Day: November 19, 2011

The Night Wild Horses Came to Manhattan

As near as anyone today can tell, America’s wild horse herds never came anwhere close to Manhattan before they were either slaughtered or confined to dusty rangelands out West. And it is hard to imagine a venue more different from those rangelands than brick-lined Vanderbilt Hall, at the New York University School of Law, where on a rainy Wednesday night a group of 50 or so wild horse enthusiasts met to discuss the past, present and future of the mustang, whom author Deanne Stillman calls “North America’s gift to the world.”

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Horse Slaughter Fanatics Alleged Victory Rings Hollow in America

There is a bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that once rang loud and proud for the liberty of the United States of American; founded on truth, virtue and the wholesomeness of strong morals and pride. It is a symbol that all true, red-blooded Americans hold close to their hearts and stand solidly in support of. But this past week another bell rang; it was one that did not sing but instead gave out an off-tune “thunk” and sent shivers down the spine of every decent, tax paying citizen in the United States; it was the special interest’s bell of corruption and collusion and it thudded its funeral dirge in the offices of our Congress when a handful of politicians decided to add more funds to an appropriation bill while striping it of language that would protect American horses from being brutally slaughtered on their native soil for the profit of foreign interests; unconscionable.

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