Day: January 2, 2012

To Kingston, Kohl, Blunt, Baucus, Wallis; “…as long as we have resources and they are in office.”

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance continued its national assault on five politicians the day after New Years with a strongly worded press release targeted toward the national media and members of Congress. The release went out under the names of EWA President John Holland, and Vice President Vicki Tobin, the day after the resignation of Sue Wallis (R) Wyoming from the group she helped found. “This year and into the future Sue will be focusing on the business of humane horse processing, and helping those who seek to develop responsible and successful business ventures,” the pro slaughter group said in a statement.

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Treachery of Congressional Horse Slaughter Cabal Exposed in Ad Campaign

Chicago (EWA) – Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) launched a major campaign on December 30 to expose the underhanded move by Rep. Jack Kingston (GA) and Sens. Kohl (WI) and Blunt (MO) that reinstated horse inspections and opened the way for horse slaughter to return to US soil.

On a must pass bill, the three legislators in a tiny committee, quietly removed the language that prohibited the use of taxpayer dollars to fund horse inspections. The action effectively legalized horse slaughter in the US without a debate in the full house and senate, where a straight vote would have failed.

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Wyoming Equine Terrorist Quits Horse Eating Cult

On January 1st alleged horse trainer and President of the front for horse slaughter lobbying, United Horsemen, issued a communique to their handful of cultist followers stating that Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has resigned her post as Vice President effective immediately.

With the organization and it’s leadership’s history of dancing with the truth and coming up short on facts it’s difficult to ascertain exactly the reasoning behind the biggest mouth in the horse eating business making such a rapid departure from the questionable organization. The only reason given during Duquette’s rambling is that the infamous horse butcheress is going to utilize her ample free time in studying new ways in which to kill, mutilate, desecrate and eat equine companion animals.

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