Day: November 8, 2011

Horse Slaughter: What YOU can do NOW to Stop it’s Return

We need your help reaching out to Congress on behalf of our nation’s horses. Until a few years ago, there were a handful of foreign-owned slaughterhouses in the U.S. that butchered horses for markets in Europe and Asia, where horse meat is considered a delicacy. Americans spoke out against this practice, and since 2005, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

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Animal’s Angels “Light the Sky 2011”

Dear Straight from the Horse’s Heart Readers:

It is a pleasure to invite you to take part in Animals’ Angels third fundraising event on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

Animals’ Angels employees and friends will meet on this night with thousands of candles to Light the Sky for the animals – to cast a light against the darkness and symbolically alleviate suffering. This is a time to step back and reflect on our purpose and our respect for the animals, their fates and the conditions. It is all of us, our collective message of hope and commitment.

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EWA Takes Horse Slaughter Issue to Law Makers

Our position is rational, factual and one that cannot be disputed.

1) In this disastrous economy, it is indefensible to be wasting tax dollars to subsidize foreign companies by inspecting animals that are not consumed or considered food animals in our country.

2) Slaughter is for food production and not the place to send excess, unusable or “unwanted” horses. It is the place to send animals that have been strictly raised as food animals. To do otherwise, is a violation of the FDA and European Union (EU) food safety regulations and comprises consumer food safety.

3) U.S. horses are not raised or regulated as food animals. As such, they receive numerous medications for routine maintenance, injuries and illnesses that are prohibited in food animals. If you have any doubts as to the validity of this statement, please read the recent EU FVO reports on U.S. horses sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Both reports reveal drug residues and falsified drug affidavits and are posted on this page on our website:

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