Day: October 12, 2011

AAEP Released Diluted Report on BLM Wild Horse Mismanagment

This report was quietly leaked out into the press by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on the exact same day that a Federal Judge responded to plaintiff Laura Leigh’s, of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was granted against the BLM’s stampede contractor for allegedly operating in an inhumane manner. This was an obvious knee-jerk, self-preservation move on the part of the BLM and the report fell flat as it was performed by “hired guns” of the federal agency. The only reason that this particular piece is presented, here, is because it DOES acknowledge our legal action and it DOES acknowledge potential flaws on the issue of “appropriate care” which is exactly what Ms. Leigh’s ongoing legal action is all about. Consider the fact that an agency that is in cahoots with another and that very agency then brings up potential problems, doesn’t that speak to just how serious said issues could be? Me thinks so.

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Hero Horse Travels to Big Apple to appear on Letterman

Over the past several weeks a wonderful story has been circulating across the internet about a Montana trail guide horse, Tonk, who along with his rider, Erin Bolster, fearlessly intervened in a Grizzly attack and saved a little boy from what would have been a gruesome bear mauling.

I have intended to run the story, here, but other issues have reared their heads and we have been charging forward with the ongoing battles of equine advocacy, until last night when I noticed that both Erin and Tonk were scheduled to be on the David Letterman show so I broke tradition and stayed up a little later in hopes of catching a glimpse of this brave equine and his stout female partner. I was not disappointed and was actually impressed that Letterman managed to pull off a relatively normal interview without either being glib or demeaning Erin and Tonk’s brave actions, but he did come off as a bit of wimp being, himself, obviously afraid of good ole Tonk. Hat’s off to Tonk for being a mildly nervous but perfect gentleman in front of the lights, cameras and clapping crowd.

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