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Video Comic Relief: Slaughterhouse Sue Ballet

Behind the Scenes at Sue’s Slaughterhouse

We promised you a reprieve, on Sundays, from the mayhem and insanity of horse slaughter and Obama’s war on our wild horses so here it is ~ Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her ever faithful lapdog, Dave “Doink” Duquette took a few moments out from their rigorous schedule of butchering and eating American horses to show us some of their other diversified talents.  It is truly breathtaking….eat your heart out Congresswoman Lummis!!

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    • ohhh Darn mine says removed by user, although there is nothing funny about Horse Slaughter , we do need some comic relief , which i am sure SSSue, is so easy to laugh at !!!!!,..Happy Easter To You RT and everyone !!!!!


  1. I too thought I would see them flail to the ground with a big splat…comment: Does anyone want a piece of a big fat piece of human meat!!!!! Watch the fat content though… cold be exceeding your daily intake of fat and salt…


  2. Heheheheheh another Sunday masterpiece, How do you do it RT ????? I also was waiting for a Huge splat on the ground?????? Darn……………..


  3. Thanks. You succeeded in breaking the tension. That is hilarious!
    (I still consider them both pure evil. But, it’s funny to see this humorous piece.)


  4. Yes, I was waiting (hoping) for the grand finale SPLAT at the end. Oh well. I pray they WILL get a big SPLAT finale in real life when their evil schemes get shut down!


  5. RT, I am truly amazed at these glorious finds you come up with. I was afraid I’d lose my lunch when I first saw the link but alas YA DONE OUTDID YOURSELF!

    Thanks for the great chuckle.


  6. Evil, just attempting to look pretty!

    That’s the hardiest I have laughed since “Blazing Saddles”!

    Your video has left me simply flubbergasted! This pathetic duo IS a joke that is not funny!!!

    Thanks, R.T.! 🙂


  7. RT,
    I appreciate how you feel about this woman. I too disagree with equine consumption and horse slaughter. I also agree that the world should know about her “evil” motives but she gets a lot of free press on your blog and I just don’t feel that she needs more exposure. Just my opinion and I appreciate being able to share it.


  8. Unfortunately, there is much to expose!

    Next, maybe a cartoon with Onothing, Slaughterhouse, Dufuss and Salamander together in a line dance, and putting on their norm: a really, really bad show!


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