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Facts that Refute the 7 Most Common Myths about Horse Slaughter

Press Release from Wild for Life Foundation and Animal Law Coalition

Don’t Be Duped!

Facts that Refute the 7 Most Common Myths about Horse Slaughter” is a powerful new tool released by Wild for Life Foundation for the protection of equines from cruelty in the U.S. “The report provides dynamic talking points that directly counter the onslaught of misinformation triggered by the lifting of the defunded USDA horse slaughter inspections in November 2011″, says Katia Louise, Founder and President Wild for Life Foundation.

Laura Allen, director of Animal Law Coalition observes, “The WFLF fact sheet should be distributed to each member of Congress who is deciding whether to endorse the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Our opponents have waged an insidious, well-funded disinformation campaign to re-open U.S. horse slaughter houses. Even the GAO was duped. Through its film and research, WFLF brings home that horse slaughter is a cruel, inhumane practice that leaves communities devastated with the stench, the environmental contamination, and the economic losses of this sleazy business. Americans understand this as a recent ASPCA poll demonstrates. More than 80% of Americans oppose horse slaughter for human consumption. It’s time Congress and the President heard that.”
Katia is also the Director, Producer of the award winning film, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES. The film is in post production pending final processing and packaging with public release targeted for later this year.
SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES is an intelligent and hard hitting expose` that reveals how government agencies and corporate interests run over the laws that are supposed to protect the horses.
The documented evidence of cruelty, egregious violations of the law and a lack of enforcement by the USDA led to the closure of horse slaughter houses in 2007, but in the absence of federal ban on horse slaughter, U.S. horses continue to be shipped across the borders where they are inhumanely slaughtered to this very day. Now, pro-slaughter interests intend to open once again horse slaughter facilities in the U.S.
The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011, S.B. 1176, would put a stop to this plan and also stop the export of U.S. horses for slaughter  for human consumption. (The House version of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act is known as H.R. 2966.)
Everyone should see this international award winning landmark film, SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES – A NATION BETRAYED.  It’s a wakeup call that will undoubtedly inspire the support needed to get SB1176 passed.”
  Donations to Wild for Life Foundation are tax deductible and can make all the difference in bringing this film to the public.
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Wild for Life Foundation Inc (WFLF) is a 501 (c)(3) volunteer-based, non profit charity dedicated to providing lifesaving stewardship to rescue horses in need and the public with learning experiences that inspire advocacy for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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  1. Outstanding PDF !
    Articulately and factually answers all pro-slaughter propaganda.
    Thanks for providing us with another weapon to win this war.


  2. And I will post another documentary here also, another must see,- Earthlings- also found on Youtube it is all about slaughter and the abuses of all animals, not just the slaughter issue. Just to show that man cannot treat animals in a humane way in many aspects, so why for one minute would we believe that they would slaughter our horses humanely? Everyone knows that there is only one group of person who works in these venues and they are the abusers be it mental, physical, or sexual, and I say because of that it will never be Humane for our horses or other animals.

    I agree with some of the other folks on here, who have been saying it for a while now, when are we going to get our pitchforks and shovels and put boots on the ground—seems it is the only thing our government understands anymore.


  3. Thank you for posting the link to the Fact Sheet on the Myths of Horse Slaughter. My friend who worked as the first and perhaps the only female manager of a U.S. horse slaughter plant in Oregon, when it was legal years ago, has repeatedly told me that its the foreign markets that drive the horse slaughter industry not the small percentage of ‘unwanted’ horses.’ By the way, my friend is a strong advocate for wild horses and is against horse slaughter after witnessing the cruelty first hand at the Austrian owned plant. It’s important to get the truth out about this ghastly, bloody horse meat business.


    • Do you know where that plant was located in Oregon? I live in Oregon. I am an avid Horse Warrior, advocating to Stop the Bloody BLM roundups of our wild horses and burros and staunchly against Horse Slaughter and the exportation of our horses for the purpose of slaughter. Yes, it is the foreign markets with the $100 per pound price tag for live foal killed at your table horse veal dinner, that is the driving force behind USA and Canadian and Mexican, Argentina Horse Slaughter plants. All owned by the Belgians, Austrians, French. Heck in the states, here, they wanted to pay for their own Belgian inspections of horse meat, but, of course, that would be unconstitutional. It must be a USDA inspector when slaughter house is in USA. How are they going to fund horse meat inspectors when the USDA just closed 259 inspection cites to save 1.4 million dollars? This is why our Horse Warrior battle begins with “Kill Buyers” gathering our “unwanted horses” for shipments to Canada and Mexico and the BLM’s proposal to sell 50,000 wild horses now in BLM Long Term holding facilties for slaughter as their brilliant “alternative Herd Management Plan”.


      • Oh that was 150 million dollars that the USDA will save by closing 259 inspection offices. So, how are they going to afford to inspect horse meat when they can’t even afford to inspect milk, dairy, beef, and produce?


  4. Katia (aka Catherine) Louise Gentile
    Anthony (aka Mario James) Gentile
    Wild for Life Foundation
    (Saving America’s Horses
    Lifetime Equine Refuge) founder
    scheduled for Jury Trial for
    April 2018….Ricerside Superior Court


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