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Paranoia Permeates Organization’s Failed Attempt to Slaughter Horses for Human Consumption

Story by NATALIE WHEELER of the East Oregonian

Horse Eating “United Horsemen” Search for Feared Pro-Horse Boogeyman
Dave "Doink" Duquette, alleged horse trainer and known horse eater ~ photo not taken by R.T. Fitch

Dave “Doink” Duquette, alleged horse trainer and known horse eater ~ photo not taken by R.T. Fitch

United Horsemen, which is pushing to build a horse slaughter facility outside Hermiston, Oregon, requested the city hand over all public records about the facility.

Suspicious that the city received support from the Humane Society and other animal rights groups, Dave Duquette of United Horsemen requested the records and all documents pertaining to himself and horse slaughter, including any emails on the subject.

The city recommended to narrow the requested city email accounts from 155 to 11 in order to save time, arguing the search would take 775 hours if all city employee accounts were inspected. Those 11 email accounts include the mayor, city council, city manager, assistant city manager and city planner.

According to assistant to the city manager Mark Morgan the amount of files, even from only the 11 email accounts, are “incalculable.” He said the documents will take upwards of 50 hours to search out. Because of the workload, the city originally asked for $651 for the labor and materials needed to complete the request.

After Duquette filed a complaint with the Umatilla County district attorney regarding the cost of obtaining records, the city decided to waive the fee and produce the files for free.

According to city attorney Gary Luisi, the city decided to back down on the fee because it does not yet have a written policy regarding extensive public records requests.

“It’s something that I would recommend the city adopts a formal policy on,” Luisi said. “When there is a request of this breadth and depth, there needs to be reasonable payment for time.”

Duquette said the fee was unreasonable in the first place. He cited another case in 2011, when the city charged Nookie’s Restaurant a similar cost for a public records request. The case was tried and Umatilla County judge Jan Wyers ordered that the city pay over $9,000 to Nookie’s Restaurant for attorney fees and costs.

United Horseman continues to move forward with the proposed horse facility, but has not yet produced a land use request to Umatilla County. The proposed facility is outside Hermiston’s urban growth boundary.

Hermiston’s public records on the horse slaughter facility will take two weeks to process.

With records in hand, Duquette hopes to find out how animal rights groups aided the city in its fight to keep the slaughter facility out of the area.

“I’ve battled these groups like Humane Society on a national level,” he said. “I know that as soon as you start something like this (horse slaughter facility), they start funneling money in. I want to know what kind of help they received, and from who.”

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  1. Dave “Doink” Duquette on that proverbial search for the much feared Pro-Horse Boogeyman who is trying to save companion animals from being butchered for their flesh. What corrupt and insane people must these equine lovers be, it’s as if it is an illness with over 80% of Americans being against the bloody and predatory business of horse slaughter, how wrong is that?

    Duquette, along with his buddy Sue Wallis, have produced failure after failure and lie after lie while crusading to kill Americans horses for a simple blood stained dollar bill. Not only are they a blight on their family’s names but a scourge to their local communities. Imagine the legacy, as parents, both of these individuals leave for their children, it is frightening.

    May God have mercy on their twisted souls.


  2. All that damage in 155 emails… scratching head. And I thought I needed a life! $650.00 rof – lmbo…. (rolling on floor).


  3. Again, horse slaughter is creating waste and mayhem. This is what Hermiston has to look forward too with these crazy people that are trying to infiltrate their community. What is it about these cruel, unethical people that they just don’t get it! The “majority” of American people and people around the world are sick of inhumane treatment of all animals, horses, dogs, wolves, etc.! Even as recent as Sunday a poll on popvox shows 81% of American’s are for H.B. 2966 The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act and 77% in support of S. 1176 The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (all of you in support of these bills should go to this site, show your support and ask your representatives to show their support). Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher, said it best “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”


    • This says it all. Thank you BJ. Now, people get busy and be active even on the local level. You have email addresses for your legislators, even the White House. Don’t forget regular mail. I know I have given the telephone operators at the White House an earfull. She (person who took my call) had no idea this issue even existed. (lip service again?) What? It took me over 20 minutes to connect. Be persistent.
      Don’t give up people of Hermiston, be in the know. What other kind of businesses can you encourage in your town for jobs, that do not involve the slaughter of horses?
      I also heard this quote in another way…..The way poeple treat other people and animals, so goes a nation. It seems our society rewards bad behavior.


    • That’s the best thing to do is let them know through popvox which automatically tallies your vote and sends letters out to all IV your representatives!


  4. I sure hope if the city releases the emails and letters, that all street addresses and email addresses are blacked out. Since the information is not going to a court or law enforcement agency but a private individual, that information is confidential and should only be given with the individual’s permission.

    It’s just amazing that Duquette still doesn’t understand that facts are facts and it doesn’t matter who they come from.

    Exactly, BJ. More wasted tax dollars on horse slaughter. Let’s be sure to keep track of this so we can add it to the cost of inspections, the cost to fix the broken transport program, waste water clean-up, law enforcement, litigation and on and on.


    • YES. Be sure those individuals are protected under the law. A private citizen has no rights to those people’s information.


    • Arlene, I know what you mean. Every time I look at his picture, it is like looking at one of these old year books where someone decided to deface people’s pictures by drawing little beards, jagged teeth, mustaches, or horns. But it looks like he does this to himself. I don’t like to poke fun at people’s appearance, but goodness sake, if he won’t find a big rock to crawl under so we don’t have to keep looking at this brillo pad scrawl, I guess every now and then a comment might fall out. He has several choices. He can lose the pad, keep the pad and become a private citizen again, photoshop his pictures, get a consult with Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgeon, or something or go to a professional make-up person and have design a beard that looks natural with an adhesive background. If he were in Miracle on 54th Street, and Natalie Wood pulled on that beard, I bet it would come off. Of course, there is that big rock of private citizenship, he should return to and never stir from again.


      • Dear HoofHugs , Didnt mean to poke fun, but that looks fake and ridiculous, if I were him I would lose it somewhere !!!!!!!! Sorry have to do it , HEHEHEHEHE


      • I really don’t think that no poking fun rule should be enforced regarding certain people who include: Dave Duquette, Sue Wallis and any one associated with them. I will mock them, poke fun at them and do anything else I legally can to make them look like the fools they are. May they all pay for their incredible cruelty, now and in the future. He looks like an butt-head, which is exactly what he is, an butt-head. The beard neither ads nor diminishes his being an butt-head. You can’t fix stupid; but you sure can poke fun at it especially regarding these blood sucking monsters. I hold nothing back when referring to any of this people and that includes the double decker butt-head Ken Salazar.


  5. They are all just grasping at ANY little thing they can. Hope they all go down to Hades where they belong! I, like they have NO mercy for the equines, have no mercy for their souls.


  6. Since there is so much public info on the damage done to towns and their surrounding area from HS Dave only need go read accunts from to Texas, Missouri , Illinois or perhaps north of the border! There is not secret info Dave just the bloody facts all across the country! Such a Sad man!


  7. I live in Pendleon, 23 miles from Hermiston. It was shocking to read in my local newspaper that these pro-slaughter advocates are persisting in trying to cram horsemeat facility down our throats. Still, we cannot only blame a morally challenged, opportunistic scrub like Duquette when our federal Do-Nothing congress has not passed the Farm Bill which includes the Moran Amendment stating that federal USDA dollars will not be used for inspection of horse slaughter plants.

    PS – there is a horse rescue in the area, the Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue in Pendleton on 1,000 acres that is underutilized (and underfunded). It is available to meet local needs. Duquettes previous agruments about the need to dispose of large number of unwanted, neglected horses in the area is just a propaganda lie.


    • Is the Moran amendment in the Farm Bill? I know it is part of the appropriations bill for Agriculture, but the Farm Bill is separate. The Senate version of the farm bill has passed, but the House version has not. That is because there are several elements in that bill that are troubling, and some of them will influence the price of hay and may also influence the use of conservation lands—which doesn’t always mean conservation in the way we used to think of conservation. Personally, I think that bill needs a lot of study, and the fact that it has not passed is a sign that it is being looked at very carefully.


  8. Round up all those papers Dave–head ’em off,bring ’em into the corral. Ooops–that there paper jumped out of the herd and blew away—go get it Dave. Rope it,pin it down–3 legged tie….TIME! Well I’m glad he’s got a lot of office work to do….


      • Arlene, please do not refer to these people as “asses”. Our burros and donkeys are some of the most gentle, kind, and subservient creatures God has made. Comparing the United Horsemen to these noble animals puts the UH in the same class, and there is nary a soul in UH that could measure up to the spirit of the noble ass. If these people had half the character of these animals, we would be working together to make our country a better place, not fighting over blood money.


  9. I’d like to give a thumbs up to all of these comments! Also, the mayor of Hermiston who publically opposed horse slaughter passed away from heart failure on Friday. R.I.P. Mayor Bob Severson (age 80).


  10. Hey I think you should get the Umatilla County Commissioner to pass a city ordinance ban to ban horse slaughter just like what that county in washington is doing, or you can call for a state ban and there won’t be a horse slaughter plant anywhere, if we can’t get a national ban then we should get it banned state by state, or sneak the horse slaughter prevention act onto the farm bill, because I think the farm bill might pass.


  11. Congressman Whitfield made the suggestion that we might want to start with our local community governments, and perhaps this is the way to go. Were it not for the Federal Meat Inspection Law and Federal Drug and Cosmetics act (under which veterinarians who knowingly prescribe a banned substance for a food animal for a food animal can lose their license), this would be more of a state’s rights issue—I guess it also has to do with interstate commerce and transportation as well though.


  12. Is he going about it through FOIA? Or court ordered request? I understand that the Mayor if Hermiston passed away of a heart attack just yesterday. I wonder if this had anything to do with it?
    Off subject but, I think we should do a FOIA on all BLM inter office emailing, and memos! Lets get the information we need to get the roundups stopped for good! what do you think RT?


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