Month: December 2011

Equine Welfare Alliance Launches “War Horse” Assault on Three Troubled Political Careers

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance launched the most sophisticated assault yet against the return of equine slaughterhouses with a 90 screen breakout ad to be shown within 10 minutes of the opening credits of Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse.” The ad campaign will target three Washington politicians who pushed the cancellation of a prohibition against funding horse slaughter inspectors. The targeted ads will run in the districts and states of Georgia Republican Rep. Jack Kingston, Sen. Roy Blunt (R) Missouri, and Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Herb Kohl.

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“Real” War Horse Shares Screen with Spielberg’s

Our first attack on those who betrayed our horses has landed. It will leverage the movie War Horse.

We teamed up with Robin Hutton of the Sgt. Reckless Memorial Fund and today, the ad below will appear on 90 theater screens within 10 minutes of the start of the movie War Horse. The ad will be aired in selected theaters in the following states: North Eastern Georgia, Missouri, Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming. Why those states, you ask? Very simple – Kingston, Blunt, Kohl, Baucus and Wallis! The ad will run for 30 days.

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Horse Eating Minority Attempt to Make a Point

In our last post we shared with you a letter from an astounding 14 year old young lady, Cheyenne Little, who is actually educated enough and adequately enlightened to the point that she “gets it” when it comes to the cruelty and inhumanity that is at the heart of bloody, predatory horse slaughter. I was both motivated and enthralled when I read what she had written as it was years beyond her time and several levels above the tripe that you get out of the public ramblings on the Horse-Eaters side, I had to pinch myself to remember that this was a fourteen year old speaking out, hats off to Cheyenne; we sure hope that there are a ton more of young folks like you out there as our fight is for you.

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14 Year Old Campaigns to Save U.S. Horses

My name is Cheyenne Little, I’m a 14-year-old girl who lives in Grass Valley. You might remember me as the kid who wrote the “More than a little help” article a few months back. My horse China’s doing great, I’m doing great. But there’s one thing that’s not so great. And I’m asking for the help and support of my community to change that status. I recently started a petition against the reopening of equine slaughter in the U.S. Before equine slaughter was made illegal in 2007, over 25,000 horses each year were being processed and shipped out of the country for human consumption.

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Download Steven Spielberg Pro-Horse Flyer

“In this day, people don’t have exposure, they don’t have interaction with horses. I hope this movie [War Horse] makes people appreciate the innate and natural intelligence of horses. And I also hope this movie brings an aware- ness to the plight of horses both after World War I and the plight today in a very sad turn of events in which the slaughtering of horses is being permitted for food as a renewed export industry, which makes us all very sad.”
– Steven Spielberg

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Everything You Wanted to Know about “War Horse” but were Afraid to Ask

As of late it has been a difficult ride for the horses of the United States of American, both domestic and wild. From the gaff of language being stripped from an Ag bill that defunded horse slaughter plant inspections and then signed by the President to the rapid, cruel and possibly unlawful trapping and removal of protected wild horses and burros from public lands by Obama’s BLM; things have been bleak and looked like they were heading south, until…enter stage left, Steven Spielberg with his latest epic film War Horse. If ever the American public needed to be informed on the plight of the American horse it is now and Mr. Spielberg just opened up that conversation on Christmas Day.

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