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The Art of Deception

Guest OpEd by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of Equine Welfare Alliance

Sue Wallis Wants to KILL Horses, PERIOD!

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis

Sue Wallis [or whoever pens her ramblings] has mastered the art of writing fictitious statements and making them sound feasible.

In a cover letter to the release of her latest piece of fiction, she states her paper is a representation of the horse industry. Where is the data to back that statement? She is well known for making baseless statements and then when challenged, she cuts and runs.

She wants to kill horses. Period. How is that going to help the beleaguered horse industry that makes its billions from live horses? The answer is obvious. It won’t.

Wallis speaks for a foreign meat industry. When did the horse industry ever produce meat? They produce athletes and performance horses, not horse meat.

The first section is nothing more than an attempt to build a market that doesn’t exist and never will exist in America. If Americans ate horses and there was a buck to be made, horse meat would be in our grocery stores. There was nothing stopping the selling of horse meat in the U.S. during all the years slaughtered existed on our soil and never a mention of wanting to sell horse meat.

She babbles on and on about the foreign countries consuming meat. Really, now. Who cares? Every country has its own culture and is free to eat and do what they please. In our country, in our culture, we do not eat our horses. She claims she’ll feed the hungry. Do we really want the U.S. to be known for wiping out world hunger by feeding the hungry toxic meat?

We agree with her comment that journalists don’t always fact check but this is a positive for Wallis, not a negative. If journalists did check facts, none of her nonsense would be published.

She claims horse slaughter is humane but hasn’t provided any evidence. There are mounds of evidence to the contrary. Continually citing Humane Methods of Slaughter, she fails to state that having regulations and enforcing them are not the same. There aren’t enough inspectors and yet, she wants to expand their workload to horse slaughter plants that will further compromise our food supply. Government authenticated undercover footage has proved over and over again just how inhumane horse slaughter really is. Not being able to explain away the cruelty, she simply states they are all fabricated.  If she pulled FOIAs from the former U.S. plants, she would realize just how baseless her statements really are.

All we hear is humane and regulated horse slaughter plants. This is coming from someone who thought it was good clean fun to crawl around in the bloodied carcass of a horse. Someone that defends a livestock plant owner wanting to open a horse slaughter plant that was shut down by the USDA for inhumane treatment of slaughter animals and someone that defends a feedlot owner that has been cited over and over again for violations. Listen to her carefully. She defends the cruelty and attacks the individuals that expose it.

Next, we move on to food safety. She makes the statement that horse meat is safe. Horse meat from horses in other countries may be safe but it certainly isn’t from horses raised in America. U.S. horses are not raised or regulated as food animals. We race horses; we raise horses to perform, to work, for law enforcement, as therapy animals, for sport, for pleasure and as companions. The foreign countries that consume horse meat raise horses as food animals. They do not raise their horses for other purposes and then send them to the butcher. They have passport systems requiring a veterinarian record every medication given to the horse from birth. They do not allow a horse to obtain a passport over 6 months of age. The passport systems are national systems to ensure food safety, not a home grown system devised by those who will profit from horse slaughter.

Once again, she reaches out to equine scientists and veterinarians to give her ammo to get around food safety regulations. Medical doctors determine the levels of medications that are safe for human consumption and what medications are banned in food animals. Food safety is to protect humans, not animals. Equine scientists and veterinarians are not medical doctors.

Stating that horse meat is nutritious and including pictures of plates of horse meat does not portray meat from American horses. Add a little Phenylbutazone (Bute) to the meat and the nutrition is outweighed by the risk of developing cancer. Included in her paper is a letter from [again] non medial doctors that unsuccessfully attempted to refute a paper published on Bute in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal. In typical Wallis fashion, she failed to print the response to the letter that was published in the same journal that validated the original study.¹ A comprehensive study was also published by a group of veterinarians in Ireland on the effects of Bute in humans and the consequences for violating the passport system.²

One constant with Wallis is that you can always count on her rabidly trying to find a way around food safety laws—in particular, with Bute. The reason she is so irrational on food safety is that if food safety regulations were enforced with U.S. horses, there would be no horses to slaughter. So she does what she does best; explains it away with irrelevant documents and statements from individuals [or herself] that have no training or qualifications to speak to food safety.

One of her favorite tricks is to include a link to prove something, counting on the reader never actually reading the document. As one example, she cites a 2008 European Union (E.U.) report as proof that drug residues have never been found in U.S. horses. The report she cites has nothing to do with results—it was about establishing protocols concerning drug residues.

In December of 2010, the E.U. released a report on how well the slaughter plants were implementing the recommendations of the 2008 audit and this one did include drug residues in U.S. horses. Not only did they find several banned substances but also discovered that the accompanying paperwork was falsified.³ Of course, she ignores the report because it blows her argument out of the water.

She disregards the documents that disprove her statements and when challenged, there is never a response other than to start name calling. How dare those tree hugging, vegan, radical animal activists provide facts.

In another example, Wallis talks about the rate at which Phenylbutazone disappears from the blood stream, implying that it simply goes away in a few days. In fact, the drug does two things Wallis doesn’t mention. First, it metabolizes into Oxyphenylbutazone, a compound with a much longer rate of decay and the same toxic properties. Secondly, it takes up in injured tissue. This accounts for its extreme effectiveness, but it also makes it reappear in the blood later. The bottom line is that Bute is banned in all meat animals for very good scientific reasons.

Bute is known as the aspirin of horse world. It is as common as the bottle of aspirin in your medicine cabinet. Walk into any barn in the U.S. and you will find a form of Bute or Bute compounds. Bute is banned in all food producing animals and is banned by the FDA and the E.U. that consumes the meat from U.S. horses.

The GAO report that Wallis frequently quotes is primarily anecdotal comments and she validates this with the comments in her paper. Comments and interviews are not data.4 As one example, veterinarians from the meat industry were interviewed regarding abandoned horses instead of the state agencies that receive and record the reports. When EWA requested the underlying data that formulated the assumptions, our request was denied; a further indication that data did not exist. Wallis completely ignores the GAO recommendation that horse slaughter be banned permanently.

Wallis blames the closure of the U.S. horse slaughter plants for the decrease in horse values and all the woes of the horse industry. Not only did horse slaughter not end but it increased. Nothing changed other than where they were being butchered. Anyone possessing even a rudimentary knowledge of cause and effect would understand what a ridiculous conclusion that is. One year after the plants closed, our country experienced an economic crisis that has been compared to the Great Depression. Every industry in this country experienced declines. Does she honestly expect anyone to believe that if the plants had remained opened, that only the value of horses wouldn’t have declined?

A recent poll by the prestigious pollsters, Lake Associates, revealed that 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter. Wallis can continue starting new organizations, changing the names and aligning with foreign meat businesses. She can continue making unsubstantiated statements and claims of support but in the end, she will be run out of town as she has been every time she tried to shove a slaughter plant down the throats of communities in America.

And that, my friends, speaks volumes of the opposition to horse slaughter in our country.






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  1. You nailed it RT. She prevaricates to get her way. Too bad more journalists are not like Vickery Eckhoff and actually research their articles on horse slaughter before cribbing of UE (or whatever they are called this week) press releases.


  2. Hey, Nancy, you do realize that this article was by Vicki Tobin of EWA? Yes, this is a spot on article and answers everything that SS has pushed out as truth to her followers. FACT, FACTS, FACTS!!! is what EWA is all about. Lets see some FACTS from the Wallis camp. Hmmmm!! Pretty quiet out there.


    • Lynette she has no facts to back up any deceptions spew out , all are is unfounded by any shred of truths…………… It will remain quiet !!!!!!!


  3. Unfortunately, the Slaughter Queen has backing ( BIG BUCK$) and the majority of informed (albeit, wrong) Congressional Ag Hag killers on her side. They frequently control the committees.

    The remainder of Congress is either ignorant (and loves it) or do not want to expend their political capital on “equines”. Sad thing is, this is about our food system. To advocates, it’s about the equines with an emphasis on cruelty (which Ag Hags dismiss as emotional) AND food safety.

    She gets the doors opened and they (Congress) are working the ag bill as we speak. We already know the USDA is entertaining HCHS applications without funding BECAUSE Vilsack can move discretionary funds without public review or comment.

    Just like DOI/USDA saying there are too many wild equines and yet remove on specious issues like water and forage, fires, etc and yet do not restrict grazing and mining permits (big users of water).


    • So do a large portion of elected and appointed government officials…along with the money changers and citizens that continue to support them.


  4. Well written and the truth no less! Thank you Vicki Tobin!

    FOLKS….call these people listed below TODAY, TOMORROW and every day over the next 7 days. Tell them LOUD AND CLEAR you want horses protected from being slaughtered in the US and you will NOT stand for your tax dollars being used to kill horses and ruin communities where plants might be built! Time is of the essence! We have one week before the budget committee begins their rounds on what will be allowed or not.

    Saddle up!!!

    Here are the phone and fax numbers for all members of the House Appropriations Committee:

    Harold Rogers, Kentucky, Chairman
    P) 202-225-4601 F) 202-225-0940

    C.W. Bill Young, Florida
    P) 202-225-5961 F) 202-225-9764

    Jerry Lewis, California
    P) 202-225-5861 F) 202-225-6498

    Frank R. Wolf, Virginia
    P) 202-225-5136 F) 202-225-0437

    Jack Kingston, Georgia
    P) 202-225-5831 F) 202-226-2269

    Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, New Jersey
    P) 202-225-5034 F) 202-225-3186

    Tom Latham, Iowa
    P) 202-225-5476 F) 202-225-3301

    Robert B. Aderholt, Alabama
    P) 202-225-4876 F) 202-225-5587

    Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri
    P) 202-225-4404 F) 202-226-0326

    Kay Granger, Texas
    P) 202-225-5071 F) 202-225-5683

    Michael K. Simpson, Idaho
    P) 202-225-5531 F) 202-225-8216

    John Abney Culberson, Texas
    P) 202-225-2571 F) 202-225-4381

    Ander Crenshaw, Florida
    P) 202-225-2501 F) 202-225-2504

    Denny Rehberg, Montana
    P) 202-225-3211 F) 202-225-5687

    John R. Carter, Texas
    P) 202-225-3864 F) 202-225-5886

    Rodney Alexander, Louisiana
    P) 202-225-8490 F) 202-225-5639

    Ken Calvert, California
    P) 202-225-1986 F) 202-225-2004

    Jo Bonner, Alabama
    P) 202-225-4931 F) 202-225-0562

    Steven C. LaTourette, Ohio
    P) 202-225-5731 F) 202-225-3307

    Tom Cole, Oklahoma
    P) 202-225-6165 F) 202-225-3512

    Jeff Flake, Arizona
    P) 202-225-2635 F) 202-226-4386

    Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
    P) 202-225-4211 F) 202-225-8576

    Charles W. Dent, Pennsylvania
    P) 202-225-6411 F) 202-226-0778

    Steve Austria, Ohio
    P) 202-225-4324 F) 202-225-1984

    Cynthia M. Lummis, Wyoming
    202-225-2311 F) 202-225-3057

    Tom Graves, Georgia
    P) 202-225-5211 F) 202-225-8272

    Kevin Yoder, Kansas
    P) 202-225-2865 F) 202-225-2807

    Steve Womack, Arkansas
    P) 202-225-4301 F) 202-225-5713

    Alan Nunnelee, Mississippi
    P) 202-225-4306 F) 202-225-3549

    Norman D. Dicks, Washington
    P) 202-225-5916 F) 253-593-6551

    Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
    P) 202-225-4146 F) 202-225-7711

    Peter J. Visclosky, Indiana
    P) 202-225-2461 F) 202-225-2493

    Nita M. Lowey, New York
    P) 202-225-6506 F) 202-225-0546

    José E. Serrano, New York
    P) 202-225-4361 F) 202-225-6001

    Rosa L. DeLauro, Connecticut
    P) 202-225-3661 F) 202-225-4890

    James P. Moran, Virginia
    P) 202-225-4376 F) 202-225-0017

    John W. Olver, Massachusetts
    P) 202-225-5335 F) 202-226-1224

    Ed Pastor, Arizona
    P) 202-225-4065 F) 202-225-1655

    David E. Price, North Carolina
    P) 202-225-1784 F) 202-225-2014

    Maurice D. Hinchey, New York
    202-225-6335 F) 202-226-0774

    Lucille Roybal-Allard, California
    P) 202-225-1766 F) 202-226-0350

    Sam Farr, California
    P) 202-225-2861 F) 202-225-6791

    Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., Illinois
    P) 202-225-0773 F) 202-225-0899

    Chaka Fattah, Pennsylvania
    P) 202-225-4001 F) 202-225-5392

    Steven R. Rothman, New Jersey
    P) 202-225-5061 F) 202-225-5851

    Sanford D. Bishop, Jr., Georgia
    P) 202-225-3631 F) 202-225-2203

    Barbara Lee, California
    P) 202-225-2661 F) 202-225-9817

    Adam B. Schiff, California
    P) 202-225-4176 F) 202-225-5828

    Michael M. Honda, California
    P) 202-225-2631 F) 202-225-2699

    Betty McCollum, Minnesota
    P) 202-225-6631 F) 202-225-1968 More
    E-Mail – Charlie Dent, United States Representative for the 15th District of Pennsylvania


    • Thank you Horseshoeangel, My Calls were place to Mary Kapur Ohio , Steven Latourette, Ohio and Steven Austria , Ohio all Calls were well received…………


  5. Ms. Tobin clarifies some painfully obvious points that ms. wallis has yet to find a way to justify:

    Publicly supporting a sickening display by a young woman rolling in the bloody remnants of a dead horse.
    Publicly supporting an businessman with a history of cruelty to animals destined for slaughter.
    Publicly supporting a stockyard that allowed several horses to suffer in agony before they either died on their own or were finally, mercifully, euthanized.

    Wherever cruelty, neglect or just plain idiocy regarding equines is displayed, sue is RIGHT THERE, backing up the offender, rather than expressing ANY sympathy for the animals abused – basically, an endorsement of animal cruelty. Yet, one of the driving forces behind her ‘movement’ is her assertion of the betterment of treatment for horses destined to be slaughtered anyway.

    I know I’m preachin’ to the choir here, but sue’s only concern is the money to be made at the cost of a good (or not so good) horse’s life. The Money: The single largest danger to the welfare of The Horse and horse culture. Greed and a talent for mass exploitation are what brought about the theoretical phenomena of ‘the unwanted horse’, just as they did the collapse of the housing market and the economy. And I personally don’t care what they eat in Europe; I don’t live there.

    If her true intent is to alleviate hunger – here or internationally – she should be endorsing those items more cost-effective to grow, process and ship – vegetables, fruits and grains. I’m no vegan, but I am a consumer, and know the difference in price between a pound of ground meat and a pound of potatoes and which goes further, stores better and lasts longer.

    She can swaddle it in satin, velvet and lace but a turd is still a turd. Not too many down here in the trenches are buyin’ it. It remains to be seen if those in the Powerhouse will.


    • Yee-hah!!!!!

      Very GOOD, Lisa.

      It certainly isn’t about controlling hunger. This is about controlling FOOD! ….although the side slime’s of the equine industry LOVE the paid for dump of HCHS.

      Being around ag (livestock and vegetable), I can smell the $hit (natural or processed) when it is applied….literally.

      This layer of poop makes me…non compostable, really angers me.Congress and states that want HCHS lap it up.


    • Not only that, our horses really are unsafe for human consumption and the EU knows it. Many of the consumers in the EU Membership are coming to know it too. The EU has already said that if we don’t implement a passport system like theirs, they will stop accepting our horses on July 1, 2013. Then what, Sue?


  6. On Saturday, I spoke with 3 people about horse slaughter; 1 quite clearly has sent horses to our local kill sales in Fallon, Nevada. When I asked her why after horses performing, winning money, producing babies (Paint Horses and Quarter Horses is what she’s involved in for the past 40 years) that also go on to either win money and/or are sold for high $$$, etc, she replied that “as long as horse slaughter is available for FREE for her to dispose of her unwanted horses, and as long as it was “humane”, then she would not pay several hundred dollars for euthanisia by a vet and have to dispose of the body by having the rendering company out to pick the body up”. When I pointed out to her that 1.) horse slaughter is NOT humane and the reasons WHY it is not (a horses conformation makes the captive bolt gun very ineffective, their “fight or flight” instinct is far different then in cattle, etc) and 2.) I as a taxpayer will do everything in my power to NOT pay for inspectors at US slaughterhouses that process horses, and I also do not want to pay for extra law enforcement and jails in towns and cities that have violent crime rates that increase A LOT when the element of workers who will do the work comes to town and 3.) I believe that any breeder, whether mass production or “backyard” breeder should be held to a quota and taxed for every horse they go over unless they have had a re-inspection to raise the number of horses to be produced, that was not OK with her because “no one should be telling me what I can or can not do with her horses”. I laughed and pointed out that when I as a taxpayer am forced to pay for things she does, I can and will make sure regulations are put in place to monitor people who run rackets and use the system in place whereby other people are forced to pay for those in private businesses to help monetarily to run their companies/businesses.
    My bottom line to her was that take away the FREE disposal system in place, and we would see thousands of breeders produce fewer horses if they had to pay for humane euthanasia and body disposal, we would see those same breeders breed for QUALITY over QUANTITY instead of the other way around, we would see trainers have to learn to actually train with soundness and longevity in mind instead of tossing a horse away for FREE if the horse is injured in training, etc. We finally agreed to disagree on the horse slaughter issue, but I think she will ruminate on what I said and realize that people like me who have been heavily involved in the horse business for going on 40 years are going to the “uninformed, naive public” and I am educating them on the real face of horse slaughter and those who run rackets and abuse the system in place now at the expense of innocent horses.
    The other 2 people I spoke with were “the uninformed, naive public” and they were astonished and sickened by the time I got done explaining that horse slaughter is not “necessary” , it is NOT humane, it is NOT quick and painless, and from a dollars and cents standpoint, it only benefits VERY FEW people, and actually makes the US look very bad that we sell and ship tainted horse meat. I’m sure both of those people will now go out and speak with people they know and hopefully it will “snowball” and more people will be outraged about what is happening.

    So my long winded point is that I’m making it my goal to speak to someone from “the uninformed, naive public” everyday to educate them on the real face of horse slaughter not just from an emotional standpoint, but also from a dollars and cents point of view and how it actually costs them money with no benefit to them. The second person that didn’t know about horse slaughter cruelty I spoke with the other day actually gave me her phone # when I mentioned I was going to get pricing for a billboard that is right next to the highway that leads to the 2 weekly kill sales in our area and I am going to try and afford the billboard so I can put up an anti-horse slaughter message with a website address. This gal wants to know how much the billboard will cost and she said she’ll take up a collection and will get the word out for donations to the cause of stopping horse slaughter in the US and also the shipping of our American horses across the borders for slaughter.

    I believe that if we can inform those American tax payers, and also the kids because they are the modern times alert system on the Internet nowadays and can get stuff done in many sectors, that don’t know too much about the horse slaughter issue about the predatory, cruel and totally unnecessary nature that is at the core of horse slaughter, THEN I believe we will really see the 80% rise up as the huge majority we are and we will get horse slaughter banned once and for all.


    • Laura Bell:

      The one person that acknowledged sending to HCHS needs to understand that sending cast offs (or stolen equines) IS NOT FREE. Every auction gets a per centage. So that statement is B$. In addition, as you pointed out the auctions and kill houses require tax payer (state and Fed) inspectors. She is passing on the death to the peoples of the US (and technically the importing countries).

      You also left out the anecdotal info from all three (and yourself) about the food safety issues.

      But I commend your efforts to educate…no matter how hard.

      BTW…#1 knows he/she is a scum bag and could care less.


  7. Vicki’s reponse to SSue’s “white paper” on horse slaughter is truly “spot on”. Now I hope Paula Bacon will, again, point out the blatent lies she had in her “paper” on Kauffman, TX!


  8. One of the things that amazes me is Wallis’ ability to pull BS out of thin air and try to pass it off as science. Mnt Grove comes to mind. She claimed if they plant trees around the pool of offal/blood, the stench would rise up into the atmosphere and disappear! If you took a dump in a meadow surrounded by trees, everyone/everything down wind will be able to smell it. lol IDK who she thinks is buying into this. Even a moron knows it’s all a load of crap.


  9. Vicki, you did a great job. I noticed that some of Sue’s links on her paper linked back to documents that she herself created or whoever she is fronting for. This is a cardinal no-no in research unless you have a peer reviewed article of recognized research. She is a high school graduate who does not understand the first thing about conducting research. You cannot use yourself as an expert in a subject in which you have no recognized expertise. What is worse is trying to use yourself as an expert when you have proven to the entire world that you are totally ignorant about everything you try to say.

    Sue and her pals probably didn’t read the HSUS report that was part of the HSUS petition to the USDA regarding food safety. That petition for rule making cited the report by the IG of FSIS which pointed to deficiencies in the National Food Residue Program in bovines (cows, Sue). The NPR has a 0 tolerance for phenylbutazone as well as ivermectin in cows as well as several other drugs that are commonly used in horses but banned in cattle. Yet, these drugs are enough of a concern that the FSIS has them on a list of no tolerance, and they test cattle for it.

    The reason that it is called the National Residue Program is because it is designed to determine the amount of the drug or its metabolite that remains in the tissue in the animal and could make sensitive individuals sick. This also includes drugs like penicillin. Sue and Dave have loudly told their followers that these drugs are no problem because they are used in cattle all the time.

    As a beef consumer, that gave me no small comfort. That is how I eventually found the FSIS report about testing for banned substances in cattle. The truth is that the tests used at the time were no more effective than the one used to test horses for bute. The good news is that FSIS’s IG indicates that they understand that and are testing another test to seek if it is more effective and efficient.

    But there is nothing in the report to suggest that these drugs that Dave and Sue claim are so casually used in beef production are prohibited as indicated in the FDA list of banned substances. If they were not of concern the USDA would not have a National Residue Program for beef cattle. What scares me is that you have a to of members in the agriculture industry who are well-educated and understand the science of what they do, and then you have Sue and Dave (who must regularly embarrass the heck out of Charlie Stenholm). There are a lot of hobby farmers who rent a pasture (for more than $1.35 for a mother and her calf) and buy some calves. Now most people who want to grow cows to make food are going to educate themselves, but they may be at it a while before they understand that raising food must follow regulations. And no one hates regulations than some of these ag people.

    The White Paper Report I am waiting on is: Wild horses eat round-up ready alfalfa: American Horses Eat Round-up Ready Humans.


  10. Great come-back, Vicki –
    Shouldnt be too hard for anyone to understand just how little knowledge SS has
    about horses or apparently, anything else. Laura Bell, good “teaching moments”.


  11. Referring to the first sentence in the next to the last paragraph where I commented above, It needs to read that there is nothing to suggest from the report that the drugs prohibited by the FDA for all food animals are permitted for use in cattle at any level. Sorry. Tried to cram too many thoughts is too few words.


  12. Thank you R.T.! Sue Wallis & this entire “issue” is nauseating! Yeah, feeding the world’s hungry with toxic horse meat, would, indeed, “wipe out” world hunger! How can this liar stay in any kind of power or office? She must be getting paid, & very well paid, by these foreign interests. They are the ones, & the only ones who want horse slaughter to re-start in our country, so they must be paying her to push the lies, on their behalf. Get these parasitic foreigners, & Sue Wallis, out of OUR country! Why are people so swayed by all the garbage she speaks, why can’t they see through her?


    • The only ones who can’t see through Sue, Dave and all the others are the ones who don’t WANT to.

      I’ve been sending Vicki’s report to the members of the House Appropriations Committee.


  13. Prices for horses have fluctuated as long as humans have owned them and marketed them. Lower quality horses have always been cheap to free. And high quality horses prices have dropped because of the economy, not because of the meat market. Higher quality horses would not be affected by the meat market one way or the other because they have no base value associated with it. Their prices are not based on what meat horses are going for but what people can afford to pay for them and how many people will buy them. Quality horses prices have dropped in other countries where there are still slaughter houses, which is a direct example how there is no correlation between their prices and the slaughtering of horses. The lower quality horses prices have been affected because it is more expensive to own a horse and less people want to own them. Simple marketing. If you cannot sell a foal for the stud fee plus the mare care plus the cost to raise the foal until weaning times TWO you have NO right to breed. If there are more horses of your breed of choice than any of the other breeds combined for sale at this moment then please DO NOT BREED! Buy a foal, save a life.


  14. Hermiston, Oregon is still under assault, despite that the Mayor and 2 city council members have publically stated that they are against horse slaughter. A 3rd council member appears to be leaning in that direction, but needs more research/evidence. The land was purchased from a CA company owned by Robert Zamrzla of Palmdale who is a member of the “United Horsemen.” My understanding is that CA banned horse slaughter in 1998, so this man is coming to Oregon to do his dirty deed. There are 12 US House of Rep member from CA who co-sponsored the latest American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act – but none from Oregon. People I’ve talked to say the land, being close to an interstate freeway, would not pass environmental protection studies. I am from this area. There is disinterest/apathy and a total lack of knowdledge out here about the issue. Help us, please.


    • Horse slaughter still exists in California (barring the killfloor for HUMAN Consumption)…they don’t enforce.

      Peel back the layers on that rotten onion (Zamrzla’s corporate…and tax forms, asset accounts) called this corporation and you will NOT be surprised.

      I’d buy a ticket to that forensic accountants reveal.


    • Judy, I’m sending you to the Community Preservation Project on Facebook. This is the page the Mountain Grove community set up when Wallis was trying to push a horse slaughter plant down THEIR throat. They beat her, and you can too. Just scroll down and you will find tons of info that you can use. I’m giving you this one now so you can read and share.

      This is a killer:

      They don’t have the links to the videos on this page – at least I can’t find them. You have them here don’t you, R.T.? Gotta have THOSE!

      We all have more if you need it. Don’t hesitate to call on us for comments or whatever!


  15. Slaughterhouse Sue likes to use immeasurable terms such as `minimal’ suffering and stress. She has yet to define what that means. Anybody with an ounce of compassion would say no suffering or stress is acceptable. One need only look at her foot soldiers and internet mouthpieces to realize she’s grasping at straws. Most of the ones I have seen are the worse offenders when it comes to contributing to the the alleged unwanted horse problem.

    Since Sue’s little minion Theresa Manzella likes to compare people not wanting slaughter to Hitler perhaps we should liken Sue and her followers to those that deny the holocaust? They will all tell you that there was no issue in Kaufman, Tx and it was a fabrication by our side. They may hide behind their bibles but these people are pure evil.


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