOU R.T FITCH from the bottom of this old mans heart for being there for the wild ones. I can hear and feel the pain and disgust in your voice.


    • The BLM people, here, said to document, document, document and that is just what Laura has been doing for months and what we are doing this week.

      This WILL end… March 1 foaling season begins so the MUST stop. But overall this cruelty needs to stop, that’s what HfH Advisory Council, the Cloud Foundation and Grass Roots Horse are all about (along with many others)

      Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


  3. Thanks R.T and everyone else there for all you do, we and the horses appreciate it! I hope more people contact their senators/congressmen and the president about this. With your videos and photos it is making what the BLM is doing very crystal clear.


  4. HORRIBLE. I have had a bad feeling the past two nights about this. This am I sent faxes, emails, placed calls to my California congresswomen & other representatives. Faxes to their Washington and Cal offices. I’m calling and emailing Nevada, Oregon, the more the better. Wake these people UP! We must BLITZ. Tell them the BLM is moving a dangerous mode to assure that the greatest damage is being done and quickly as possible. They are giving the middle finger to Congress and to the people, they are not taking kindly to losing a few funds. People do have the power, if it is used.


  5. This is outrageous and just listening to you makes me feel so angry and sad for the way these mustangs are treated. II hope that many folks would listen and see what this government allows to happen. Something needs to be done.


  6. I was gritting my teeth before you were finished giving us that report, R.T. My Senators and Rep will hear about ALL this. Over and over and over….. Whatever it takes!


  7. I called and left a message at the BLM asking them if they are aware of what is gong on out there and begged them to please pelase STOP this and find out that this is nothing less than govt sponsored abuse. I gave my name address an number. I told them that I want to know what it takes for them to stop using our tax payer money to torture and abuse these horses that are soaked in prespiration and then loaded and take onto the highway. I mentioned the other 12 that have just died of pnuemonia. I asked what is it going to take? People like me getting together and filing a law suit ourselves? Then I begged them to please find out what it going on and that I just ca not believe hat they can know.

    I am on hold for the white house now 16 ahead of me so please keep calling


  8. Our local news reported last night that Congress is in recess this week. I know they are not all home, but the anchor interviewed a local representative and said that the Senator who never answers anything at all could not be reached until Thursday, so you might have more luck calling district offices.

    Just an idea.

    By the way, R. T., the energy in your voice underscored the urgency of this situation.


  9. R.T., Terry, and Laura…thank you for this update! This is outrageous, and I’m making the calls and writing letters NOW! I can hear the urgency in your voice, and I hear your message loud and clear. God Bless RT, and God bless our horses who are the innocent victims of greed and corruption…


  10. God Bless you RT, Laura and Terri. You all do an amazing job in reporting these atrocities. I WANT THIS TO STOP!!!! I sent a letter to Steven Spielberg imploring him to help these horses. I’ve called the White House numerous times. Doanted to equine groups to help. What is it going to take? It is going to take a MONUMENTAL task from all of us to stop this. We need to involve the public and provoke enough interest that there is no apathy left to be complacent. I love these horses and want them to be around till I pass away into the heavens. I wish we could put these audio and films on emails to every senator to help these horses. I don’t want my tax money going to kill God’s creatures. Bless all of you who help these horses survive the best they can despite man’s best efforts to destroy them.


  11. Horses built America. They helped us in so many ways. Why would anyone do such a thing in good conscientious. It’s just sad that American citizens (that’s what they are after all) are being treated with disrespect and cruelty.


  12. The blm gets away with it, they don’t care what happens to the horses and they won’t stop till they are done in their time….. they thumb their nose and say “make us stop.” By the time these roundups are done, there won’t be anymore horses. Another legacy our government has left for us.


  13. I don’t know about you guys but I know I’m not into PETA or any other animal activist group. I’m not even a tree hugger. I’d like to think I know right from wrong–maybe not every instance–I do make my share of mistakes… .But this is beyond wrong. You don’t round up from in front of the horse. It’s like leading a horse–if you step in front of him it’s his cue to stop. The same from the whirling beast in the air. Splitting horses for fun…is not acceptable. Those horses are already stressed, not just from running for their lives but from that helicopter.

    And didn’t we see this happen last year with Calico–running heavily pregnant mares equals abortions???? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over EXPECTING a different answer and not getting one. Why would this year be different???

    Advocates when Bobby boo boo tells you something in AZ in a couple of weeks about how things are gonna be different–GET IT IN WRITING WITH HIS SIGNATURE. Not that it will help but when someone can post a signed agreement that things are gonna be different it might hold them a bit more accountable. But understood that they don’t do accountability.


  14. This Sun J outfit is filled with yahoos who used to round up horses directly from a dead run right into the trucks with horses getting trampled. So it is no surprise they do not even let the terror subside or their body temperatures regulate before loading them. THEY DON”T CARE BECAUSE THE BLM DOESN”T CARE! They’d stop if someone in the BLM told them too. They have the greenlight to be as inhumane as possible. And this is directly in violation of the law. Crimes against nature. And what BLM official is in charge out there?


  15. I sent a horse off to “prep school” today. He had a clean blanket, and his vitamins were in his duffle bag. He was a bit nervous on the trailer–and his eye looked confused. I gave him a little sympathy patting. He’ll be back in a month.

    I am at a loss for words about BLMs war on our wild horses. I know dealing with wild horses is not like taking care of pampered school horses. I just don’t know why they have to be so cruel. It’s animal abuse and they get away with it! Thank you RT, Laura and Terri for being there–and documenting. We support you 100%.
    “Every creature is a word of God” meister eckhart


  16. we must stop these evil bastards somehow!! I wish you the strength to bear witnessing this, and for all the horse angels that we will defeat the Bloody Lying Murderers.


      • I appreciate this. Looking for the head person who is not PR. Is Alan Shepherd in charge? Where the buck stops type. I will try Lesli but Heather Emmons is a complete waste of time writing.


    • Okay, these are the field managers for both the Ely district office and the Elko district office. It looks like the Antelope gather is being handled by both these district offices. Good luck!

      Ely NV
      Schell Field Office
      Field Manager: Mary D’Aversa
      (775) 289-1827

      Elko, NV
      Wells Field Office
      Field Manager: Bryan Fuell
      (775) 753-0210


      • Got it. Thank you. I need to find out why they are allowing animal abuse of terrorized, lathered horses not to settle down, regulate respiration and body temps and stuffing them immediately into a truck. We cannot let this contractor rewrite round up rules that are even more inhumane. Not gonna stand for it.


  17. A paycheck, a big paycheck, that’s all it is!

    What would these people be doing if they were not pretending that it is a necessity to round up horses to “save them from starvation” and to “save the land”.

    They are thieves of tax payers dollars! They are liars, killers, abusers and the low life of this country!!!

    They are raping America!!! From the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of the BLM, the helicopter pilots, the truckers, the security to prevent us from seeing what is REALLY going on… the unidentified land owners who are being PAID to warehouse America’s horses, and (who knows if care is being given to the horses that have been captured and abducted)…(or if they are even alive!)

    It is RAPE and THEFT and behavior that should not in any way be permitted!!!

    Thanks, President Obama for pulling the wool over our eyes! All of this is a mirror of what you REALLY are, both as a person and as the President of the United States of America. How dare you allow this to happen, and continue to happen!!!


  18. It’s so sad that in the midst of the international and domestic turmoil our wild horses are not even a blip on the radar. I’ve sent links to Maureen Harmony’s posts, written to my Republican Reps and Sens. (none of who care), Sec. Salazar (who we KNOW doesn’t care), added to public comment on the BLM site, Facebooked, Twittered and just keep hoping against hope that SOMEONE who can get the President’s ear will finally share what is happening. I truly hope that cruelty charges will be filed, perhaps THIS will get their attention. I don’t know if there’s any way to get the national legal organizations (i.e., Animal Legal Defense Fund) that help get abuse cases into and through the courts involved, but the evidence mounts. There’s a year of it! Not just during the stampedes, but the poor post care to the horses that are incarcerated. I am so glad for those braving the frigid temperatures to document that the wild horses are being treated like pests to be eradicated instead of the historical treasurers that they are. How many of the Antelope horse will die from respiratory illness due to their treatment at the hands of the contractors? And none of these deaths will be considered stampede related because there aren’t people who know or care about these horses taking care of them. If not the BLM which hired them, if one of these organizations could bring cruelty charges against the contractor. I went to other sites and cried while I watched a wild burro brutalized, the horses that flung themselves against the walls of the traps trying to get to their families and through it all, the calousness of the people handling them, and in some cases fear–and you can bet as soon as any of these horses should injure one of these brutes, it will be shot as dangerous, not seen as a terrified animal doing what terrified animals do. What I can’t understand is how thousands of voices have been raised and yet we are all ignored. Let’s invite Congress, the Administration, and the Cabinet to the Quadrangle, then come at them just inches above their head with a helicopter and see what THEY do. And heaven forbid that the helicopter pokes them with its runners. We’re not a bunch of radical animal rights people, we’re people who care deeply about equines wild and domestic and are sickened by the fact that our tax dollars and a government that is supposed to represent us is destroying an icon of America that is important to the development of our country. We look to the Bald Eagle as a symbol of freedom and pride; it soars high above us in the sky and we are in awe of its magnificence. Our country should see the wild horses with the same wonder and reverence–we built our nation from their backs. They have survived despite an unfriendly environment and they represent the very essence of the American spirit–to persevere and thrive in the face of adversity. What the BLM is doing is a shame on our country and those in Washington who are allowing this to continue.


  19. Thank you R.T. for posting this descriptive account of the animal cruelty that is happening right now in Nevada. It’s so great that you are able to call from your cell phone and give this audio account–that also is a record of your location at that time. Please know there are many advocates that are extremely concerned about this rogue helicopter pilot Josh Hellyer with Sun J Livestock and his inhumane techniques and suspected animal cruelty.

    Animal Cruelty Statutes of Nevada include 574.100. Overdriving, torturing, injuring or abandoning animals; failure to provide proper sustenance; penalty.
    1. A person shall not:
    (a) Overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate or kill an animal, whether belonging to himself or to another;
    (b) Deprive an animal of necessary sustenance, food or drink, or neglect or refuse to furnish it such sustenance or drink;
    (c) Cause, procure or allow an animal to be overdriven, overloaded, tortured, cruelly beaten, or unjustifiably injured, maimed, mutilated or killed, or to be deprived of necessary food or drink;
    (d) Instigate, engage in, or in any way further an act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty;

    I urge you to go to the Sheriff of Elko County,Sheriff Pitts and file a formal complaint of animal cruelty if you witness any specific instances of abuse (and by this recording I suspect you have seen many these past 48 hours). A formal investigation will then follow.

    For the third and subsequent charge of animal cruelty in Nevada, it’s a felony.

    Please encourage all observers/photographers to document GPS coodinates with videos/photos, take photos of landmarks in surrounding areas to prove location.
    Better yet, if they can take the pics/videos with GPS attached to the camera–that is the best to prove jurisdiction– so the Sheriffs and District Attorneys can prosecute those responsible for such abuse to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.


    • I urge you to call the Elko County Sheriff and report the abuses you are witnessing! For your convenience, here’s the Sheriffs contact information.

      Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts: 775-777-2501
      Lieutenant Marvin Morton: (in charge of Antelope roundup)
      Sheriff of Elko County, Jim Pitts 571 Idaho Street, Elko, Nevada 89801

      Elko County: Gary Woodbury, email address:
      Gary Woodbury / District Attorney Elko County, Nevada
      1515 7th St, Elko NV 89801
      Phone: 775 738-3101 …Fax: 775 753-0160


  20. One love, one voice for our wild horse and burro freedom upon federally protected wild horse/burro land, to manifest here and now.

    We stand with you…we are calling 1,800,000 people to rise up now.

    May good strength and protection circle you, thank you for your fierce dedication and commitment to see truth and justice be honored, in what is the very survival of our wild horses and burros.

    Power to the will of the people with hearts.


  21. Thank you R.T, Teri, Laura and all the others that are, or have been on scene watching, photographing, videotaping and documenting this horrendous torture and abuse that our beautiful mustangs are having to endure during these roundups! I just can’t see how it has been allowed to continue with so many of us fighting so hard, for so long! Why doesn’t Wash DC listen to our pleas for this to stop now??! So many calls, faxes, emails to Washington and the BLM and nothing changes. Yes, we get a few small “victories” (which I am thankful for) but the roundups and the abuse continues on, day after day, week after week, month after month, all the while our horses are suffering and dying! Please everyone, stay on this! I know I have gotten discouraged, but we can’t give up! It just HAS to end….”we the people” must still have some say in this country’s policies! Not Ken Salazar, not Bob Abbey, but US, WE THE PEOPLE!!


  22. is there an organization confronting the cattle association? there should be. mustangs are removed because their welfare cattle ‘don’t have enough land to graze’.
    follow the money trail. hogtie, pen up and trailer out the cause of the problem.
    cattle are a business like any other. if the business owner can afford to pay rent on OUR land the business owner can afford to buy a piece of land and leave OUR mustangs alone


  23. Mr. Woodberry is no longer the district attorney.
    I was given the phone no. of Rob Stokes with the Commissioners in Elko and left a message at 775-753-7073
    I ‘ve called both KY senators’ offices . Rand Paul is back in D.C. and I left a letter at his web site yesterday. Will send more today.
    The torture and killing of our wild horses must stop NOW.
    I hope you all have gotten the Email from Carla Bowers with all the info that needs to go to D.C.This is from her Email. ” The following message must be pounded home by constituents: Defund the Roundups & Removals of America’s Wild Horses & Burros through the Appropriations Process for FY11 & FY12. The lobby packet substantiates this request. Go to for the packet documents. ”
    We need to call and act NOW.


  24. I have never felt so angry and helpless about something. Thank you R.T. and Terry and Laura and all the wild horse lovers who are still working so hard in any way possible.

    I called the White House again….and I will keep calling.


  25. Sending out to my facebook, twitter and selected friends. will be there in March. How can these people eat and sleep…what they are doing is so evil.

    Here is what I am sending out…copy if you like …its same but shorter than carlas

    We have to put the brakes on the hideous Obama BLM mustang killing machine. The mustangs are almost gone. They get stampeded, tortured, sickened and sent to Midwest where they are now AOL…. (gone to butcher)

    Here are the latest atrocities happening in Nevada
    Listen to this audio post
    Watch and read

    If you really care about saving America’s wild horses & burros, these are the things you need to do right now to help them.

    1.Call your senators and representatives and president every day, also email and fax – for as long as it takes)

    3. Make a personal visit to your Senators and Representatives at whatever office is closest to you. Deliver these documents to encourage them to defund the roundup and removal of Americas mustangs and burros by cutting BLM funds for this year and into the future.
    Go to for the packet documents.

    4. Congress members will only take action if they hear from large numbers of their constituents. Get 10 other people AT LEAST to do this.

    5. Come to AZ to protest at Federal Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting to be held in Phoenix, AZ, on Thursday & Friday, 3/10/11-3/11/11. There will be a large demonstration and rally Friday 3/11/11 from 12pm until 4pm.. The time is now if you have ever wanted to make a difference for America’s wild horses and burros. Please come and support this effort and please rally your friends to do the same. Demand that the unnecessary and cruel roundups, removals & warehousing of America’s herds & the waste of taxpayer dollars be stopped now!
    For more info on the protest in AZ contact me, Marta ( I am planning to be there. Or contact Simone Netherlands, Respect4Horses, at 928-308-6718.


  26. There is so much anger and frustration from being literally helpless in stopping all this tragedy, that continues day after day. Our hopes and actions are in D.C. and legal avenues. How Laura can survive this sickening repetition, is amazing to me.

    Thanks for joining her to document and speak for the horses. Great idea to have the audio, its powerful. Sharing….

    Still standing, after all this time. It has to end, yesterday, last year, now!


  27. Shared t his out, and here are EASY links that will connect you- and thousands of your friends -to the appropriate Senator or Representative by state and region. I also forwarded this audio to JVM. So much for the BLM’s no slaughter bullshit. There is a Mustang Mare for auction as I write this. Thanks for posting R.T.

    Save this link- how to call your Senator:

    Contact your rep:


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