Day: November 22, 2011

Fanatical Equine Terrorist Lies to Public on Facebook

“I get to sit back and sip on a Wrangler Iced Tea while my good friend and fellow equine advocate Vicki Tobin exposes even more of the propaganda and lies perpetuated by the horse slaughter cultist, Sue Wallis from Wyoming. Deception and perversion run amok in the camp of this half-baked nut case and her loose lips are about to sink her ship of horsemeat sooner than she may realize. (When you post to Facebook, you idiot, it is out there for the whole world to see, including your tainted backers and even they have had enough) Glug, Glug Sick-0 Sue, you are all washed up!” ~ R.T.

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Simple Math Butchers Horse Slaughter Terrorist Propaganda

When it comes to the years that we have all been working to ensure that predatory horse slaughter stays out of the United States I rank way down on the food chain of the “Who’s Who in Equine Advocacy.” There are many more knowledgable and eloquent individuals such as Jerry Finch and John Holland, and many others, who carried the torch long before my eyes were opened and my heart-broken by the butchering of companion animals for the profit of foreign interests. But one thing that I do possess is a nose for business and, at the very least, the ability to know what makes a product profitable versus being a dog on the market and it does NOT take a PhD in economics to see that horse slaughter not only tanked in this country but it will never amount to anything, again.

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