Day: November 20, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

“Sunday is the day that we like to give our readers something uplifting to read and to absorb. I must admit that after the events of the past week it has been pretty slim pickings here at Straight from the Horse’s Heart, but amongst all the bad news, a glimmer of hope as arose. One of our readers submitted a report, via a comment, that her 12 year old son wrote on the night the congressional committee decided to strip language from an appropriation bill, behind closed doors no less, and leaves open the potential option of preparatory horse slaughter returning to the United States. Although the content may not be uplifting (mom says there are a few errors but heck, he is 12) but the intent is pure gold. This school report breaths life into the future and hope that even young Americans “get it”. Hence the reason we fight on, for them, for their generation and for their future. We need to ensure that we leave for them a compassionate society, one that does not eat their friends and a country that revels in it’s symbol of western freedom, the wild horse. A special thanks, to the young contributor.” ~ R.T.

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