Month: November 2011

Covert Equine Terrorist Attack Backfires on Horse Slaughter Cult

Wrap your brain around this concept for a minute; would any sane, educated adult hand over the keys to the family’s pickup truck, a credit card and a loaded AK47 to a spoiled 10 year old bully with severe personality disorders? Not in the real world; only in a science fiction, slice-and-dice, B-grade thriller would you expect to see such carnage and anarchy. But you are all in for a low cost treat as that is exactly what is going on with the two laughable cartoon characters that head the pro-horse eating organization called United Horsemen. All the cockroaches have come out on the kitchen counter to feed and poop while not one of them has a plan.

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When it comes to America’s Horses, Honesty is Not always the Best Policy

In 2006 Congress decreed that the USDA would no longer have the funding to send inspectors into the three remaining, foreign-owned, horse slaughter plants in the United States. No inspection, no sales and the states of Texas and Illinois were quick to follow with legislation to prohibit the slaughter of American horses for human consumption with the backing of over 70% of the U.S. public. In May of this year, Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia, with full disclosure, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives received the votes to add the de-funding amendment only to have it secretly and covertly removed, behind closed doors, by a small committee of U.S. Congressman.

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A Time To Be Thankful

Once again, it is Sunday, a day when we like to add something refreshing and uplifting to your day so that we can hit the ground running on Monday. And not that I want to demean the message but we do not have a super, thought provoking message to send your way, this morning…just a simple thought to share and a few words to speak.

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Revival of Horse Slaughter to Cost Taxpayers

Last week while you weren’t looking Congress and the president did something the vast majority of Americans oppose. The president signed an omnibus-spending bill approved by Congress that makes it legal to slaughter horses in the United States once again. Polls show more than 70 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter and few if any eat horse meat. Given the fact we are divided politically by a gap the size of the Grand Canyon, recognize that a 70 percent majority is an unheard of amount of backing.

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Texas Wild Burros Getting Stubborn Allies

ALPINE — While it wasn’t exactly Occupy Wall Street, the indignation and hyperbolic class rhetoric sounded quite familiar when local residents met here recently to protest the killing of wild burros at the Big Bend Ranch State Park.

“The 1 percent are dictating policy, which is for the bighorn sheep. The 99 percent, the average people going to that park, are never going to see a sheep,” said Marjorie Farabee, founder of the Wild Burro Protection League and a Director of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

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