Day: January 25, 2012

“War Horse” Message Touches the Heart of America

The other day I finally had the opportunity to watch War Horse and was lucky enough to do so with my wife and her parents; the resulting afterglow yielded ample rewards.

My in-laws were not horse people until Terry and I got hitched; not that I brought horses with me into the relationship but I did bring the means that allowed Terry to live her dream, and her parents were there, in Brazil, when she was given Apache the Mongalarga Marchador who now lives with us in Texas. My in-laws were hooked and always insist on taking care of the “GrandAnimals” when we travel. So the invitation for a movie and a dinner was quickly accepted with great relish. We attended a Monday afternoon matinee for not only the rock-bottom price of the tickets but because we knew that there would be few patrons present to distract us. And we were right, there were only 9 total, including us, but one felt that she was above the rules and not only left her cell phone on but answered it in the middle of the movie. I activated my death ray and vaporized her, immediately…in my mind.

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