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Call to Action: Wild Horse and Burro Advocates Needed in Reno

Calling All Advocates

Click on Image to Download Flyer

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  1. I wish I could be there. Thaks for all your hard work and keeping all of us informed. Got any ideas for getting the word out in the east? I live in TN. I would love to find interested people to help get the word outto help the horses.


  2. I cannot be there. Is there anything that those of us could do or perhaps send some kind of message board to the hearing via fax to the court house? I want them to see that although we are not residents of Nevada, we are still Americans who believe in and want the dream of the Wild Mustangs and Burros
    to flourish. This cannot continue to go on. I just finished another letter to President Obama. Good luck and God Bless all of the supporters who will be there to support our Wild Horses & Burros. I hope that this gets national news media.


  3. Good luck to you, gang! I wish I could be there with you.

    I’m very pleased to see your request that people dress in professional attire for this rally. As an image development consultant for many years, I’m often struck by how casually people dress for our important meetings, rallys, protests, etc. Casual clothing gives the impression of a casual attitude. If we want to be considered credible, it’s important to dress like someone who is a leader, is accustomed to making important decisions, and is ACCUSTOMED TO BEING LISTENED TO.

    My suggestion is that everyone who can attend leave the peasant skirts, pony tails, faded jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers at home. This effort needs and deserves your best effort.

    Oh- AND these events need as many MEN as possible to be present! All too often, advocates in this effort are considered ‘just overly emotional women’. There are a lot of men who care about this cause, too, and they need to dress up and show up.

    Forward ho for the horses/burros! All the best!


    • Louie, I quite agree with you. I wish I’d been more clear, and had stated my view of what ‘professional attire’ is. In the horse world, it’s certainly different from what’s worn on Wall Street. I would consider clean, pressed (as you said, crisp) clothes that fit, match, are modest, and at least somewhat in style. (These days, just about everything’s in style.)

      Western hats- fine. Baseball caps- not so fine.

      I’ll bet there’s not an advocate among us who doesn’t have some ‘go to church clothes’ or ‘go out Saturday night’ clothes. (Skip the skimpy Sat night outfits, tho.)

      Liz Claybourgn and Ralph Lauren labels aren’t required for be ‘professional’ in the equine-focused world. Thank goodness! :0)

      And… to stay on point- the important thing is to… be there!


  4. There are probably some that don’t have professional attire. Horse people don’t always spend too much on their own wardrobe. The cost of taking care of Horses doesn’t often leave much left over for clothes (or time to shop for clothes). I would say that looking neat, clean and crisp is a good representation of our group. I would hate to think that anyone would NOT attend because they didn’t have the right attire or didn’t feel comfortable for that reason.


      • I don’t think God is the problem. I think it’s the humans that continually judge a book by it’s cover. Oh that’s right, most Americans don’t read books, newspapers, magazines very much anymore unless they are a part of the check out line at Wal-Mart like the National Enquirer or TV/text pablum.


    • I reckon everyone, no matter what their job, still has a nice pair of black dress slacks or khakis and a clean button down shirt hanging in their closet. And even if you don’t, you can pick up something appropriate for $15 at Walmart or the equivalent. We’re not talking tailored suits here guys, so don’t overthink it!

      I think the point of the request to dress professionally is to make sure no one shows up in the court room wearing a t-shirt and jeans, since that would be direspectful to the judge.

      I’d also suggest no hats guys, even if they are cowboy hats. You shouldn’t wear them inside anyway, and they’re definitely not appropriate for the courthouse. The only people I’ve ever seen wearing cowboy hats indoors were a bunch of cantankerous cattle ranchers down in Phoenix (and later R.T. did so to mock them), and no one wants to be like them. 😉


  5. Good point – Sorry to say it, but first impressions make a difference in how crediable you are. You don’t have to look like a fashion plate, but you should look as though you are ready to present a business deal. Wish I was in attendance. I am going to try and fax something to the court house and see if they get it. Check it out for all of us that can’t attend. I do not want these district courts to feel that it is only the people living in the West that are fighting for their FREEDOM. There are a thousands of people all over the country that want our horses and burros free from pursecution..Send a fax or
    something, I may even try to call. These district courts need to see that they are in the spotlight and what is decided here will be seen & heard around the United States…They must see that AMERICANS ARE READY to take it to the wall for these horses…The Good Ol’ Boy network needs to come down like the Berlin wall. The gravy train is OVER!!


  6. How I wish I could be there, I am in Ohio, this too short of a notice for The Airlines, they want a arm and a leg, unless its a month in advance if there is anything I can do from here please Post here……………..


  7. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO, R.T.!!! O HOW I WISH I COULD BE THERE, WILL BE IN SPIRIT, guess it’s better than NOTHING…… Good Luck to all of you that can be there!!!!!!


  8. I am proud to say that I am owned by 4 beautiful mustangs! I live only an hour away from Reno, and I will be there!!!


  9. Elaine, thank you for you thoughtful reply. I do understand what you are saying and it does state professional/business type attire on the flyer. I just didn’t want anyone to NOT go because they didn’t feel that they had the right clothes.


  10. Awesome movie ……………..In Pursuit of Honor
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In Pursuit of Honor
    Directed by Ken Olin
    Produced by Anne Hopkins
    Written by Dennis Lynton Clark
    Starring Don Johnson
    Craig Sheffer
    Gabrielle Anwar
    Robert Gunton
    Rod Steiger
    Distributed by HBO Pictures
    Release date(s) March 18, 1995
    Running time 89 Mins (TV)
    109 Mins (DVD)
    Country U.S. U.S.
    Language English

    In Pursuit of Honor is a 1995 made-for-cable movie directed by Ken Olin. Don Johnson stars as a member of a United States Cavalry detachment refusing to slaughter its horses after being ordered to do so by General Douglas MacArthur. The movie follows the plight of the officers as they attempt to save the animals that the Army no longer needs as it modernizes toward a mechanized military. The movie claims to be based on a true story, but legend is all that exists to prove this event occurred.[1]
    [edit] Plot

    The movie opens in 1932 when World War I veterans are rallying in Washington D.C. for war bonuses they were promised but never received from the government. The US Cavalry and Infantry are present for crowd control. The mounted cavalry is ordered by Maj. John Hardesty (Gunton) to present their sabers in order to hold back the protesters. First Sergeant John “Top” Libby (Johnson), along with three fellow soldiers, refuse to raise their arms because the demonstrators were men they served with during the war. As a consequence, their military careers are tarnished and they are relegated to duty at a remote post in the American Southwest.

    Two years later, Lt. Marshall Buxton (Scheffer) arrives at his new post, where it is discovered during his interview with retiring Col. Stuart (Steiger) that he was assigned because of a fight and that many of the others there are also due to insubordination. Lt. Buxton meets Sergeants Libby, Quinlain, Mulcahey and Shattuck, who together manage the herd of remounts.

    Col. Stuart is replaced as post commander by Hardesty, who has been promoted to colonel. Hardesty’s mission is to aid in the transition to a mechanized army. To accomplish this, the horses at the outpost will have to be destroyed. Buxton is ordered to escort the animals to slaughter. While watching the horses being helplessly shot to death in a mass grave, Lt. Buxton decides, with the concurrence of Libby and the others, to end the massacre and drive the remaining herd to safety.

    A manhunt ensues that forces the renegade men and horses north. Along the way, the men get a little help from Retired Col. Stuart in his standing with the war department and the Colonel’s daughter (Gabrielle Anwar), who is a journalist. Many of the horses are lost during the journey, due to exhaustion and injuries.

    After reaching the Canadian border and making a final run with the horses, the men are granted a pardon by President Roosevelt while dodging a light artillery attack by Hardesty’s men, who have followed the recreants since their insurrection. Buxton’s men and the remaining horses are allowed safe passage across the border by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While Lt. Buxton decides to return to the United States to face charges, the remainder of his group decide to stay in Canada.
    [edit] External links

    In Pursuit of Honor at the Internet Movie Database
    In Pursuit of Honor at Allrovi

    [edit] References

    ^ In Defense of Honor: General Douglas MacArthur and the Horse Cavalry of 1934

    Categories: 1990s Western films

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  11. I can recommend this movie to all horse lovers! It is a great movie and I need to watch it again…..we all need to watch it 😉 Determination to save the horses at any cost = isn’t that what this is all about???


  12. With courage, determination , and most of all respect for the horses 5 men saved 400 horse from a horrible death , at all costs……………………… man even lost his own life……………………


  13. OK, I’ve seen many posts saying they ain’t attending. I may have missed the coordination contact in the flyer….BUT EXACTLY WHO IS GOING?????

    My family has always been poor and raised to the middle class eventually. But the one thing I learned from my great-grandmother was, “there is no shame in being poor….but you don’t have to be dirty and unclean. Everyone can buy a piece of soap and bathe.”

    I don’t care if you wear Jimmy Choo’s or Payless BOGOs…both sides of this issue can dress up and down. That isn’t the issue. It’s about DOI/USDA NOT obeying the 1971 ACT. It’s about our land, water and wildlife being stolen from us.


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