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Horse Eating Wyoming Politician Spews More Hatred

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Proudly Shows Her Ass

The Bloody Vision of Wyoming's Sue Wallis ~ photo courtesy of Canadian Horse Defense Coalition

A great victory for the American horse occurred this week when the House Appropriations Committee voted on an amendment to reinstate formerly existing language in a bill that prohibited wasting tax payer’s hard earned dollars on funding inspections of horse slaughter plants (5 million dollars worth).  That language was voted on and inserted in 2006 representing the opinion of over two thirds of the American public who stand firmly against the inhumane practice of horse slaughter in this country.  The only reason that Rep. Moran of Virginia, an enlightened horse supporting state that makes money off from equine development, was forced to add the amendment was due to the back room, special interest finagling of Rep. Lummis and her off the wall cohort “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis a lowly and third rate state representative from Wyoming. (IMHO)

On Tuesday, the day of the vote, sane and intelligent Americans phoned and faxed Washington to insist that the language be returned to the bill and the amendment passed by a vote of 24-21.  These Americans were not activists, radicals or urban, tree hugging vegans (to use the oppositions’ words) but mothers, aunts, grand fathers and the little girl next door; NORMAL people who see the horse as an elegant creature that deserves not only to be treated humanely during its life but even more so upon its death.  Respect, dignity and a strong sense of morality drove these fine people to make a difference and prove to, not only themselves, but to their elected officials that the American public still has a heart and cares deeply about doing the “right thing”.

But that goodness and honesty rankles the greed of the soulless and unclean as they are now pummeling the internet with more lies, unsubstantiated facts and outright temper tantrums.  (Sue Wallis was so very much looking forward to her rare and bloody “Filly Fillet.)

On Wednesday the lost and pathetic politician, Wallis of course, posted on her failed FaceBook page, from a long forgotten horse eater convention, a link to her latest tirade against the evil HSUS and we highly paid and uninformed followers.  With each post she slips further and further from the grasp of reality and sinks ever deeper in her swirling cesspool of equine entrails.

Maybe it is her lack of followers, support, failed newspaper, investigations, law suits, dubious financial dealings, switching and manipulating “non-profit” organizations and the lack of interest, overall, of eating a non-food animal and friend to mankind.  Who knows as her demons are many.

This is the latest tourist attraction that Sue Wallis wants for Wyoming, a horse organ dump ~ photo of dump outside of Canadian Horse Slaughter Plant courtesy of John Hlland

You can read her latest meltdown by clicking (HERE) but the evil queen of deception rants in such a way that it is obvious the padded room is long overdue.  We have taken the liberty to highlight her most outlandish and undocumented lies but I neither have the time nor the patience to address each and every one; this blog is full of the facts, links and the documentation which proves that she is just pissing in the wind and grasping at straws.

But for the sake of the horses, here are a few highlights that bear addressing:

captive bolts provide instantaneous insensibility… Lethal drugs can cause many long minutes of suffering before the animal finally succumbs, a horse in a processing plant dies instantaneously with a minimum of pain or stress and their meat is welcomed by a thriving worldwide market”…WRONG

Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM & former Chief USDA Inspector, told Congress in 2008, “The captive bolt is not a proper instrument for the slaughter of equids, these animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected.” (In normal people language that means that they are alive as they are skinned and their insides are ripped out.)

being abandoned to fend for themselves where they inevitably die an agonizing death of starvation where they all too often become the victim of predators and have their guts and their butts eaten by wolves or coyotes while they are still alive”   WRONG

The twisted politician has a way with words, doesn’t she?  Now if she were to donate her ample, ugh, backside to the wolves it would keep them in high cotton until the beginning of 2012 and this case would be closed but come on…how do you then explain, in another one of her lies, the “exploding” wild horse population.  If predators were such a threat then she would not be climbing into a very large bed with the BLM in an effort to sell our wild national icons off into slaughter now would she?  This is pure political double talk at its most despicable finest.

a 30% to 80% drop in value of horses nationwide with the commensurate loss of income and assets to our U.S. horse owners.”  WRONG

If this lard ass of a failed politician would have been doing her job, over the past several years, she would at least be mildly aware of the fact that the economy is in the toilet.  Sales of homes, cars, manufactured products, goods and commodities have tanked as the jobs have disappeared and any change, not 30%-80% you lying wench, to the horse market would equally be affected.  The Eastern states are doing well with the equine market with the exception of breeders and being that most of them have at least completed high school they don’t blame the down turn on the demise of 3 little, foreign owned slaughter plants but on an increased interest and market for European horses.  They actually have business plans and THINK you dumbass.

To say that all horses are full of toxic drugs is an exaggeration so outrageous as to be beyond belief–number one, the vast majority of horses who are not performance or sport horses ever receive any kind of veterinary medicine in their entire lives    WRONG

That one must have all of you horse people rolling on the floor laughing.  I, for one, do not own performance or sport horses but the ones that do grace our pastures certainly ensure that we spend a lot of money with the vet.  As our pampered ponies age the cabinet in the tack room looks more like a pharmacy than a hardware store and Bute for the off the track TBs is often a must.  So blow it out your backside you perpetrator of lies and deceit we all know that you are full it.

It strikes us as a bit ingenuous that people so opposed to eating horse meat are raising food safety issues as their argument against it.”  WRONG

Oh gawd, I am out of breath, I can’t go on as we have gone from being just plain stupid to totally maniacal; my fun meter is pegged at zero and the tolerance factor has long since left the house.

I am sorry, this is as far as I can go; I leave the end of this story to you fine people.  Spread the word, support the horses and continue to make those calls as the equines are going to need all of the support that they can get in light of this foul sickness.

So God Speed my friends; let’s kick Sue Wallis and all three of her followers in the ass and save some horses.  Our efforts will not only help the equines but, perhaps, save the lives of acres of cotton plants that are required to sacrifice themselves just to make one pair of jeans for the bloated likes of “Slaughterhouse” Sue.

Let’s dance, Sue baby…you ready?

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  1. All I’m going to say, is God you are good with them there words….. (As I walk away laughing to myself) :):)


  2. I LOVE your way with words, I get such a visual. Thank you for expressing what we all think and believe and stand up for.


  3. Everyone should now recognize a pattern to Animal Abusers who exploit animals for their own profit like Slaughter House Sue Wallace- they LIE LIE LIE ABOUT THE HORRIFIC CRUELTY THEY INFLICT ON HORSES AND EVERYTHING ELSE TOO ( because they know the truth will not get them what they want ), and then they pretend to care for animals when they really only care about exploiting for profit. Even profit is a lie because taxpayers are the ones who they want to subsidize their cruelty, with tax breaks for robo breeders and they want taxpayers to foot the bill for their cruel slaughter plants that really only profit disgusting foreign companies by cruelly slaughtering, abusing and betraying Americas horses !


  4. Love it, Love it. You are always so SPOT on! Just the facts, man, just the facts!
    As Sgt Friday would say…I don’t even want to know what else she said…Thank
    you for your HONESTY AND GRACE! I am going to pass this along to all my
    friends..Keep up the Good work! I just cannot stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. When my husband lost his job and I could not work, our horses were fed first. They also received vet care and farrier service first. My propane tank sat empty for 4 months because the horses needed. I don’t know a single horse person that wouldn’t do the same. Slaughterhouse Sue (said with bile) is the lowest form of human life there is. RT, I honestly don’t know how you do this day in and day out. That woman is beyond beneath all of us. So much so that she (if it were not for the horses) doesn’t deserve so much as a word in response to the blather she spews from that poison mouth of her! I don’t understand how the Wyoming residents can stand having her as a rep. for their state. …so why did the good people of Wyoming vote for her? What is it about her that they find appealing? I think it’s time to boycott the tourism of Wyoming. I’m sure we can all find better places to vacation and spend our hard earned dollars than in a state that promotes the one thing we won’t stand for.


    • Jan, I don’t know if you have read my first book or not, but in it I document the fact that I made a very special promise to my very best equine friend in the world…and if nothing else, I am a man of my word and I will uphold that promise, regardless of the cost.

      The message needs to get out and the abuse, be it against domestic or wild horse, must be broadcast…my mission in life hangs on that commitment and I will NOT fail.

      At the end of the day, I am nothing more than a paperboy…but I am blessed with the presence of all of you, the ones who make a difference and the very ones who hold the power to turn the tide. For you friendship and comradeship, I give thanks.

      Keep the faith and the pedal to the metal.


      • Good day, R.T.,

        You make all of the difference by informing the people of what stays out of mainstream media. I think a vast majority of people would never realize the happenings to the horses (wild or domestic) without individuals like yourself bringing out the horror that reaps in the shadows. Please know you are more than a paperboy. You help horses and people who love them by bringing light to these issues for all to see.

        Please keep up all of the great work. I know many stars are doing the same. One of my favorites Viggo Mortgenson (spelling?) is trying to get the word out as well. No matter who is helping; it makes the biggest difference.

        I can’t believe she used a site that seems bogus to say each year there is a 400% increase in neglect, abuse, and abandonment. There is no way it is increasing like that.


      • In my heart i think the biggest battle is about to commence , we are in a battle that we can win, i like you have made a promise to all equines that I am in this to win this for them…. RT we have right here the best group of people in the world to make this happen for the Horses …………………..And you RT and Laura wow we are armed and dangerous…………………….arnt we…………………..


      • You are spot on with one thing, Arlene…this is one of the best group of Horse People in the world. There’s a bunch more out there and we need to reach out to them and work together because you all proved, earlier this week, that you can make things happen!!


    • Jan, just a little info about Sue getting elected by the people of Wyo. She is from the county of Campbell County and therefore is only receiving votes from that county to serve in the Wyo. legislation, so the rest of us didn’t have any say in that. I don’t know who else ran for that office at the time, if anyone, but the whole state of Wyoming didn’t really support her. Cynthia Lummis is a different story and I once sent her office an email regarding the situation with our wild horse management problems and her response really upset me. That stupid fake smile she puts out to the public also tells me she should not be in office representing our state. I hope you don’t think all of us stand up for Sue and her cohorts.


      • Jerry, I understand that. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s related to the majority of the idiots who voted for her and used her weight (pun intended) to get them to re-elect her.
        RT, There are times I have to walk away and breathe fresh air. Between the horse trippers and the BLM and these fools, I make myself ill with this and just have to step off the platform for a short time. The air get’s pretty caustic. I commend you for what you do. I could not walk in your shoes.


      • Oh Jerry, now worries…A sweet friend from Nebraska said the same thing after TYSON stated his intentions for the horses there..THese folk’s are a breed all their own, sad huh….Cynthia and Sue, hmmm, I feel a poem coming on…


      • Being from Texas where the last two out of three horse slaughter plants previously existed I can appreciate your pain.

        A lot of folks feel that boycotting Wyoming would be a means in which to get the State government’s attention. It does not mean that folks have an axe to grind against residents of the state.

        Likewise, I have family in Montana and they have been embarrassed by the likes of Ed Butcher and their do nothing Governor…there is a lot of pain to spread around, for sure.


      • If she wants to boycott–fine as far as I’m concerned that’s one less Car on the road for me to worry about. And she’s only hurting herself missing out on all the wonders that make up WY.


    • You are too right Jan. I think she hid this aspect about her until after she was in office. I can’t believe there would be a person to reproduce 7 children with her to follow in her cruel and disgusting path. She tried to say horse abuse and neglect went up by 400% each and every year. No it hasn’t. The site she gave can’t even give well calculated statistics from that measure. I will admit there were horses being mass dumped, but that does not calculate to being 400% increase each and every year. She is a nasty liar who just wants her money and horse meat. What makes this even funnier: It’s not just vet medications that make horses inedible. What truly makes them inedible is the deworming medications given monthly. How ignorant can a person get to forget, the label says to avoid use on livestock intended for human consumption.


  6. And Rep. Cynthia Lummis is another nut case…and dope…but a savvy one. The idiotic stuff that comes of her crooked mouth (with a smile) is mind boggling. And I swear (yes I do:) that the others in the Congressional room a-roll their eyes when she speaks. I saw. Again, we wonder how these people get elected. Scary stuff. Thank you RT! Let them keep coming. Our wagons keep on rolling along, always gaining momentum, reaching our goals.


    • Stumbling over the truth has a tendency to catch up with you, sooner or later…and I am watching her.

      R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” Director of the HfH Advisory Council The Force of the Horse, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH


  7. What the F*** is this picture? Where did it come from? Is this what Wyoming is doing with horses, taking pictures of dead family pets and athletes. I fell out of my chair when I opened this post. WHO TAKES PICTURES LIKE THIS, AND WHERE IS THIS? It’s so graphic, I don’t know if I should share this or not. Please tell me where this is:(


    • The caption under the pictures say they are from Canada, NOT Wyoming. Please don’t lump it all on us just because dear old sue comes from here. After all, Ken Salazar doesn’t reside here.


      • If I remember correctly, SS comes from a very lightly populated area with a relatively low turn-out. She ran against 2 or 3 other candidates and won reelection by less than a 1000 votes…maybe someone can correct me with the precise election returns.


      • What I was trying to say in reply to Jerry was……not many people voted in the first freaking place for at least 2 reasons I can think of:

        (1) …not alot of people in her rural district; population is low and doesn’t take much to win; and,

        (2) the people that can vote, usually don’t (think turnout at her district was less than 40% [off-year thing]}.

        But eventually, the fact of the matter is that the majority of those that did vote (no matter how small) reelected her. The majority voters in her district LIKE what she does at the state house….plus I think she has a covert effort shoving her up the turd polishing turnpike of life from BIG Ag. And she is not the exception. She is a little fish (politico wise) in a little pond, but the rub is that little states (special interest heavy on ag and resources) can ruin any effort to change the cruel, immoral and/or corrupt based on our sense of “fair play” and what the founding fathers set forth in the Congress…especially 2 Senators for each state, no matter how small. Which always cracks me up when you call about an issue and they tell you are not a constituent. Is that right fat cat Senator? I don’t count for you but you vote everyday on things that count for me, my state, and eventually my nation? What hypocrites!.

        Not sure? Remember Senator Larry Craig from Idaho (boy could I go places with that double entendre)? How about Mitch McConnel from the Bluegrass State? You know, the horse capital of the world? Whitfield has fits with this guy and so does many of the equine industries in KY. Craig stalled our bills for equines and McConnell won’t let pooh through for the equines

        There are pockets of dangerous stupid everywhere.

        Enough soapbox, but there does seem to be a high concentration of nasty in more than a few states when it comes to animal welfare.


    • Hello Debbie,

      The pictures come from support groups wanting to get the word out about the cruelty being done to the animals. It’s a tactic they use. Supporters of horses (or animals having this inflicted upon them) pretend to be part of the group and sneak off to get pictures of what is REALLY happening behind the scenes.

      It is pictures like this that really show people how tortuous this business is. It promotes people fighting for the horses; not the slaughter. So yes you should repost it. As graphic as it is; it is the truth behind the scenes.


      • Thank you Robin, I felt ashamed to forward and post, nut you’re right, people need to know what goes on.


    • Both pictures were taken at a Canadian horse slaughter plant.

      The pictures were taken by people who care about horses and want to expose the predatory business for being the bloody and disgusting mess that it is.

      It is all about getting the story out so that when a couple have their daughter go off to college and she cares more about the smell of gasoline versus hay her parents won’t take the pretty horsy to the auction but instead, find it a good home.

      A picture speaks a thousand words, and then some.


  8. As we have seen in other parts of the country some candidates run on a totally
    different platform but once they get in its a different story. If no one ran against
    her than it was a given that she would get in with a minimal number of votes.
    But if I were from Wyoming I certainly would make my voice known that she does
    not represent the will of the other Wyoming residents. When I called the Governors
    office and the Bureau of Tourism to voice my opinion regarding this issue, they seemed like they were not informed about what was going on. Those of us in
    other parts of the country know that all Wyoming residents do not share her
    ill fated wisdom.


    • Gail, the tourism department in WY will hear from me tomorrow. Not that my singular opinion will make a difference, but maybe I won’t be the only one.


  9. Debbie, I know that this was shocking to see those pictures, but people must
    know that this is the FACE OF SLAUGHTER. It is disgusting, appaulling and
    every other word that you can think of. I can’t for the life of me fathom how anyone
    can support this inhumane treatment and cruelty. But until all who love our horses
    can stop this evilness it will continue. It is a battle that we must continue..


  10. I would have appreciated a warning in all honesty…I get the ugliness of slaughter.

    I suppose it is more important to educate those that still do not or choose NOT to have a clue!

    That’s another little pearl the proside of slaughter CONTINUALLY FAIL to address….the HUGE amount of “tankage” from equine butchering versus bovine. It is staggering the waste!


    • Sorry, Denise…unfortunately that is exactly what it is.

      There is no way to pretty up this disgusting business and just like Sue Wallis herself, you simply can’t polish a turd.


      • Yes RT there is nothing but ugliness and horror connected with Horse Slaughter, I can understand why SS Wallis is connected with it, she is the final insult…………..


  11. Please click on this link and bombard your representatives with calls. Tell them to LEAVE IN Jim Moran’s amendment to NOT Appropriate Funds for USDA Inspections of Horse Meat. You KNOW that Fat Ass Sue is having millions of people calling their representatives telling them to take the DEFUNDING WORDING OUT before the Vote.
    This is the link to find your representatives…Millions of phone calls are needed…Tell them to LEAVE IN Jim Moran’s Amendment to the Budget……


  12. Slaughter houses for horses is out of the question. These people are insensitive. Soon they will try talking people into cannibalistic holidays, where you can kill your own children.


  13. The pictures are graphic, to be sure….but they ARE the reality that can’t be ignored. The Horses don’t get to choose. The pictures show what WOULD happen IF those slaughter plants were allowed to start up again. The WORST part for a Horse is BEFORE and DURING the slaughter process….THAT is where the cruelty lies.


    • That’s the part that kills me, Louie; do you suppose either of those women have EVER participated in or observed the slaughter of a horse?

      I haven’t; I’ve got my imagination to keep me horrified. But I can’t wrap my head around people who could lobby for something like that and not be able to empathize with it even a little.

      Maybe that’s what makes me feel snotty and superior to folks like sue and lummis – the ability to empathize. Having horses of my own and having loved them all my life, I have ‘gone there’ in my head. So all I can feel for those who would lobby for slaughter is disgust.


  14. We used to have 190 co sponsors to H.R. 503 in the 111th session. Look up who they were on Here is the link|/home/LegislativeData.php?n=BSS;c=111|

    DO NOT call those. Call the ones who were NOT co-sponsors. We want to concentrate on the bad ones and bombard them with emails and faxes and calls and visits in person as well. Let them know we do not appreciate their uneducated decisions that were purchased by aggricultural lobbyists.

    By the way, awesome piece of writing as always R.T.


  15. Though there are other words that I could use for Susie Q Wallis, they do not need to be said, she say’s it all and with such clarity!!!!!
    When I recall the email I sent her when I first found out what was trying to be done by the POET (not) and her crony’s, I sent her an email. A polite email with a Horse Slaughter video. The responce I received was that we are a bunch of idiot’s and the video was not a horse slaughter video (oh it was). I sat back and thought to myself, this is a Legislature that calls other’s ididot’s? Nah, oh YES and from there on in I realized the Poet (not) was not only mad but had absolutley no class and definitley did not belong holding a legislative seat but a seat driving a dump truck, well suited for her. Cynthia Lummis and the Poet (not) are hell bent on destroying horses and they do not care how it is done as long as they WIN….I can only imagine their luncheons together and the ludacrious conversation they barf up …..Their EGO’S probably leave them sleepless at night, scheming and dreaming of how they will make their next move……They haven’t a clue about horses , they have never bonded with one, so they never will know, their LOSS…….Sue, stick to writing those poems, they don’t harm anyone, they just allow a better insight into your sycopathic mind.


  16. R.T. you are a sweet talking man…I commend you for doing what you do day after day. I am not that strong, I have to get out of the muck and stench of the subject of horse slaughtering and SS. If I don’t I will go animal vigilante-ism on someone’s ass.


  17. Sorry Sue baby–Americans DO NOT EAT horse. And if I ever went to a market that sold horse I can 100 percent guarantee you I’d be here in a flash having RT help me find out what I need to do to expose those involved.

    You are not a friend to the horses. And really you aren’t a friend to humans either when you don’t tell them the truth about the drugs given to horses everyday. Or is the next puddle of pee going to be that you don’t worm your horses? Ick the thought of eating those worms is enough to make me want to vomit.

    Please go home to Eastern WY where you are so loved by your community. Don’t pollute the rest of WY with your filthy lies.

    Icky Icky lady.


  18. Kind of makes you wonder if this downward spiral and paranoia on the part of the horse eaters of caused by eating the toxic meat….. RT- thank you so much for another spot on entry.


  19. AND there are over 40,000 of America’s Wild Horses in those wretched holding pens/concentration camps. They are always in danger of being sent to slaughter.


  20. As long as there is breath in my body, I will post, write, call, educate and beg to help save the horses…. I am blessed to be counted among the folks who truly love and care what happens to our horses, wild and domesticated…. I think we make one hell of a team! And to hell with Slaugherhouse Sue Wallis and her band of evil doers!


  21. These photos will haunt me til I die. I love all horses, and to see this mass disembodiment of this gentle, life long human servant depicted this way is nothing short of pure EVIL!


    • I assume what you are talking about are the photos RT posted on this thread…you ain’t seen nothing yet. Watched it once and will never again and I’ve been on a traditional livestock kill floor; there is under cover video of the chutes, kill/stun box (NOT) and the hoisting of the LIVE equine. Louie has it right… what happens before that pile, to include transport, auction, etc is the ultimate insult…not the final.

      The discard of the “non-usable” portion of the equine is only the final insult to our noble servants. It gets better when the ultimate final insult is to the environmental disaster to communities nearby or the consumption of dangerous meat by unwitting humans.

      BTW…I believe ol’ Fat A** has said she has never eaten equine, nor been at a mass production equine slaughter facility. Doesn’t mean she hasn’t put one down at the homestead or butchered steers, et al. Way, way different then that crap that went on in TX/IL and currently goes on in MEX/CAN, offshore, Asia WITH US EQUINES.


      • Denise, I thank you for all the information you give. And am sorry to hear you had the experience of actually being in a slaughter house/seen this horror. With regard to the other aspect of hauling/transport, I fax, e-mail, call every day. Being in Florida makes it hard to protest in person, believe that I make sure that all that I meet and do business with are aware of what is going on with horses; all because of the persistance of people like you and R.T. Fitch. I am learning a lot, much of it I wish I didn’t know about, but I suredly pass it on.:(


  22. I’ve learned more about all of this than I EVER wanted to know. Horses are Horses..Wild or Domestic. They are keenly aware of their surroundings and their capacity for suffering is off the charts. They should NEVER have to endure such a fate.


    • Yes Louie I also have learned more then I need to know , their keen sense of awareness and their capacity for suffering makes it even harder to handle, i cant imagine anyone who has this awareness about them would hurt them………. It would take a total fool to hurt them in anyway………………………


  23. I cannot imagine sending an animal I have loved to such a fate.

    I don’t get SS at all. I sometimes wonder if she has connections to the BLM who plan to slaughter our wild horses now that they are rounded up in captivity. I fear they may be using her to get out in front of the story about how much money we are spending feeding wild horses in captivity, so that she can make them pro-slaughter argument. When I found her referenced in the NC Horse Council’s web pages,I went to the horse people and asked if they had antbirds what kind of person they were endorsing. She is obviously ill. Who know what demons live inside her head?

    In my twisted vision, I imagine then wild horses have rounded up their tormentors making them run for miles, then separating them from their spouses and families, ad sending them off for six hour cramped quarters transportation where they share
    Quarters with Conrad Burns.



  24. After reading so many emotional posts here yesterday I feel compelled to write a few things.

    One let’s stay on topic. Please don’t assume the rest of WY is in support of SS. As I have said many times my sis lives in western WY. She doesn’t have a say in her vote to or for SS.

    Think of it as you having a say in another part of your home state. You don’t. And then others come here bashing the good people of your home state. This is the predictament I fine myself in. It really leaves a fowl taste in my mouth.

    I don’t like SS anymore than the rest of you. Some of the stuff she writes is really scary. She doesn’t tell the truth about the toxins given to horses and how they can affect humans. We’ve seen people get really rankled when China sends us poisonous dog food. Guess what? When we send our horses to slaughter we’re guilty of the exact same thing. And if a horse isn’t being fed bute, how about worming meds or fly sprays?

    I’m asking each one of you to please go to mapquest. Look up Teton Pass and the Recluse WY. You will see how far it is. It is so not nice to bash innocent people who have NO SAY in say in keeping SS in office. And yes, I’m still offended at some of the comments made yesterday. I’m not sure that I will get over this. Perhaps its best if I take a break for awhile.


    • Dear Margaret I think RT said it best : There are a lot of fine people in Wyoming, this is by no means an indictment against the fine state…only a select few politicians. there are fine people in WY , the ones we refer to, know who they are………….. its more then obvious who they are……………………………WY is beautiful the fine people there should find out who these people are and get them out of office……………There is nothing more blemishing then a EVIL POLITICIAN………….


  25. I wondered what happened to Sue to turn her into a cruel animal abuser? The look on the horses face tells me he was looking back at the one who ended his life. What a sad, sad sight seeing all those animal organs laying strewn across the landscape. I can think of many different beautiful landscapes I would rather remember in Canada. Canadians you should stop supporting these slaughter houses and get involved in caring for our wild horses.


  26. Margaret, I think what we see is that in some of the states, good people, such as you, are outnumbered and need support…at least, that’s what I see. In a sparsely populated state, it is sometimes hard to find like-minded folks….especially in rural areas, for some reason. I see how hard the good people in Nevada have to fight and what they are up against…BIG MONEY. I have no doubt that the same thing is happening in Wyoming…another state which is rich in natural resources. The vultures are circling.


  27. I would add that sometimes the people get politicians foisted on them. I’ve never been able to figure out how they get into office.




  29. Heck, why is Sue Wallis representative of the state of Wyoming?! &, most importantly, HOW the heck did she get to be a politician, considering what kind of a primitive mentality she has?

    That haunting image of severed horse heads in a pile of discarded organs, as well as the image of a pile of discarded organs… good God… disgusting, HORRIFYING to say the least =(


    • Read all of the above posts on this thread.

      Bottom line is she is there because enough like minded people voted for her; albeit a very small populated district for the state house of Wyoming.

      Secondly, she’s got covert money behind her. Outside of this equine advocate community, no one challenges, prosecutes or holds her accountable for anything.

      Let’s just log and record another stupid move on her part (more ammo) and continue to find ways to surmount the ton of secretive and blatant abuse by the horse haters to help us eventually end the issue of equine abuse, sooner than later.


  30. Denise, you hit on it….the COVERT MONEY behind these people….that needs to be revealed. That’s what is driving this.


  31. Those who want horse slaughter are a scarey lot.
    They very likely may be capable of taking part in the violent, sadistic abuse and slaughter of humans. In every case of sadistic, ritualistic, or other insane “reason” for murdering humans… previous to that point, they have done or taken part in those types of animal abuse, violence and killings. Harming animals gets routine for them and they “advance” to human victims. That is something very frightening to think about. (Yikes, now I won’t be able to sleep.)


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