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GAO Releases Alleged Leaked Horse Slaughter Report

Update by R.T. Fitch

Mixed Bag of Government Speak

(HOUSTON) – SFTHH – The long awaited report from the federal Government Accountability Office was released on June 22, 2011. Allegedly leaked and discussed during the controversial, failed horse slaughter festival, held in Las Vegas in early January, equine advocates were bracing for a compromised accounting and they were not far off the mark. Without any baseline of comparable markets the report acknowledges the fall in prices of equine sales since the closer of foreigner owned horse slaughter plants in the U.S. since 2007 but fails to recognize the parallel fiscal crisis the global economy entered into at during the same time frame. There is no reference or comparison to the dive in livestock prices nor an indication of essential industries, such as housing and auto, that had tanked and have yet to recover.

But upon closer scrutiny the report is not a slam dunk for either the pro or anti-horse side as it pretty much, summed up in layman terms says, “If you are going to butcher companion animals for human consumption (tainted with drugs?) then either get your act together or pull the plug on it entirely!”

Further analysis will be forth coming but you may read and download the report by clicking (HERE), it’s over 5 megs so be prepared for a sizable download. But from a totally objective prespective it is imparitive to remember that this is a governement report which is reporting on the governement, so with that collusive formula in mind you can consider any pro-horse commentary to be a major victory.

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  1. I read the thing and “sticky noted” and highlighted several statements and just went “Huh?”. They allow -5% of the fall of “lower-end” horses due to the recession? How did they take in effect how many horse owners lost their homes, ranches and jobs? They freely admitted that the 17 State Vets didn’t have any figures on increase of abuse, neglect or abandonment, they just “felt” there was an increase. We all know that when advocates have contacted sheriff or AC on reports of abandonment that they have come back and said they know of no such incident. That was another of my head scratching moments.

    All in all when I read this I thought why the H*** did they even bother since they really just talked around in circles. To use this report to bolster your argument on either side would be a mistake (or another delusion) as it is not worth the time and salaries that went in to it. If this was a Master’s thesis I don’t think they would be getting their degree.


    • You do know that the “Dark Side” is considering it a total victory but they will take a slam dunk loss and twist it to be a victory but one thing I will not do today, give that side the double exposure and publicity of publishing their tripe on this blog.


      • I so appreciate your decision to make this a “tripe-less” blog today. Had enough of Sue twisting everything. I guess ole Sue never did take a reading comprehension class.


  2. I did not read the it only this posted part, it seems that our government is selling everyone horses and people, those retired and those tring to hang onto the only jobs that they have, might I add that lots of those jobs are not now paying a livable wage. I people that were always able to keep a reasonable vehicle running and food on the table now can not keep up with our higher costs. Farmers in the state of Maine are charging lots more for the hay that goes into the bellies of the horses. Gas prices have been in question as to why are we getting charged so much. The government turns their heads at the greed of the very wealthy, and we horse lovers at the bottom now find our selves at a loss on how now to afford to keep our beautiful companions. I personally have a 23 year old Arab he is my life line and is cared for. NOW HERE GOES: I have to say that in my opinion we do need a place to send horses for slaughter, a place that would do this in as kind a manner as possible. I would not want to have to send my boy to that end. I was raised to not waist we are now in a time that all things must be considered. Given the grave circumstances of our horse market and the economy, we must address this with open eyes and closed hearts a place to send so many horses on to become at least useful in the meat for the Zoos etc. In the wild with the proper prey animals in abundance nature would take care of this. However we human beings have change all of this. Mountain lions, wolves and other prey animals are limited. And do not usually feed on our fenced domestic stock. I feel very strongly that when a horse has reached a place that either he is not useable or sustainable than lets not waist the value he has, in meat. I hate to say this all things need to be considered. AND THE FOOD CHAIN COMPLETE.


    • But you DO have a place to slaughter your horse in this country. Now whether the auction/kb will take it is another matter.

      And you didn’t mention food safety ONCE.

      BTW, what is so unpleasant for you to consider vet administered euthanasia?…the money out of pocket versus in pocket?

      Do you read this blog? Do some homework and you will have answered many of your questions and most definitely dump that “food chain complete” and replace it with cycle of life.


    • If you hate to say it, why do you? Seems you are at odds with your own values. And I just looked up the word slaughter in the dictionary and did not see the word “kind” in the definition. There is no kind way to slaughter your companion of over 20 years. Sorry. Maybe you are thinking of euthanasia? Also, should we eat our cats and dogs to complete the “food chain?” And I don’t recall reading zoos have a shortage of meat at this time. Evolve. Please.


  3. Can I ask why our government is wasting money on studies for something that is no longer practiced in our country? Would our tax dollars not be better spent on studying effects of sterilization of entire and partial herds of wild horses in the wild? Or the effect of thousands of cattle on our public lands. Or the effects on the ecosystem when wild horses are removed? This is like funding a study of what happened to the cotton prices when slavery was outlawed. Am I missing something here? Who “paid” for this report to be done?


  4. Catherine – why would you hand over thelead of your “old boy” with “closed hearts?” That lack of sentiment IS the line drawn.

    The battle IS between those who will take the high road to give their horses a dignified, undefiled death and those who at the end see naught but meat and money.

    There are no other issues for this horsewoman and I will fight the slaughter horses until the battle is won..

    And I am sure if you look deep into the eyes of your old boy – you will see his trust that you will walk the high road with him.


    • A True Horseman , always takes care of his horse , they never need to be prompted this is their given…….a true horseman never even gives a thought to what to give back to his horse, his horse gives to him his dignity, his pride , his courage, his trust, a true horseman returns it to his horse, because he has no question in his mind that has been with one of most gracious animals he has ever encountered, T hey both give to each other a empowerment that can never be broken………both realizes his worth and appreciates it……………… A bond between man and his horse is a thing of wonder and beauty……………….. A true Horseman finds solutions to each issue, with respect and gratitude it is never cruel ………….He treats his horse how he wants to be treated…………………….. Ask any true Horseman they are all here……………………………………….


  5. Catherine, I think you might want to rethink the situation with your companion. First of all not many of the zoos or places that have exotic animals will use this meat for the same reason it should not be used for human consumption. Plain and simple, if you cared for your horse properly through its life, it will have consumed ALL of the cancer causing agents. There are alternatives – I for one have told many of my fell horse lovers that I would help them PAY or assume the cost to have their horse or some else’s horse who has fallen on hard times
    given proper ending to his or her life. And until you have looked into the beautiful eyes of the
    horses OVER CROWDED on or about a slaughter house, you had better think twice. Do I get emotional, your damn right because many of them do and did not belong there. Ride along with a group that tries to save some these horses and let them see how hard it is to pick and choose. I have had the opportunity to look into these eyes and it WILL BE BURNED INTO MY THOUGHTS FOREVER! For example, I have a gal in my horse club who runs Victory Reins in Peotone, IL. The majority of her horses are between 11-26 and they love their jobs aiding the handicapped children and adults. So please do not tell me there is NO PLACE FOR THESE HORSES, its just a matter of hooking them up. And if we do not allow this process to take place we will FOREVER BE COMMITTING OUR AMERICAN HORSES TO TORTURE AND AN INHUMANE DEATH. They are NOT UNWANTED, but are waiting for the right person to come along. As far as I am concerned, SLAUGHTER NOW AND NEVER SHOULD EVER BE AN OPTION FOR OUR HORSES!!


  6. I get tired of all the “victims” out there that advocate that they NEED a place to send horses for slaughter. Horses NEED to be safe, cared for, and respectfully cared for until and INCLUDING the END of their life. We don’t throw them away when we TIRE of them. You want to say that you can’t afford to humanely euthanize your horse after a lifetime of service? You own a horse that costs THOUSANDS of dollars every year to maintain (not to mention the truck, trailer, barn, fencing and expensive boots), and you can’t afford $300 to have the vet out and bury your horse? REALLY? That is like Paris Hilton complaining about a parking ticket. Besides the fact that most pro-slaughter people are actually looking to CASH in on the death of their horse. SHAME ON YOU people that continue to deny the horror of what you advocate. A million or so horses die every year from natural causes, and somehow they manage to be disposed of, so why do people keep acting like it’s such a burden?


  7. Then, there are those that keep stating that they want the CHOICE of how to end their horse’s life. You have a CHOICE alright, a CHOICE to not own a horse to begin with. If you can’t afford to care for one including final arrangements, they you have no business owning one to begin with. I wish that you guys would sit down and shut up and stop buying/breeding them to begin with. What you don’t realize is that those of you that are irresponsible keep dumping your responsibility of everyone else. What happened to old fashioned values of taking care of your own? Following through on commitments? Standing by your choices? I guess if there is a buck to be made, all that goes out the window.


  8. Good points Valorie! There is no other way to look at horse slaughter except greed. Has Catherine not seen the videos? Why would she want to send her companion horse there just for her own conscience of not waisting (wasting) the meat? Now that is just ridiculous! And don’t think it will feed the poor or school kids either. Its worth too much for that. Hasn’t she given her horse wormer, fly spray and perhaps bute, if she cares so much for him. Well Catherine your horse is a toxic meatball for the unknowing consumer who buys that horses steak. And zoos are very picky about the food they feed to their animals. They might buy a horse but they know where that comes from and it might be 1 horse, not 108,000 of them. Catherine, you really need to reevaluate how you feel for you companion and your own selfish needs to feel good. Bad news Catherine, you are not the only brainwashed poor soul who thinks that way. And that’s why the horse haters keep trying to convince you horse slaughter is painless and quick. Take a look at the videos again. And open your heart when you do! You might change your mind about slaughter and how you feel about your old friends meat.


  9. I agree with Valorie…having a horse is a blessing and an honor, to have the kind of love that we as humans get from all animals is amazing. God placed them here for a reason and I doubt it was to torture and eat them. He gave us brains and the ability to love and be compassionate. Its the devil who gave us the sick and demented ways of being cruel. We HAVE NO RIGHT !!! NONE!! to take the life of any other living creature ..we do not need meat to live and we really dont need to eat our loved ones 2 or 4 legged. You do know we are suppose to be quite tastey? Come on people get some morals and compassion for our fellow living creatures.


  10. Catherine,
    I will give you the benefit of the doubt—once. There are horse people who do not understand that horses are not dead when they are slaughtered. They haven’t seen the videos of horses being stakes in the back while they stand trapped in chutes nor have they seen the look on a perfectly alert horse being skinned alive as he hangs on a meat hook. If you were unaware that this is the fate that awaits your horse if you choose to have him slaughtered, well OK. If you are aware and would wish this on him, well, …i don’t have the words.

    I know several people who have found themselves in a similar position, and their choice has been to have their horses humanely euthanized. They could not bear the thought of their horses falling into rough, uncaring hands or being with owners who would not take care of their medical needs with the same attention that they had. in the scheme of things, for about the same amount of money you spend to feed a horse for a month, you can have your horse humanely euthanized in his pasture with your loving hands, soothing, grateful voice right there with him. This is the way of love.


  11. Slaughter is a barbaric form of extreme cruelty used in the murder of Billions of innocent animals , in the times of old when people didnt know any better !!!! it has or never ever had a place in a civilize nation, of humane individuals there is not place for it or use of it , it creates brainwashing for any form of human into thinking its ok , then they murder and maim People , with this justification, humans were never meant to Slaughter anything it is a despicable form of Murder……….. The Lowest of the low are the only ones able to perform such an grotesque gruesome task , it needs to be demolished and obliterated immediately never to be thought of again…………………… or even admitted it ever was an option……………………


    • Arlene:

      I’ve been thinking for some time how to respectfully disagree.

      I’m not against people using certain species for a human food source, but I do, however have a problem with how it is currently being conducted now in the US.

      Equines for same is an entirely different matter…off the table.

      I eat some meat and am very specific in country of origin, raising standards, cuts and grade.

      This isn’t about stopping meat production in the US; it’s about slaughtering US equines for same. My secondary concern is our overall food safety and production systems….not good enough in my book.


  12. looks bad to me like they are going to push to reopen slaughter in america and breed MORE horses. still send the 100k horses to mexico/canada and breed 600k more here for slaughter. god I hope not.

    I remember reading somewhere the year before slaughterhouses closed they were importing horses across country from canada to meet the demand at texas slaughterhouse?

    same thing with the spending to care for blm holding horses..I fear ‘someone’ wants to stop that small care spending funding and set-up a slaughterhouse at holding facilities.

    last point is didn’t america make no money on horsemeat anyways? because they kept the price at a couple cents per pound to pay NO federal revenue..and jack the price up AFTER the meat left americas tax-control.

    I don’t think americas federal gov made anything off of horse slaughter industry. before .

    these may be things congress wants to hear aswell…the slaughter industry costs much more to run than its ever worth to america. it is a loss.


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