Horse Slaughter

The Horse Haters from Outer Space – Part 1

original near-fiction custom crafted by R.T. Fitch

Avoiding Truth and Reality They Left a Swatch of Misinformation Across the Universe

Spew as a youngster

On a small, lonely asteroid far away an evil abomination leans towards a glowing computer screen, drools on the keyboard and hits the enter button launching a malicious and fictitious collection of lies, opinion, conjecture and hateful words across the galaxy in an attempt to subvert truth, fact and science while influencing the minds of the weak and the unwary.

The name of this purveyor of filth and fraud is none other than Spew Walrus, a renegade part-time poltico and gorse* murderer from the western galaxy on the run from reality and the agents of the Sanity Corps who sought to capture and treat the blood thirsty gorse murderer before anymore companion beings fell victim to her lazer powered slaughter slicer.

Planetary legend has it that Spew was female, although never verified, and had been hatched on a relatively unknown asteroid called Ascetic.  There she nested until time to fledge with her siblings only to remain in the nest, never to budge, never to socialize and together with her fellow offspring, never to gain a grasp of the big picture of the universe as a whole and in so doing allowed the dark force to seep in and fill the cracks in her wretched and starving soul.

Spew, in her early years, was once injured by a young gorse who was terrified when the bloated embodiment of evil crawled upon its back and demanded obedience; the gorse fled and the engorged tick of all sins crashed to Ascetic’s surface saved only by the prolific layers of self-indulgent blubber and a mild gravitational pull.  From that day forward, Spew cultivated a festering hatred for the heavenly gorse and in the dark of the night; she would stalk the spiritual creature and slay any she came upon.

But single-handedly killing the light of sentient life was not enough for the deranged slaughterer, neigh, she wanted more blood and to increase her gory high she needed to enlist the aid of the uneducated, the unenlightened and the mindless minions that lurked just on the edge of the galactic fringe; they were an easy target.

She first attracted the interplanetary vermin with bright shiny lights and strobes as it would pull them in out of the darkness like moths to a flame.  From asteroid to planet she would flash her crimson strobes and broadcast sadistic poetry so evil and dark that all who walked in the light would flee for sanity while the unclean would wallow in her empty and slimy words.  She gave them her poison drink of blood-lust and they clung to her every word.

“Killing is not enough”, she whispered, “we must butcher the gorse and feed on his flesh so as to have eternal life and forever be bonded in our pact of blood born brotherhood.  The gorse must die and we will live, that is the essence of life and that is how we shall live.”

The handful of inarticulate followers could only grunt, belch and pound their fists on the ground as they knew not how to form words for communication but one walked forward and approached the bloated killer.

Hunched over and dragging his knuckles on the ground he averted his eyes from Spew’s and spoke softly as he nervously scribbled a doodle in the dust.

“I am Doink da Wreck, commander of the much feared Doinkette Death Squad”, he said as he turned to point at a knot of inhumanity huddled in the back of the dark, dank cave.

“I know the gorse, I have tasted the forbidden flesh and the burning in my gut has never let up” he moaned, “We will follow, we will kill, we will butcher and then we will feast.  You are the leader and we follow you, Spew of Ascetic.”

And with that he gave a sign by shoving a finger up his nose and gesturing to his group who promptly snapped to attention and all four marched single file through the unclean to stand beside their master.

“Let’s go then” gloated Spew as she spun and slipped on her overburdened heel and the groaning band of misfits and knuckle-draggers limped out of the crypt amongst the sound of slobbering, groans and belching…the gorse killing machine was on the move.

To be continued…

*called Gorse because early discoverer was missing right index finger and could only reach the G on the keyboard.

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  1. A psychiatrist could not have done it any better, RT WOW Awesome plain Ole AWESOME, what an evil truly evil person……..she is …………………..Cant wait for Part 2 , I am hoping someone throws water on her and she disintegrates before our eyes………………………Maybe a gorse could drink some water and spew it all over her, all gone forever……………………………


    • I just read a novel, “The Oath,” by Franks Peretti. As one progresses through the story you find that it is about good and evil. How some worship evil to gain all they can on this earth. You have depicted Sue so well as what she is; just plain EVIL and how for her own good she has drawn the unsuspecting in. We want more, can’t wait for Part 2.


  2. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):) and more :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) and more :):):):):):):):):):):) :):):) Is so funny but scary truth such an *entity was spawned…into a so-called “human”…if so, definitely a sociopath, i.e., NO CONSCIENCE. Translation: No empathy; inability to LOVE/CARE. Treatment: None. Inability to reason, educate, conflict negotiation, truth. However, the entity can take on different personas to fit the situation. A character with a mask. So! Always be on-guard. And remember: S-O-C-I-O-P-A-T-H. ENJOYS TORTURE, SUFFERING, AGONY, BLOOD!


  3. Roflmbooooooooooo………You R.T. have hit the proverbial nail on the head once again. Brilliant and hilarious in a sad way. Sadder is that folks buy into her bold faced propaganda 😦


  4. We need to know WHO and WHAT is behind this push for Horse slaughter when more than 80% of Americans are opposed to it. FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL:

    Something for Americans to be aware and beware of….this link shows you all of the Free Trade Zones in the United States. The charts don’t transfer on the blog, so you will have to pull up the link. Take at look at Missouri. Notice that Pfizer is in the mix. Pfizer/Premarin Mares…any connection?

    The Trans-Atlantic Partnership AGREEMENT

    What this agreement will effectively accomplish is the eradication of national jurisdiction, national laws and protections and put disputes in the hands of lawyers who also expect to profit from their misdeeds. It will sell off our land to foreign corporations and governments and firmly establish sovereign foreign territories inside the geographical US. akin to the current Free Trade Zones (257 zones) now operating across the states.
    MISSOURI FTZ No. 15 Kansas City
    Grantee: Greater Kansas City FTZ, Inc., River Market Office Building
    20 East 5th St., Suite 200
    Kansas City, MO 64106
    Al Figuly (816) 474-2227
    Fax (816) 421-5500 15A Ford
    15C Yulshin USA Ltd.
    15D Bayer Corporation
    15E Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing
    15G Pfizer, Inc.
    15H Midwest Quality Gloves, Inc. Kansas City
    FTZ No. 102 St. Louis
    Grantee: St. Louis County Port Authority, 121 South Meramec, Suite 900
    St. Louis, MO 63105
    Alison Zeidler (314) 615-1629
    Fax (314) 615-7666 102B GM
    102C Florsheim Shoe Co.
    102D Bayer Cropscience LP St. Louis
    FTZ No. 225 Springfield
    Grantee: City of Springfield Airport Board
    2300 N. Airport Blvd., Suite 100
    Springfield, MO 65802
    Brian Weiler (417) 868-0500 x2001
    Fax (417) 868-1501


  5. Louie, I live in the not-so-great state of Misery. Their motto is “Show Me”, but they conveniently forgot to add on the all-important “the money!”


  6. I think I’ve just read my first vampire story…. and, as MorganG says, I’m scared NOT!

    In fact, R.T., I think that your satire helps us to not only laugh at evil’s flailing, perverse attempts to master good, but also to see behind evil’s veil and realize that there’s nothing backing it up. Nothing! Nada! It’s a counterfeit. It has no real power, because good has all the power. Evil, like vampires, lives in a vacuum — emptiness. Good fills all space … is everywhere, infinite.

    Louie, thanks for that great research. I didn’t realize until I searched just now that Pfizer owns Wyeth (as of 10.15.09).

    Note: Sue/Spew Slaughterhouse Sociopath Sorcery Sin Sick Snake Sneaky all start with the same “Ssssssss” sound. 🙂


  7. bloated embodiment of evil, knot of inhumanity huddled in the back of the dark, dank cave. perfect. just perfect! 🙂


  8. I don’t LIKE this, R.T. – I LOVE it! You have outdone even yourself, something I didn’t think even YOU could do! Oh, man! I gotta reblog this. It would be a sin to fail to spread the Light to the far corners of the Universe.

    May the Spirit of the Gorse be with you!


  9. Thanks a bunch, RT! I needed to chill out for awhile and laugh some…and this was just the ticket. This was priceless!


  10. To some people the only good horse is either a slave or consumed horse or failing this a dead horse. These are people that only think of their own worldly appetites and self- or human- materialistic aggrandizement. These are benighted people and they are killing life, better stated: murdering precious life on Earth. They must be stopped for their life style is causing an end to life. There is a lesson in all of this, in this crucial moral challenge. Each one of us must accept his/her responsibility. This I discuss in depth in my book: The Wild Horse Conspiracy.


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