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2 Men Booked for Buying Wild Horses from BLM for Slaughter

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Wild Mustangs to be sold for MEAT

A federal grand jury is charging two Utah men with multiple counts of fraud in an alleged scheme to buy dozens of wild horses at discounted rates and sell them to commercial processors in Mexico.

Charges filed Wednesday in federal court in Salt Lake City say the men bought 64 wild horses from the Bureau of Land Management between February and August. The men claimed the wild horses would be used for breeding, which qualified them for lower purchase prices.

The two men are each charged with four counts of wire fraud, two counts of false statements and one count of aiding or abetting.

BLM officials became suspicious and alerted federal authorities, who intercepted a truck from Utah in August carrying 47 of the horses to the Mexican border.

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  1. How convenient that the BLM “exposed” this, I wonder how many thousands of our horses have traveled this path already, the BLM are only bringing it to light now because of the pressure WE are putting on them by asking questions about all the tens of thousands of horses which we have been barred from seeing or monitoring while millionaire ranchers like “Pioneer Woman” and her kin make money off our OUR horses while watching them driving down their backroads to oblivion! This makes me so mad!


    • but of course, Lori…right now the BLM needs some GOOD PR!…The appropriations committee is getting ready to decide whether to give them more funding….it is no mistake this came out when it did….we have to stop them from getting funded for more round ups….


  2. Why do I think that these two guys are the fall guys for the BLM??????? The BLM wont give horses to Madeliene Pickens who has been trying for years she has the land for them to live full rich lives in peace and honor like Americas people deemed it to be…………. in order for an American citizen to purchase one is major problem, but the people who want to exploit the horses with ill fated motives dont seem to have any problem getting them, nothing Blm does adds up does it………..Why do we allow an agency that has no real honor for Our American Treasures to be able to exploit them to this degree, these people not only should be discharged of all there authorities over Our Mustangs and but should be charged also for several other criminal acts………………. Where is the Honor that not only the Mustangs deserve , but the honor that they have earned, this is a true American Tragedy…………….Where are people like the five American Calvary heros that risked their lives to save 400 Calvary horses, We can do this………….if for no other reason then to give them back the honor and trust they so graciously have given to us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, America is pride , trust, courage, honor, power, all these traits can be found in the horse, we can always find these traits in a horse instilled forever never can be bred out, where is ours asleep ??? Wake up America and save our the Wild Mustangs…………………..


  3. “BLM officials became suspicious and alerted federal authorities, who intercepted a truck from Utah in August carrying 47 of the horses to the Mexican border.”

    Too bad the BLM didn’t become suspicious a little earlier—like when they were SELLING the horses to these people!!!

    The unnecessary trauma these horses suffer at the hands of the BLM.


  4. So the BLM rips the horses off their rightful home in the West. Ships them to long term holding where they are supposed to be safe. The horses finally start getting adjusted to life in unnatural, segregated captivity without family bands, then they are sold and trucked all over and land in short term holding somewhere. Why? Because the BLM sold them to the wrong people. Again. The wasted money. The wasted lives of these majestic creatures. And on the BLM Nevada Facebook the BLM posts that longterm holding is a good place for the horses. That they don’t have to worry about survival there like they do in the wild! These 64 highlight all that is dreadfully wrong with this program.


    • Just read that these horses were sold from Herriman holding facility, not long term holding. Wasn’t that the facility where the horses were standing in knee deep muck?


  5. This is absolutely disgusting! Hmm who didn’t get a piece of the pie? What a joke this is. Why isn’t the BLM brought up on charges for selling the horses to these people – they initially made the deal..I am going to contact my Legislators with this information and ask them why BLM allowed this. The premise that they want to protect them is a bunch of rhetoric/BS. The FBI should be investigating all the “Killer Buyers” in the country. The poor things if
    I had the money and the space, I would take them in a minute. Why in the hell
    would the BLM sell horses for breeding purposes? Are they CRAZY or just
    totally DEMENTED..The more I hear of the BLM the more I am convinced that they DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Thank you Laura for helping us to expose them for what they are. Citizens should hire an aircraft or some type of blimp to fly over the roundup sites and take pictures of their own since you are kept from seeing anything from the ground. Lets get to the truth of this whole thing..BLM employess spouting the notion of shooting the horses and now the BLM gets caught selling to the “Killers”. How convenient, how long
    has this been going on?


    • Good luck talking to your State Rep.’s! They just pad you on the back and say we will keep your concern in mind! Bull______!


  6. I spoke to Senator Max Baucus’s (office) from Montana, Democrat, He does not eat horse meat. He supports horse slaughter here in U. S. because horses are being abused and left starving. His DC contact : 202-224-2651 ….511 Hart Senate Office Building..Washington DC 20510


  7. Spring Creek Basin Roundup began today. James Klienert had announced a lawsuit to be filed to increase the 22,000 acre HMA with the nearby Naturita Ridge.

    pring Creek Wild Horse Gather

    Gather operations from Sept. 15 to Sept. 17

    Details of the Gather:

    September 15, BLM will gather approximately 60 wild horses in the Herd Management Area (HMA), which is a 21,932 acre area managed for a healthy wild horse herd that is in balance with other resources and uses. The current estimated population of wild horses in the HMA is about 90. This number is based on ground survey completed in May 2011 by volunteers with the Four Corners Backcountry Horsemen and includes the 2011 foal crop.

    The appropriate management level identified for the population in this HMA is between 35 to 65 wild horses. Up to 10 of the captured adult horses will be released to maintain herd population within the established appropriate management level. The application of the contraceptive porcine zona pellucida will be administered to mares released back into the HMA.


    About 25 of the wild horses gathered will be available for adoption through BLM’s wild horse and burro program. The adoption will be held at the Montezuma County Fairgrounds on Saturday, September 24 at 9 a.m. in Cortez. Individuals interested in adopting a horse must meet corral and shelter requirements. These standards are at The wild horses not adopted will be placed in long-term pastures.
    Latest News:

    For BLM news releases and statements issued about White River Gather, check our Newsroom.


  8. This will go on until we put a stop to the BLM, over the years they have always been this way, they continue to get worse because they can !!!!!!!! they will never stop unless we find the way to stop them,


  9. There is an Achilles Heel somewhere in this mess called the BLM, we must find it……………………………We cannot continually do this to Our Mustangs………………


  10. Money seems to always win in this country, over morals, values, trust & loyalty. The BLM is a dirty part of our country, that needs to be swept into a dustpan and dumped in the trash, once and for all.


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