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Wild Horse and Burro Preservation Groups Announce Phoenix Press Conference and Rally to Call for Immediate Halt to Roundups

Released in association with HfH Advisory Council

Dances with Wolves Author, Michael Blake, to join author Deanne Stillman, and filmmaker Ginger Kathrens in a wild horse advocates’ press conference on Thursday, March 10 preceding BLM Advisory Board Meeting

Phoenix, AZ (March 6, 2011)— The Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses, The Habitat for Horses Advisory Council, Grassroots Horse, and American Wild Horse Advocates will hold a special press conference on the current state of America’s mismanaged wild horses and burros. Groups are calling for an immediate halt to all Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundups that are destroying the last of America’s wild herds at enormous and escalating taxpayer expense. The media and the interested public are encouraged to attend this public press conference at the Phoenix Sheraton Downtown Hotel (340 N. 3rd street) from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 10th.

Michael Blake, Academy Award-winning author of Dances with Wolves will join renowned author of Mustang, Deanne Stillman and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens along with other informative speakers who have been on the ground at recent fatal roundups across the West. The event will precede the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Public Advisory Board Meeting on Thursday afternoon and Friday at the same location. Advocates will protest to stop the roundups from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. following the public comment period of the meeting.

“Americans need to stand up to save what’s left of our wild horses and burros.  We no longer have millions. The removal forever of the animals that played a key role in allowing America to be settled by humanity is not only wrong…it is done with criminality,” states Michael Blake. “The BLM and the Secretary of the Interior should be in court… defending themselves. Stop them now America.”  

A few hundred wild burros and wild horses still remain in Arizona but more are slated for permanent removal in the coming year. Remnant herds of wild horses and burros live in only 10 western states, including Arizona, but their future is tenuous. The agency responsible for their protection and preservation, BLM, is managing them to extinction. While the cruel and costly roundups continue, the BLM has no idea how many wild horses remain in the wild. An independent statistical review, using BLM’s own numbers, reveals a population of less than 18,000 wild horses on Western ranges. Currently the BLM has stockpiled more than 40,000 wild horses and burros in costly government holding, leaving millions of acres of legally designated wild horse and burro ranges empty. Advocates are calling for the return of wild horses and burros to the 24 million acres of designated lands cleared since 1971. Only 180 of the originally identified 339 herds remain in the wild. The BLM continues to “zero out” herds each year without proper justification.

The groups, supported by advocates from coast to coast, will join together in Phoenix to demand that the BLM call off all scheduled roundups immediately while solutions are proposed and considered to sustainably and naturally preserve these legally protected wild herds. Currently the agency’s wild horse and burro program is under an investigative review by the National Academy of Sciences, as called for by 54 members of Congress and several Senators in 2010.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday March 10th:

11:30am- 12:30pm: Press Conference at the Phoenix downtown Sheraton Hotel, 340 N. 3rd street.

1:00 pm -5:00 pm: BLM Advisory Board Meeting begins

7:00pm-8:00pm: Candlelight vigil for the wild horses and burros who have died and suffered at the hands of the BLM beginning in front of the Sheraton

Friday March 11th :

8:00am – 9:00am BLM Advisory Board Meeting resumes

9:00am- 12:00pm: Public Comment period of meeting, press encouraged to attend.

12:00am – 2:00pm Demonstration/ Protest beginning in front of the Sheraton Phoenix downtown hotel (340 N. 3rd street)

1:00pm – 5:00pm BLM Advisory Board Meeting concludes

Links of interest:

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54 Members of Congress protest BLM management

“This is Extermination, Not a Rescue” 1993 LA Times article by Michael Blake

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Stampede to Oblivion: An Award Winning Investigative Report from CBS Las Vegas:

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Shortlink to this release:

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  1. I will be with you in Spirit…lighting candles for our beautiful souls lost…praying your presence and protest will make an all important difference and a massive statement in defense of our Wild Ones.

    Thank You to all that can be there…my Heart stands beside you. To all that is merciful in this world – PLEASE let your voices, our voices, be heard, our collective prayers be answered, and peace be returned to the families shattered.

    ~ Jan


  2. This is great! I certainly hope it get the attention it deserves. Still, the BLM is SO determined, I’m beginning to wonder if anything short of the Army can stop them.

    You KNOW they’ve already signed contracts with who knows who. They are SO sure they can do just what they want to and get away with it. God, I hope we are able to show them they were wrong about that.


  3. For those of you who cannot be there physically please know those of us who can will be carrying your spirit and energy with us! For those who are able to attend:




    • Then say “Adios” to BLM as they will never do this… even if it is the best thing for those horses and the budget. They want that land and we must pry BLM’s death grip off the horses if we want to see healthy herds that our people can enjoy and so we can be confident they are safe i the future. mar


  4. Where do advocates go to ask questions?? Who do they find to talk to about ideas and projects??

    I do hope that those of you who speak for a fallen wild one will also speak for yourselves at the vigil. mar


  5. There were some Excellent signs and posters in the previous rallies that went on across the country. Dust them off and use them again–check out the Jan., Feb. and March 2010 archives on this blog and the Cloud Blog to see them. BLM has changed NOTHING since the protests started.


  6. A special thanks should be extended to Simone Netherlands and the members of Respect4Horses, and to Celebrate the Horse for doing much of the legwork on this event- recruiting, promoting, contacting press, creating informational pieces, ancillary sales items, advancing ideas, and generating enthusiasm for this CRITICALLY IMPORTANT event.


    • Any Colorado folks going down for the hoopla?

      We are the public, time to kick BLM OUT of the wild horse harvesting business!

      Please have the courage to begin a new path to the separation of the BLM and the wild ones…. You are saying the same old thing… it is not what needs to be done! This is a matter of trust and finding a future foothold. You will never have that with BLM. They have wasted the time and lives of wild beings in order to retain power. Don’t let them have it! mar


  7. What an excellent idea! I hope my plane gets in on time so I can help support you guys with this! Now to make a trip into town to buy a candle, and I threw away my protest sign too…


  8. And don’t forget GRASSROOTS. Had it not been for this group’s legal battles, the public would have been kept completely in the dark:

    Death of the Antelope Foal
    Laura Leigh (10:38:00) :
    They said they saw the baby first thing am… that’s 8:00.
    I saw baby hours later…
    regardless of the issue baby was there an awful long time (and sprayed by the water truck in photo on video).
    I went to look at the area he sprayed and found the baby.


  9. I cannot be in Phoenix, but will be there in spirit, so know that you will be amongst the most WONDERFUL HORSE PEOPLE ON EARTH. All my hopes & prayers will be with all of you. GO, MY FRIENDS & SHOW THE DIRTY, ROTTEN BLM JUST HAVE THEY ARE LOOKED UPON BY EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS GOD-AWFUL WAR……


  10. Lots of thoughts here. I won’t be able to protest at the top you guys are cause of work. But I will definitely be there in spirit. I will be home for the vigil so I will get some candles this week and join you for this.

    Michael Blake for those of you who don’t know also helped out two wild mustangs from Pam. They were part of that icky guy who starved horses. Michael went above and beyond and allowed a stallion and his mare to come to his ranch. What a terrific advocate he is. You can find out about Pam’s horses at Pam Nickoles Photography by following the link to the right.

    I think AZ is still an hour ahead of CA. I always get it mixed up. Can someone verify this? Maybe it isn’t so important because it’s about your own heart and where it is. But it would be nice to be able for all of us to vigil at the “same time”.


  11. I am from Colorado but unfortunatly will not be able to go to AZ, on March 3,2011 I e-mailed all my representatives about the murder of the little foal, an will use reference to him from now on in all my e-mails to them. And he will always be my rallying cry from now on. And using a reference that Laura made I call him Chance (because he never had one) so in Chances name I will be there in spirit. May the force of the horse make your travels safe and prosperous.


  12. Ask not what the Wild Mustangs can do for you, but what you can do for the Wild Mustangs; is what the nation would hear JFK quote were he still alive…


  13. Outstanding! You all will certainly make a major impact. THANK YOU ALL!! It is obvious a lot of hard work went into the planning of each day’s events. Press conferences, protests, vigil… As many have said, and I am almost embarrassed to say too, I would be there if I could. But if not there, we find a way to help. Of note, I wonder if the BLM Advisory Board Meetings will be live web cast as before?? Previous BLM Board meetings were live web cast by Again, thank you, bless you. I will have my candle vigil when you do ❤


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