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Trucker tells chilling account of driving horses to slaughter

A trucker who says he unknowingly drove horses to their deaths at a border slaughterhouse is telling his chilling story to Channel 4 News.

via Trucker tells chilling account of driving horses to slaughter.

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  1. And this “trucker” will be doing more of what to tell the truth about the hell of equine slaughter?

    I apologize for being cynical, but he needs to talk to the Teamsters and his Congress people and share the facts profusely.

    Can of our formal advocate agencies take the time to get a deposition?


    • I agree with u, congress need to made aware of what really goes on , this needs to stop at once. We all need stop Horse Slaughter and make damn sure that the Horse Protection Act goes into effect. Thank u to all that have signed on that bill.


  2. Out of the mouth of someone who was there and our glorious USDA and local AMVA and AG. Departments just let them go along their happy way. Wonder if the EU knows about the steroids too. Yes go on Europe and Asia and eat our horses. You have to find out the hard way about our inspection systems and the catastrophic effects on you and your kids. And these fat asses in Congress will keep allowing it. And the chefs will keep on pushing it. And you will keep on dying for hour beloved gourmet meats. God help all who is involved in this atrocity. Ban slaughter of our horses damming.


  3. STOP ” the ROUNDUPS” of our Horses” . STOP ” the TRUCKING ” of our Horses”. STOP the ” SLAUGHTER” of our Horses. President Obama, where are you, with your Government? What are you doing about all this? Let this HORRIBLE CRUELTY done to our Horses, go on??? YOU, President Obama, you create the word “SHAME” on our country. Having our Horses beeing SLAUGHTERED , to end up on the dinner plates in other Countries???!! ” INSANE”. This HAS to ” STOP “…… NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Solvejg P. Zaferes.


  4. This trucker needs to expose this to our Congressional members. Where did he think he was taking these horses? Again, these people have no knowledge of the law. However, he was aware that they should have had food and water. Its interviews like this that should be sent to the major news media. I do believe he had some remorse about the slaughtering of the horses. But come on when someone pays you in cash, that certainly looks fishy to me. This man needs to go on the road with his story, like to DC. He should write a long letter to Obama telling his story. I will continue to fight until the law is passed to end slaughter in this country and no American horses ever leave the United States borders.


  5. I have seen the double deckers from Ohio where my brother lives and it makes me sick. This trucker should have taken photos and documented the entire time and sent it before congress. Although I don’t think it will do any good. Anyone in Washington is not listening to our pleas.


    • I too have seen a double decker. *My first! I was coming out of Indiana at the top north of the state getting on Rte 90. I was heading east home for the long drive back to New England & the double decker was heading west. I looked quick but could not see inside as the truck was speeding amazingly fast. My heart sunk. I thought to follow but could not. I would not be able to catch up with the trucker’s speed and cars and so many “regular” trucks. I thought the double decker might be cattle heading to Chicago. But my gut told me it was heading to (or from) the point of entry into Canada for horses to slaughter. I could only imagine the horror. So many miles of travel in this metal “coffin,” crammed, no water/food AND IT WAS 110+ DEGREES {{{ HOT }}} OUTSIDE WITH THE SUN BEARING DOWN. I WAS IN AN A/C CAR AND COULD FEEL THE OPPRESSIVE HEAT!!!!.


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