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What Makes Us Different?

Commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

One Small Non-Profit CAN Make a Difference

Money, like religion and politics, is an extremely personal and intimate commodity; as well it should be.  We, as humans, come to terms with an employer and offer to sell segments of our precious time here on this earth in return for money; but it is what we do with that money that makes the difference in the quality and significance of our lives.

So here comes the million dollar question: Why should you donate any of your hard earned cash to the Wild Horse Freedom Federation, what makes this organization so different from the dozens of other fine, non-profits asking for your life’s blood?

Because we are different and in so being, we are actually just like you.

We are not a rescue, sanctuary or lobbying group but instead we are a lean, mean handful of private citizens who have banded together to make one last stand for our rapidly diminishing herds of wild horses and burros; that final battle is being fought in the court rooms of the United States of America.  Of course, we are proud and honored to stand alongside many well known and reputable equine welfare organizations but we are, in all reality, simple everyday folks who have just had it up to our eyeballs with a government that makes up the rules as they go.

We have no staff, no feed invoices, no property taxes to pay but instead we have legal bills that fuel the team of lawyers who, like us, are putting themselves on the line to fight for the future freedom of our wild horses and burros.  It’s really just that simple, we are here to ensure that our attorneys get paid so that we can not only continue our fight but expand it to the point that somewhere, somehow, the forces that assail our wild equines will step back, take notice, begin following the law and listen to what the taxpaying public has to say.

We are different, in the fact, that a donor knows exactly where their donations go and by giving to the cause the donor, automatically, becomes a part of history in building a legacy for our descendants to be able to share the beauty and splendor that is our wild and free roaming wild equids.

A donation buys a ticket for a seat in the courtroom, right next to our legal staff, so that the donor can say that he/she was there, a part of the fight to make things right instead of being asked “where you on the day the last wild mustang disappeared from the American west?”

We are here to be the voice of not only those that cannot speak for themselves but for the majority of the American public who has simply had enough and want to stop the aggressive swath that the government’s Wild Horse Harvesting Machine is cutting across our once beautiful and cherished public lands.

We are different because we are you; for you, beside you and with you.

We stand together in this quest and we are one.

That is what makes us different.

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  1. The wild horses and burros need every single one of us. EVERY PERSON MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Thank you RT, Terri and Laura for making a stand in the courts.


  2. Rt you are so right. Just imagine if everyone decided to give up 2 or 3 trips to the fast food place. I would certainly contribute to being a member of this federation and would encourage some of my friends too. See how it snow balls with one person’s idea. Then you involve the next person and so on. I know that you have made a difference and are waking alot of people up by arming us with the information. Well documented and factual….There are a lot
    of lawyers who do it Pro Bono, but they are dwindling..Fighting a case in court not only takes time, but as you say the funding is critical…So how do we donate or become members?


  3. While checking on the status of the H. B. 306, Wild Horses of Corolla Protection Act, I discovered an encouraging banner at the bottom of the page linked to tracking the bill through Thomas. It was from Governor Romney’s campaign, so we have one Presidential candidate who has signed on to protect our wild horses. I think this is very exciting, and given the recovery Mrs. Romney has experienced through her relationship with horses and riding, I have every reason to believe that this is a sincere show of support.


  4. In a separate issue, I followed the link to the Washington Times provided by Madeleine Pickens from her SAM site regarding the publication of the GAO report. The article in the times is so-so, but a number of advocates put together some very compelling information about horse slaughter, and Monika Courtney presented some alternatives to slaughter that sound doable. In addition, there was a letter from the mayor of Kaufman, Texas, who wanted to alert Colorado voters that one of the people running for office in that state was a regular dealer of at least 400 Colorado horses a month at the Kaufman Slaughter Plant. She wrote a letter describing what happened in her community. I know that similar information is available elsewhere, but I thought this article and commentary were full of very useful information that we could use to present to our political leaders. An interesting observation is that none of the pro-laughter people used their real names, while a number of advocates did. Pro-slaughter people used name calling and personal attacks while advocates used facts and examples.

    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I thought this was more good news.


    • I saw the comments made by pro-slaughter, most were off topic insults. Those that did manage to stick to the topic generally had no true facts and tried to snow people with their usual agenda. I use my real name, if I think it and say it then I take credit/blame for it.


  5. R.T., Terry and Laura. I just posted the clip released today on my FB page asking people to please watch, get involved and please donate, even if it is only a small amount, every dollar helps, if everyone gives something. Too many people think if you don’t have hundreds of dollars why bother. I just wish more people would understand that is not true. Our wild horses and burros belong to us all. And we all need to help in paying to make sure they survive and they remain free, and if in LTH are set free again. Thank you again for providing the leadership in saving our horses and burros.

    It is my prayer too that finally the BLM realizes we are NOT going to give in and give up.


  6. Fabulous!!! One of the first efforts should be a complete ban on burro round ups. There are less than 2000 left in the wild. Why are they rounding up any at all at this point? I know horses too, but the minimal burro numbers lend themselves to severe dereliction of duty by a government agency knowingly pushing an animal to extinction in direct violation of the law.


  7. Donated. Maybe you can set up a way for those inclined to give an automatic donation each month. I’d be willing to give up my mocha addiction for the cause.


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