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  1. I like this audio post. Easier than reading on my Android. I am sensing more good than bad lately. I have been in contact with an Ag news editor in Nebraska and have sent him some links and some things to think about. I’m hoping that this will open his eyes to what is going on..the true story not the spin put out by the anti horse fanatics who talk about us like we’re a. Inch of lunatics. Lets hope that he learns more about it and actually takes time to educate himself on the subject. I pray for the mustangs and burros each night and for those of you who so tirelessly fight for their right to exist on this earth in this country. I pray that the truth comes to the light.


  2. HUGE HUGs to entire team no matter whatever the outcome is .Your tireless efforts on the behalf of all the Horses is a thing of beauty, for which we all admire…………………..I have been here with he horses through it all, and i have no plans of ever forsaking them……………I am here for whatever it will take…………………………


  3. I cannot play it either, but will look for updates soon when R.T. and everyone gets some rest. Thank you for everything, thank you for trying and we know you won’t give up. Prayers and gratitude.

    Kim Sheppard


  4. What a smart way to relay information and connect R.T.

    I really liked this audio feature!! Keep using it as you deem appropriate!

    Looking forward to the press release and hearing what we need to do next to help our wild horses!


  5. Thank you R.T. for putting up this audio. I heard while trying to get on Agriculture talk show phone line, that you had lost. I am so relieved that it is a mixed bag! Thank you & Laura for continuing to fight for what is right for our horses R.T.! We await the report with hope in our hearts!


  6. I’m with you, Arlene, 100%!! I am here, and there, and everywhere for the horses. As long as there is breath in me and I have a heartbeat, I will CONTINUE to fight tooth and nail for them! I will NEVER walk away. Laura, whatever the outcome, you are fantastic! You are a neverending beacon of light for our horses & burros…you are the best!!


  7. Thanks for this update, RT. I read the AP article and know we must take the the long term view of progress here and register each positive step for the horses and their kinder and fairer treatment and their deserved freedom.


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