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BLM Offering Tour of Private Long Term Wild Horse Holding Facilities

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

June 4th Set for Date to Tour Private Facilities

Same Sex Herd at Long Term Holding ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Last November the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) opened up two of their privately owned long term wild horse holding facilities to the press and public and Horseback Magazine‘s Chief Photographer, Terry Fitch, attended and rendered a compelling article which can be read (HERE).  SFTHH has just learned that the BLM will host another day for taxpayers to view once free roaming wild horses held in same sex herds on private land at great expense while waiting to die as their natural lives and families have been totally destroyed and subverted.

The tour will, once again, include two privately owned wild horse long-term holding pastures in Hominy, Okla., about an hour from Tulsa. The tour, which will take place on June 4, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Interested parties MUST make reservations prior to May 20th and allowed individuals will be shuttled to the locations as they are on private property and for some reason private vehicles, even under guarded conditions, are strictly forbidden.

Tour date and time: Saturday, June 4, 2011, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
RSVP date: No later than May 20, 1011
RSVP phone number: 866/468-7826
Pick up location: Bureau of Land Management, Tulsa District Office, 7906 E. 33rd Street, Suite 101 Tulsa, OK 74145-1352

As of this writing cameras and video equipment will be allowed as the trauma and abuse of the BLM’s cruel stampedes has already passed for these horses but the devastation of their family bands forever destroyed lives on in their eyes and in the hearts of their beholders.  Observers should be, likewise, prepared for strong doses of BLM propaganda which will include unsubstantiated numbers, bad math and skewed science.  Ear plugs and a strong dose of reality are highly recommended.

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  1. “I pledge Allegiance to the Wild Equines of the United States of America and to the Icon for which they stand, one symbol, understood, undeniable, with liberty and freedom for all.” ~ R.T. Fitch

    This says it all.


    • Stay the course, That’s what their looking for. A trip up. Security is tight which means something is a foot. I would be looking for documents and financial records for this private facility and how much this land holder is getting to house this many horses. The most important question: What does this person benefits from all this and how long do these horse reside on this property? What’s preventing these horses from going straight to slaughter after this so-called show is over?


    • They get approximately $500 per horse per year. 2000 horses x 500= $1 million for throwing hale bales out to them and for keeping the public away.

      Cost of feeding horses in the wild=$0


  2. I would post the link to the scathing editorial I wrote about this yesterday – but unfortunately all my websites are down this morning due to a Denial of Service attack against my hosting service.

    I don’t have much good to say about this though – except I guess we should be grateful for any bone they throw……


  3. Before they were stolen and taken from the Range, WHERE THEY BELONG, interested parties could see them ANYTIME they wanted

    “Interested parties MUST make reservations prior to May 20th and allowed individuals will be shuttled to the locations as they are on private property and for some reason private vehicles, even under guarded conditions, are strictly forbidden”


  4. Nell, I liked your article as well, but I believe the public should have daily access. BLM managers of short term holding facilities could develop volunteers to lead tours around the facilities. Whatever is going on that day is part of the tour. If the vet is making rounds, or the staff is dragging the pens, them that is what people see. Maybe it is because I’ve always taken lessons or boarded at privately owned barns that have been well run, but I think as long as people are performing their duties at at what would be considered as sound animal husbandry practice, then BLM should have nothing to lose from having their facilities open to the public. I do not have a sense of what type of numbers any given facility might have to handle at one time, but the BLM could manage this by setting numbers of how many people could go on a tour at any given time.

    I sense that some of these facilities are far off the beaten path. However, while I do not think tax payers should be charged to see the horses, a tourist company who wanted to provide transportation, lunch and snacks, show a brief video, and maybe provide a souvineer such a picture with a visitor and one of the horses (print on site), or a picture, t-shirt, mug, photo promoting wild horses might work might alleviate some of these worries. I am not sure how I feel about limiting the exposure of wild horses to people who would simply be viewing them from afar. If the best hope for these horses is to be adopted, then having them exposed to human beings who are not BLM wranglers might help them be less leary of people.

    To me, the only way to make sure these horses are being treated humanely is for the facilities to be subject to the possibility of a public tour or inspection by an independent or non-governmental agency 24/7.


  5. If the Perfect Human Race is not Murdering something or someone they are just not Happy.These days most beleive that G-D has given Exclusive Use of this Planet to us.


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