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  1. wow, that was just wonderful! thank you ginger for sharing your colorado ranch with us, and for all you do for the horses! you are a godsend and a beautiful person. keep up the good work. i’ll be helping you!!


  2. Such a great video – horses living the way they should.
    The interview was well done – too bad the BLM had the last few words.
    The horses increase by 20% a year????????????? In what world.
    HOw can they – when some herds foal numbers & death numbers are the same.
    Same old stories…


  3. LIstened to the radio show with Ginger, Nicki, & Debby – best 2 hours I’ve spent.
    Looked like they had lots of people listening in – hopefully spread the word some more.
    Really interesting


  4. Really good interview. Informative. Ginger does a good job reporting without putting a lot of extra emotion into her retelling of past events in the Pryors. I can’t help but admire her restraint and poise handling some difficult questions.


  5. Ginger said that the photographer was blocked from documenting the BLM Cibola-Trigo Wild Burro roundup in Arizona. They made him stay in his car. He got sick from the heat and had to be taken to the hospital. Has anyone heard any more about that?


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