Day: October 13, 2011

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory “Bored” Meeting

Well, it’s that wonderful time of year, again, where hand picked hunting, cattle and grazing interests sit around and listen to BLM representatives spout erroneous numbers, rumor and innuendo while concerned American tax payers get kicked in the teeth when they attempt to articulate the facts on wild horse and burro issues. Ain’t it sweet? Nothing like being called a lier while you watch and listen to the real government paid liers smearing the truth and painting any picture that they deem fit to paint, usually the planned extinction of the last of our wild equines on public lands.

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Controversial Salt Lake BLM Wild Horse Concentration Camp to be Shuttered

Last spring, the Butterfield Canyon Wild Horse and Burro facility, in Herriman Utah, gained worldwide attention when wild horse advocate Lisa Friday video taped and uploaded to YouTube through the Cloud Foundation a heart wrenching recording which documented the local wild horse prisoners so mired in mud and manure that they could nor did did move during her four-hour visit. Friday’s calls for assistance went unheeded until the video went public and only then did the BLM launch another of their infamous internal investigations where it was determined by the BLM that the BLM was, of course, not at fault but it was noted that an excess of mud and manure had accumulated but it was the fault of local weather conditions.

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