Wild Horses/Mustangs

Obama’s BLM Announces Wild Horse and Burro Stampede and Abuse Schedule for Summer 2011

Unedited BLM News Release and Propaganda Communication

“Let the Death and Destruction Begin”

More terror for the horses to be relased by the Obaman Administration, soon.

The Bureau of Land Management announced today its tentative summer schedule for gathering wild horses and burros from overpopulated herds on Western public rangelands.  The gathers are needed to bring herd sizes into balance with other rangeland resources and uses, as required by Federal law and approved land-use plans.

“With the new gather season starting in July, we must carry out these gathers in a fully transparent manner,” said BLM Director Bob Abbey.  “That includes taking full ownership of what we do and by sharing both the positive and negative news with our various publics, whatever criticism may come our way.”

Abbey added, “Our work on a forthcoming new strategy for managing wild horses and burros is part of our commitment to a ‘new normal’ of doing business.  Among other things, the strategy calls for greater reliance on population-suppression techniques, including increased application of the fertility-control vaccine known as PZP.”

The goal will be to treat more than 1,200 mares per year (over the current level of about 900 in FY 2011) through implementation of “catch, treat, and release” gathers.  These gathers will be principally aimed at applying the fertility-control vaccine porcine zona pellucida (PZP) to mares.  In some herds, the BLM will adjust sex ratios in favor of males to reduce the number of on-the-range pregnancies or potentially manage non-reproducing herds (such as geldings) in some Herd Management Areas.

The public and media are invited to observe the gathers.  Observation points will be determined by the BLM in a manner that recognizes the need for good viewing sites, along with the need to ensure viewer and animal safety.

Click (HERE) for dates of when the Feds begin killing and maiming wild horses and burros

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      • Excuse me, should have incorporated the official BLM press garbage euphemism “other rangeland resources” AND multiple use.

        Which begs the question based on multiple year observations…do the equine EVER have an equal consideration of multiple use and a rangeleand resource? Not from what I have seen.

        BTW, notice the complete disregard of any use of the terms wildlife, native species, IAW the 1971 Act Free-roaming WH&B, living terminology what so ever? In fact, I’d say it is specifically intentional to NOT mention that these are living, so-called “protected” beings strictly for the purpose of wiping them off the face of the US map.


  2. Where are the 5000 new Mustangs that are removed from their homes to go???? Do they join the other 40000+ in holding pens waiting for the adoptions that will never come? How much does this season’s gathers Round-ups cost. It is offset, by the number of cows allowed on the range in money…or good will from rich ranchers… who basically pay 1/6 going rate of grazing rights?
    These are the questions that the American public needs the answers to.. How do we get the answers?


  3. Hey, bob…

    Any word yet on that scientific study by the NAS? Or perhaps we’re adopting a ‘wait ‘n see’ if there’s any damn horses left to conduct studies on.


    • The ranchers win everytime. Has there ever been an accounting of those govt officials that kick backs to get the mustang off the land? Of corset not. Does the public know how many if these horses are shipped out to slaughter for money? No it is the gov’t they get away with what ever they want. People wake up this needs to be stopoed. We can make a difference together.


  4. This is what I posted on Horseback:

    “This is absolutely revolting. There are just not enough wild equines left to warrant ANY ROUNUPS and this kind of taxpayer expenditure!

    How many left? Hmmmm….hard question to answer because DOI/USDA monkey with the numbers, EAs, HMAs, etc. Suffice to say that there were approximately 71k free roaming in 1971, more than a million (some say 2) in 1890s and reasonable estimates suspect less than 20k free roaming today. But you’ll never get a real number from USDA/DOI…just that they need to be rounded up and breed like rabbits.

    Anyone informed and/or concerned find that odd?”


    ” I wonder if anyone reading this site knows the last fiscal year DOI or USDA DIDN’T, didn’t roundup mustangs and burros. And let’s not forget that states and Indian Nation reservations have the right to roundup these same animals because of the migratory nature of wild equines. It would appear that this activity has become a raison d’etre for these agencies….not management.

    Yeah, I realize they shift from state to state, HMAs every year.

    But honestly…they roundup wild equines every year…..WHY?

    Again, these are equines….not rabbits.” (Horseback comments awaiting moderation)

    Back real time, honestly if anyone can answer any of my questions, I would really appreciate the effort.


  5. Same song and dance, slightly different locations for the killing fields. Someone might want to tell Abbey that the states don’t listen to him. In fact, I brought up Washington’s plans to a certain “Wild Horse and Burro Specialist” he laughed and said he didn’t know what Washington was thinking, and that they would not be conforming to the idea of lessening the number of horses removed. So much for strong leadership, eh?


  6. Please consider the consequences of this summer. It is the worse case scenario. Consider working on projects and raising money for field work. Plan more rallies and maybe a spaghetti dinner or a barbecue to raise money because people are strapped. Good luck all and help all you can!! BAck a new suit to stop gelding and spaying in the field as a form of birth control… This is all counter to the ’71 Act! Illegal!! Be pro-active and plan. Just do it!!


  7. I spoke to a woman in the Rock Springs BLM office last week. She said (among other absurd things) that if the BLM doesn’t keep up with these gathers and the numbers get “out of hand” then they could be sued by the ranchers (this was in Wyoming, I don’t know about other states) if the horses went on their land. She tried to make it seem like the poor BLM was the VICTIM. When I questioned her further on this “law” she kept changing the subject. When I asked her if she believed, in her heart, that what the BLM was doing was right, she looked right at me and said, “it puts food on my table”. I could see in her eyes, she knows it is wrong. Does anyone know anything about a so-called Wyoming law stating the BLM can be sued? I told her that if the landowners didn’t want horses on their land then they could FENCE THEIR DAMN LAND. They certainly make enough money from their cattle to put up fences! In fact, if I had gone out there last week to photograph oil rigs and cattle, I would have come home one happy person.


  8. Please stop this all of the roundup…..
    I wont my future family blood lines to see the wild mustang,burros,and their babies.The way I have seen them being a family..Do not take this from them..
    If you need something to kill out,how about the wild Russins pig….not the Wild Horses,and Burros.


  9. What the heck does the BLM know about Federal Laws??? only that they think they are immune to them?????? this really is something , if they obeyed the Federal laws there wouldn’t be a problem , now would there>?????? The Roam Act is a federal Law isnt it??????? These people (or so called ) are morons with no respect for anything, why are they not put into prison where they belong.????? The terror they are about to release on our innocent horses must be stopped, I still say FLOOD THE SKIES>>>>>>>>with non horse round up helicopters !!! Planes and what ever else we can………………..i dont know of any Helicopter pilots who wouldn’t be proud to do so…………..


  10. Write to Obama and tell him you are voting for anyone who stands against him in the next presidential election.Enough letters may get his attention.


  11. America’s heart is breaking – over and over and over – trail of tears, every day, crying – the shame and pain that the BLM and it’s inhumane policies and practices is causing in the hearts of the thousands of Americans who protest – this is horse, burro and human abuse – physical, emotional and psychological abuse – the BLM isn’t only hurting the equines, it is hurting Americans !!!!!!


  12. “…. we must carry out these gathers in a fully transparent manner,” said BLM Director Bob Abbey. “That includes taking full ownership of what we do …. whatever criticism may come our way.” A “new normal” “Public and media is invited” …. It all sounds so benign and caring doesn’t it?
    The same old lies phrased in slightly different ways to fool an ignorant congress and public that hardly seems to be paying attention anyway. All it means is they are going to keep doing what they have been doing and even if they are criticized they will not pay any attention other than to release more pabulum for the public.
    At the rate they have been conducting these stampedes it looks like in the next two years they will have effectively destroyed the naturally breeding populations everywhere. Then over the next few years the wild herds will cease to exist as populations die off and do not replace themselves. Utterly sad and irrevocable. Who can spell planned extinction of a truly native species????
    Keep hammering at your congress rep and senators. They are the only ones that can put a permanent hold on this totally out of control agency and the lying scum who are running it. I know they have a lot of other distractions but once these horses are gone they will be GONE and there will be no valid reason for it and no second chance to correct it. But the big money non-native stock ranchers and mining conglomerates will be happy.
    Watching these kinds of videos is infuriating and makes one want to do something besides write or make phone calls in protest, if you get my meaning.


    • Wambli, I hear these as new lies directed at us to placate… which is what they want… they are not very comfortable thinking about having our observers there again. This statement is also tempered to recognize the large lawsuit against them in 9th District, which is so full of two faced actions- and the Twin Peaks suit in CA which may have the most embarrassing outcome if the advocates win. They may have to return the horses!!

      We need a little bill riding inside of something… Wild Horse and Burro Transparency for Safety Act to allow us full access to records and archives on the wild ones and all their lands… It would not need a budget… it would just open the file drawers and the hidden would be revealed. That would be a grand tool to help us make change.


      • Don’t forget that we also have 120 wild horses of the West Douglas herd running free for the second year in a row thanks to the efforts of HfH Advisory Council and associated plaintiffs.


      • Well, there you go Margo, being right AGAIN! You no doubt noticed the invitation to the public and the media included the caveat that “Observation points will be determined by the BLM in a manner that recognizes the need for good viewing sites, along with the need to ensure viewer and animal safety.” If past history is any guide there is little doubt just how “good” the sites designated for non-BLM observers will be or that their numbers will be strictly limited and controlled while these “gathers” are being conducted – you know, so no one and no animals get hurt …. by what? Helicopters only five feet off the ground whipping up sand and rocks or other debri – or the chance one of those mean ol’ wild horses might fight its way out the holding pens and charge at the crowd of viewers if they are nearer than half a mile away?
        Your idea for some kind of stealth bill has much merit. Once it was slipped through it would have to be acted on very quickly by investigators without prior notice to avoid the mysterious disappearance of key files and documents such as has occurred innumerable times when government agencies want to avoid scrutiny.


      • No worries, Mar, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we do not make public…for obvious reasons. And there is something pretty special coming up tat will be public, soon.


  13. We are going to loose undamaged and untouched herds with herd dynamics that can never be studied again, herds with exceptional historical DNA that willl never return, we are getting closer and closer to extinction with every cruel Roundup, and still our voices are not reaching far and wide enough, not loud enough to be heard, not strong enough to make it known to the world, not powerful enough yet to stop the attrocities. We need more supporters, its a race against time. Everything depends on it. Come one come all and stand united. Do something today.


  14. R.T., One hundred and twenty wild horses running free is a good thing. At the reproduction rate BLM claims they are capable of it won’t be long until wild horses have again spread all over the western states. Kind of like the invasive wild hogs are doing now. Even the BLM and its illustrious contractors would be pleased because that would ensure their job security and more lucrative contracts as they struggled valiantly to save the rangelands from total devastation. Sorry, guess my seemingly irrepressible cynicism toward that stellar agency is showing again.


  15. I will vote for anyone who runs against Obama. Stupidly, I voted for him in the last election. Never again.


  16. Waiting patiently RT!!

    The roundups so far have had some date changes. Of 8 roundups in Oregon, two are Forest Service and two are outside HMAs. But the the major 5 will remove nearly 700 horses and never count on BLM to do as they have ‘planned’.

    Little Colorado and White Mountain in Wyoming will have gelded stallions released unless we stop it. These roundups were moved to August 17 to September 6th. Great Divide Basin, which we have been commenting on, is not on the schedule yet but it being Wyoming has also opted to release gelded stallions.

    And another appearance has been made by Winter Ridge in Utah, south of Vernal. Laura and I visited there a year ago May and found a huge, well developed gas field and we inquired of a man with a lease there about the horses and he said they had ‘been gone for years, If you want to see horses go back to the reservation along the Green River and there are plenty horses.’
    And there were. But Winter Ridge may be plugged in there because those horses wee taken off and disappeared maybe 10 years ago and there is no record of their passing. Just and educated guess, Huh, BLM? This is useful to BLM, and the appearance on the schedule of Winter Ridge may be to cover the costs of any problems with roundups; cost overruns. It will likely be removed from an updated schedule to appear by September.

    If we get an updated schedule by September it will likely have Great Divide Basin, Wyoming, on it.

    It would be very nice to have a new LAwsuit or two?? Along with a new bill or two for the wild ones getting plugged into legislation. We are quite capable of doing this. Believe it!


  17. Well. I have to say this. The horses are not human but Obama is turning into Hitler and trying to eradicate a species or certain type of individual. Nice going Obama. No one will see you coming back in the next election. BTW, can we borrow your dog for awhile???????????????????


  18. That is just horrible:The brutal roundups and alteration only traumatize the horses breaking their spirit, how can they be considered wild after all that abuse.


  19. One way for the horses to win the battle is for the good humans to divide and conquer the 2 legged brutal inhumane beings, removing them from power individually..


  20. I noticed that some of these articles are from 3 and 4 years ago. Since then, has the Federal government done anything to eradicate these horrible abuses of wild horses and burros?


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